Bluewater 2020 Graduation

2020 Graduates

Bluewater 2020 Graduation

Bluewater would like to congratulate the 2020 Graduates!

Many students have missed school functions, proms, graduation ceremonies, and the key highlights of their end-of-the-year celebrations due to COVID-19 and its related lockdown conditions. Let’s not let their hard work go unnoticed!

The below students are immediate family to our Bluewater staff who graduated from pre-k, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college. We are excited to see what the future holds for all these graduates!

Sending many congratulations to all the 2020 graduates! Cheers to many bright futures!

Employee of Bluewater: Ricky

Congrats Ricky


Family of Sales Assistant, Donese Robey: John

Congrats John

Family of Sales Agent, Crystal Shaw: Ashton

Congrats Ashton

Family of General Manager, Amanda Gray: Elijah

Congrats Elijah

Family of Sales Agent, Crystal Shaw: Bohen

Congrats Bohen

Family of Inspections employee, Harley Park: Shannon

Congrats Shannon

Family of Sales Agent, Angie Varner: Ruth

Congrats Ruth

Family of Homeowner Relations Assistant, Karen Tozour: Ana
Congrats Ana
Family of Sales Agent, Candice Tirado: Matthew

Congrats Matthew

Family of Marketing Manager, Jordan Daniels: Macon

Congrats Macon

Congrats to each of you! We are very excited to see what the future holds for you all.

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Fourth of July

Fireworks on the Crystal Coast!

July 4, 2020 | Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks

Celebrate Independence Day on the Crystal Coast! We encouraged guests to watch fireworks from their car, boat or reasonable distance.

Banner image for the article with a Chateau of the isle in the background and the blog title overlaid

Our Newest Blue Pearl Home: Chateau of the Isle

Banner image for the article with a Chateau of the isle in the background and the blog title overlaid

Our Newest Blue Pearl Home: Chateau of the Isle

This one-of-a-kind contemporary estate is nestled in a secluded oceanfront bluff in the Sea Isle Plantation subdivision located in Indian Beach. Surrounded by an inviting series of terraces with unobstructed views overlooking the ocean, this wedding and event-friendly home spans approximately 9,100 square feet of living space in three separate buildings and offers 8 bedrooms, each with its own bath and 3 more half baths. It truly is a beauty.

Chateau of the Isle Ribbon Cutting

All the guests in attendance for the Chateau of the Isle's ribbon cutting

The Ribbon Cutting for Chateau of the Isle, Bluewater’s newest Blue Pearl Home, was held on Wednesday, co-sponsored with the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce. Over 100 guests took the trolley to come to explore this exquisite home. This property has been quite a mystery to locals for many years since it was first placed on the market. Locals have been very interested in the property so it was no surprise we had a great turnout! The ribbon-cutting sparked gave visitors a unique opportunity to explore this mystery property, while others enjoyed the breathtaking views and beautifully groomed grounds. 

Paved driveway with palm trees leading up to the magnificent Chateau of the Isle estate


Sparkling infinity pool at Chateau of the Isle the newest blue pearl home

The current owners have spent long hours re-vamping this wonderful property. New furnishing, decorations, and upgrades, while more is in the plans. Guests were in awe of this secluded property and the design with three separate “towers.”  Hors d’oeuvres, wine, and beer were provided for guests to enjoy while exploring the property and mingling.

Blackberry adorned cocktails with a bartender ready tp serve them


a s'mores buffet table with chocolate squares, marshmallows and graham crackers for guests to enjoy

Guests also had the opportunity to talk with the owners of Chateau of the Isle and Bluewater staff during the ribbon-cutting event. 

a large group of people gathered together to celebrate


Guests chatting and mingling during an event at Chateau of the Isle in Indian Beach NC

The Ribbon cutting was a hit! We would like to give a special thanks to the owners, Chamber of commerce, and all the guests who helped make this event special! This was a great kick-off to a spectacular blue pearl rental ready for vacationers, weddings, conferences, dinner parties, and much much more!

Family gathered together in front of an infinity pool

More Information

If you’d like to see more photos, property details, or book this beautiful vacation home, you can do so by clicking: Chateau of the Isle.  You can also follow along with Chateau of the Isle on Instagram. 

plan a vacation with your dog on the crystal coast, plan a vacation with your dog on emerald isle. plan a vacation with your dog on atlantic beach nc

Vacationing with Your Dog on The Crystal Coast

plan a vacation with your dog on the crystal coast, plan a vacation with your dog on emerald isle. plan a vacation with your dog on atlantic beach nc

Are you planning on vacationing with your dog this year? Exploring the Crystal Coast with your four-legged friend can be an unforgettable experience.  Our beaches welcome your dogs year-round, so whether you’re hitting the waves with your champion swimmer or coasting the sound with your paddleboard-loving puppy – make sure you’re well-equipped for their vacation!

Tips for Vacationing with Your Dog on The Crystal Coast

  • You might like sun tanning, but your dog doesn’t.  Ensure you provide your dog with shelter from the sun to cool off in the shade.
  • Freshwater is essential! Be sure you take enough water for your lucky dog on those hot summer days. Bring along a collapsible water bowl to save space in your beach bag!
  • Over 25 miles of soft sandy beaches are waiting to be sniffed, dug, and explored! Just make sure your dogs are on a leash and that you pick up after them.  If they poop — you scoop.
  • Water toys are a must!  Pack a few floating toys, making finding them in the waves easier. Stop by our Emerald Isle office and pick up a tennis ball for your pup.
  • Some dogs are not natural swimmers.  If your dog isn’t a strong swimmer, a doggie life jacket is the best way for those stumpy pups to enjoy the waves and sound!
  • Do you love capturing your Crystal Coast vacation?  Try taking it all in from a different point of view!  Strap your GoPro to your pup and enjoy the sand, sun, and surf from your dog’s point of view.  Share your videos with us on Facebook!

Frisbee and dog on the beach


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” – Roger Caras


Little girl plays on the beach with her dog

Dog Parks on the Crystal Coast

Bring your dog to one of these Crystal Coast dog parks while you’re here and have a pawsitively good time. Your dog can run, jump, and meet a few new friends. 

Swansboro Municipal Dog Park

901 Main St E, Swansboro, NC 28584

PAWS Bark Park

5042 Mattie St., Morehead City, NC 28557
(252) 808-1729

Morehead City Dog Park at Rotary Park

2200 Mayberry Loop Road, Morehead City, NC

ALSO SEE: Pet-Friendly Places on The Crystal Coast

Three terriers sitting in a green chair

Plan to Capture Vacation Memories with your Dog

Love your pup so much that you want to capture some special vacation memories together? Then you’ve got to check out Crystal Coast Dog. Crystal Coast Dog shares its incredible passion for pets. They offer pet portraits, resources, and a blog filled with information you’ll enjoy. 

ALSO SEE: 5 Tips for Renting with Your Dog

woman poses for a photograph with her two dogs on the beach

Dogs Stay Free and Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals on the Crystal Coast

Beach vacations are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the family when you vacation Crystal Coast-style! Explore our pet-friendly, dogs-stay-free vacation rentals below and book your next Crystal Coast beach vacation today! You’ll find our inclusive dogs-stay-free vacation homes all along our coast from Swansboro to Beaufort, NC. If you have any questions, give us a call.

Go ahead, bring your best friend! We look forward to having their paws in the sand. 


What tips did we miss for vacationing with your dog? What would you add to this article? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!



Vacation tips for you and your dog

Hurricane info on the crystal coast, Hurricanes and the coast,

Crystal Coast Hurricane Information

Hurricane info on the crystal coast, Hurricanes and the coast,

Crystal Coast Hurricane Information

Hurricane season extends from June to November. When a hurricane approaches, the Town officials will issue either a mandatory or a voluntary evacuation. During a mandatory Crystal Coast Hurricane evacuation, everyone must leave the island and go further inland. This includes both vacationers and permanent residents.

After the mandatory evacuation is executed, the bridges are secured by the state police, and no vehicles are allowed on the island until the evacuation is lifted. During a voluntary evacuation, the individual can decide whether they leave the island or not. Still, they are given instructions to take in porch furniture, secure windows, and doors, etc. The Weather Channel issues early warnings, so citizens have ample time to prepare. Newspapers, radio, and television stations keep the public notified about evacuations and re-entry information after the Crystal Coast Hurricane has passed.

Crystal Coast Hurricane Information for the Town of Emerald Isle

Hurricane Evacuation and Re-Entry Information

Conditions and terms that will be described on television and radio are as follows:

  • Gale Warnings: When winds of 39 to 54 miles per hour are imminent.
  • Hurricane Watch: When hurricane conditions are expected within 24-36 hours
  • Hurricane Warning: When a hurricane strike is expected within 24 hours with winds of 74 MPH or higher.

You may also hear hurricane condition terms such as:

  • Condition 4: Begin serious planning.
  • Condition 3: 36-48 hours to forecasted landfall.
  • Condition 2: 18-24 hours to forecasted landfall.
  • Condition 1: Expected landfall within 18 hours or less.

Steps to ensure your safety:

  • Listen to weather reports and storm info available on the following radio and TVs
  • Stations: TV: WITN-7, WFXI-8, WNCT-9, WCTI-12; RADIO: 740 AM, 1400 AM, 96.3 FM, 106.5 FM.
  • Monitor the National Weather Service (NOAA) or the local Channel 10. Fill your vehicle up with gas since gas lines will be longer during a hurricane emergency or electricity to gas pumps might be off. Once a hurricane watch is ordered, prepare to leave the island whether you are staying at your home, motel, hotel, campground, mobile home park, or rental property. Emerald Isle Police will notify all property managers of rental properties with sufficient lead time so that you can easily and safely leave the island.

All residents and visitors in Emerald Isle, Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantic Beach, and Indian Beach can leave by either the Emerald Isle or the Atlantic Beach Bridge before and during the Hurricane Watch. Once a Hurricane Warning is issued, all residents and visitors must leave via the Emerald Isle Bridge only. Please travel at least 50 miles inland to get shelter. Local shelters are limited and are meant for primary use by residents. No boats, trailers, motor homes, or high-profile units will be allowed over the bridges when winds reach a sustained force of 45 MPH. Bogue Banks island will be closed to all incoming traffic (except emergency vehicles) once officials declare a “State of Emergency.” Remember should you remain on the island after the bridges become impassable, there may not be any food services, utilities, or emergency services available until the bridge is reopened.

Besides damaging winds and flooding from heavy rains, there is also the possibility of dangerous storm surges. A storm surge is a dome of water that can be as high as 20 feet. It takes 10-12 hours to safely evacuate our island during the summer season when the population is the highest. There will be traffic jams in areas such as Havelock on US 70 and Maysville on US 17 while leaving the area. Please give yourself ample time, so you are not stranded on the highway with high winds and heavy rains imminent.

After the Hurricane has passed and essential personnel have determined the area safe, the decision is made when residents and visitors can return to Emerald Isle and the surrounding beaches of Salter Path, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach. The general public will be able to return only after it is determined the entire island is safe. Even then, there may be spots that will be closed to the public because of danger.


Emerald Isle property owners and annual renters are issued a re-entry pass from the Town of Emerald Isle. These passes are necessary to return to the island after an evacuation. Each property owner is issued ONE FREE PASS per property. These are permanent passes and are not issued yearly: The owner must turn this pass to the new owner if the property is sold. Contact Emerald Isle Town Hall at (252) 354-3424 for further information about re-entry passes.

Crystal Coast Hurricane Information for the Town of Atlantic Beach

Hurricane Evacuation and Re-Entry Information

Conditions and terms that will be described on television and radio are as follows:

  • Gale Warnings: When winds of 39 to 54 mph are expected.
  • Hurricane Watch: When hurricane conditions are expected within 24-36 hours
  • Hurricane Warning: When a strike is anticipated within 24 hours with winds exceeding 74 mph and/or high tides and waves.

You may also hear various conditions announced regarding the expected landfall time of a hurricane. They are:

  • Condition 4: Hurricane Advisory, begin serious planning.
  • Condition 3: Hurricane Watch is on, with 36 to 48 hours to forecasted landfall.
  • Condition 2: Hurricane Warning is on, with 18 to 24 hours of forecasted landfall.
  • Condition 1: Hurricane Warning is on, with 18 to 24 hours of forecasted landfall.

Steps to ensure your safety:

  • Listen to weather reports and storm information on the following stations.
  • TV: WITN-7, WFXI-8, WNCT-9, WCTI-12
  • Radio: 740 AM, 1400 AM, 96.3 FM, 95.1 FM, 106.5 FM
  • We also suggest you monitor the National Weather Service (NOAA), Channel 10, 162.40 MHz, for accurate, updated weather information and advisories.
  • Make sure your automobile has a full tank of gas. Lines at all stations will be longer than usual.
  • Once a WATCH is issued, be prepared to leave your home, motel, hotel, campground, mobile home park, or rented unit. Town Police will notify managers of these establishments with sufficient lead time so that you can easily and safely depart.

All residents and visitors in Atlantic Beach and Pine Knoll Shores can leave by either the Atlantic Beach or Emerald Isle bridges before and during the HURRICANE WATCH. Once the HURRICANE WARNING is issued, all residents and visitors must leave via the Atlantic Beach Bridge.

Plan to travel at least 50 miles inland. Local shelters are limited and are primarily for residents.

No boat trailers, house trailers, motor homes, or similar high-profile units will be allowed on the highways leading to the bridges or through control points once winds reach sustained 45 mph or in gale-force ranges.

The island will be closed to all incoming traffic, except emergency personnel coming on, once island officials declare a “State of Emergency.” Remember that there may not be any food services, Police, Fire, EMS services, or utilities available.

Besides the damaging winds and flooding from heavy rains, the major threat to the island is a storm surge. A storm surge is a dome of water that could be as high as 20 feet.

It will take 10-12 hours to safely evacuate the county during periods of high visitor population. There will be traffic bottlenecks in areas such as Havelock on US 70 and Maysville on US 17. When authorities recommend evacuation, we urge you to do so immediately.

After essential personnel have determined the area is safe, the decision will be made regarding when residents and visitors may return. Do not assume that you can return to the island since the storm has passed. The island will remain closed to oncoming traffic until Emergency Services personnel can secure the island, assess the damages, and control all hazardous situations. Once hazards are controlled, and damage assessment is complete, the Town Officials will then be able to decide as to permit re-entry onto the island. Re-entry will first be to residents, property owners, and business owners possessing a valid re-entry pass. The general public will be able to return only after officials determine that the entire island is safe and secure. Even then, there may be some specific areas in town that will be closed to the public.


  • Permits will only be issued Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. No permits will be issued or mailed 24 hours before projected landfall.
  • Re-entry passes are permanent and do not need to be replaced each year. The permanent system began in April 2009 and was modified effective July 1, 2018.
  • Atlantic Beach property owners (real and personal), long-term renters with a current lease agreement, and business owners with active business registrations may purchase passes for $25 each. The number of passes that can be purchased per parcel number or business is not limited. ALL PASSES AS OF JULY 1, 2018 SHALL BE PURCHASED FOR $25 EACH, NO EXCEPTIONS. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR PURCHASED PASSES.

Purchase re-entry permits online

Re-entry permits may be purchased at the Atlantic Beach Town Hall with proof of ownership or long-term lease for $25 each. If the owner wishes to authorize someone else to purchase a permit on their behalf, the notarized attestation form will be required.


Important Links

We hope this information helps. Please contact the town directly or visit their website if you have questions about a specific town’s policies or procedures.  Looking for additional helpful information? Read: Be Ready: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Our Local Restaurants Are Open

Crystal Coast Open Dining local restaurants

Local Restaurants Open

Today, we’re sharing our local restaurants that are currently open and operating!

We are so thankful for these local businesses, working their hardest to continue operating throughout this pandemic to serve their customers! Below is an updated list of restaurants in the area that are open at 50% capacity, take-out, curbside service, delivery, or drive-thru options.

The state of North Carolina is allowing restaurants to open in the 2nd Phase beginning at 5 pm on Friday, May 22nd. We do encourage you to call the restaurant to ensure the information we have shared is still accurate for each location.

Please note: Some businesses may have modified hours or menus, please call ahead to confirm and check back with us for more area information.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service!

Last updated 5/22/2020

4 Corners Diner(252) 240-8855Starting Saturday, 6am – 3pm: Regular menu; B,L(252) 240-8855
AB Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe (252) 648-8324
Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant & Bar252-247-6222Will be takeout only through Tuesday following Memorial Day. Wednesday will be offering Dine-in and “MAY” go reservations only for one week, then first come basis after that.
Atlantic Beach Coffee (252) 773-0895
Beach Tavern Bar & Grill(252) 247-4466opening Friday 5/22. Full menu, carryout available.
Captain Q’s Seafood and Smokehouse (252) 773-4026
China King(252) 808-3383
Clam Digger Restaurant(252) 247-4155Open First come first serve, full menu
Crab’s Claw(252) 726-8222Open, full menu, reservations taken but not mandatory, closed on Wednesdays for cleaning and all other days 11:30 to 9
Idle Hour Biergarten(252) 773-0008Outdoor seating, regular menu and hours.
Island Grille (252) 240-0000
La Ceiva Mexican and Seafood Restaurant(252) 499-9975Not opening Friday! Still doing carryout. Regular menu.
Michaelangelo’s Pizza – Atlantic Beach(252) 240-3333Opening Friday 5/22. Regular menu with carry and delivery available.
Monkey Bar & Grill(252) 726-2552Yes Opening at 1/2 capacity Friday.
Oceanana Pier House Restaurant(252) 726-0863opening Friday 5/22. Carryout still available.
On The Rocks(252) 773-4114
Pop-elato(434) 738-8807
Prime 1079(252) 240-1155Take Out only through memorial weekend, no breakfast. Regular hours anticipated next week
Roma Pizza & Subs(252) 247-2020
Shark Shack(252) 269-9942Open, Full menu, outdoor dining
Sub Tropics(252) 240-0400no indoor seating , business as normal
The Full Moon Oyster Bar & Seafood Kitchen(252) 222-7667Limited Menu, indoor and outdoor seating. Regular hours
Venice Italian Kitchen(252) 499-9642Takout + delivery only for now. Summer hours
34° North Restaurant(252) 838-7250 Restaurant Reservation Preferred, No table larger than six, new limited menu
Beaufort Grocery Co.(252) 728-3899 Reservations not required but preferred, Full menu, Regular hours of operation; L,D + Brunch
Black Sheep(252) 269-7272Full menu 5pm Friday, 11am – 7pm through weekend, Outdoor seating and takeout only for now.
Blackbeard’s Grill & Steam Bar(252) 728-3335Full Menu, regular hours; L,D
City Kitchen(252) 648-8141Full menu, regular hours, reservations preferred-call before coming; D only
Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant & Pub(252) 728-2133Limited menu, 5pm Friday then regular hours; L,D
Finz Grill & Eatery(252) 728-7459 Limited, but robust menu, Dine in, Takeout by car or boat. Regular Hours: L,D. No reservations required.
Front Street Grill at Stillwater Cafe(252) 728-4956Full menu, reservation not required, but suggested. Tu – Sun, regular hours dine in + takeout;L,D
Mezcalito Grill & Tequila Bar (252) 292-8311Full menu, No reservations required, Regular hours: L,D
Moonrakers(252) 838-0083Curbside takeout only until 5/26, then full menu inside and outside dining, regular hours; L,D
No Name Pizza & Subs – Beaufort252-728-4978full menu, no reservations required, regular hours: L,D
Roland’s Barbecue(252) 728-1953Take out only for now, Regular hours; L,D
Royal James Cafe(252) 728-4573Regular menu, Regular hours: L,D
Taste of China(252) 728-7733Regular menu, no reservations required, regular hours; L,D
The Beaufort Cafe(252) 728-4400Regular menu, no reservations required, Regular hours: B,L
The Dock House Restaurant(252) 728-4506
The Spot Grill(252) 728-4020Full menu, first come-first serve; regular hours; L
Angie’s Lighthouse Cafe(252) 393-1224Opening Sat 7=3
Mac Daddy’s Sports Bar & Grill(252) 393-6565Opening Friday at Half Capacity
Michaelangelo’s Pizza – Western Crystal Coast(252) 393-3333Opening on Friday, for limited seating
Mike’s Family Restaurant (252) 764-9000Opening Friday and Half Capacity
Ribeye’s Steakhouse of Cape Carteret(252) 393-2509Opening at 5 , Full menu
Riptidez Bar & Grill Cedar Point (252) 354-8433Opening at 5 , Full menu
The Fuzzy Peach(252) 393-3000
The Java Post(252) 393-7120
Time Out Tavern (252) 223-3303 opening reg hrs, reg menu 1/2 capacity
Whiskey Bravos(252) 764-9333
Bogue House Restaurant 252-393-3030Full menu, regular hours
Don’s Coresound Grill (252) 225-0548Open, full menu, regular hours
Outer Island General Store and Grill(252) 504-2672mostly takeout, limited number of tables. Regular menu, regular hours: B,L,D
Sharky’s Bar & Grill(252) 515-9131Dine in and takeout. Full menu, regular hours: L,D
4J’s Cafe and Bake Shop(252) 354-4330Open, regular hours
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream(252) 354-8448Open, full menu
Caribsea Restaurant(252) 424-8400Open, takes reservations but not required
Flip Flops Donut Shop(252) 424-8171
Giovanni’s Brooklyn Bagels(954) 913-9401
Great Wall(252) 354-3383Carry out Only
Kathryn’s Bistro & Martini Bar(252) 354-6200
Michaelangelo’s Pizza – Emerald Isle(252) 354-7424Opening at Half Capacity Friday
Muttigans (252) 354-3410
Polish water ice (919) 308-2292
RuckerJohns Restaurant(252) 354-2413
Stir It Up(252) 354-2643
Surf’s Up! Grill & Bar(252) 424-8252
The Shark’s Den Sports Bar & Grill(252) 354-3030
The Sweet Spot(252) 354-6201
The Village Market(252) 354-6592Opening on Fri/hrs are questionable at this time have lots of outdoor seating.
Seaside Galley (252) 728-6171Regular menu, except breakfast will be takeout only, regular hours: B,L,D
The Fish Hook Grill(252) 728-6171Regular menu, except breakfast will be takeout only, regular hours: B,L,D
The Fish Hook Grill(252) 728-1792 Dining room will remain closed, but outside seating is available, full menu, regular hours: L,D
Anchor Drafthouse & Pizzeria(252) 452-1985Opening Friday @5pm, Mem weekend Noon – 9pm, then summer hours after weekend. Regular menu
Banks Grill (252) 499-9044Open regular hours, full menu: B,L
Beach Bumz Pub & Pizzaria (252) 726-7800Opening Friday, full menu no reservations required.
Buffalo Wild Wings (252) 727-9191
Captain’s Table (252) 726-0253 Opening Friday, full menu, no reservations required.
Casa San Carlo(252) 773-4218Opening Friday, suggests reservations, full menu.
Chick-fil-A (252) 247-7281
China Garden & Mongolian Grill(252) 808-3398
Chopstix (252) 648-8133 Will not be opening Friday. Still just doing carry out. Full menu.
Circa 81(252) 648-8300
Cox Family Restaurant(252) 726-6961Open, Regular menu and specials
Dank Burrito – Morehead City(252) 499-9677Opening Friday. Full menu. Drive thru, take out and delivery available as well.
El’s Drive-In (252) 726-3002
Five Guys Burgers & Fries(252) 808-0110
Floyd’s 1921 (252) 727-1921
Full Circle Cafe(252) 773-0703
Golden Corral (252) 222-3207
Grumpy’s Diner (252) 726-5100
Happy Cow Ice Cream & Coffee(252) 269-9890
Happycakes Cupcakery (252) 773-0160
Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries – Morehead City(252) 773-0586
IHOP (252) 222-0515
Infusion Cafe (252) 240-2800
Ioanni’s Grill (252) 808-3331
Jack’s Waterfront Bar (252)515-0361
Jersey Mike’s Subs (252) 240-0202
Jimmy John’s (252) 222-4441
K Club (252) 247-2541
Kountry Kitchen (252) 240-0046 Opening Friday. Regular menu with specials. No reservations
Luigi’s Pizza(252) 240-3125Not opening Friday! Still doing carryout until things get better. regular menu.
Moore’s Olde Time Barbeque, Chicken & Seafood (252) 222-4744
Morehead Burger Co. (252) 646-8570 Opening Friday 5/22. Carryout still available.
Musashi Japanese Steak &Seafood Restaurant (252) 240-3431
No Name Pizza & Subs – Morehead City (252) 773-0654
Off The Hook (252) 499-9150
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant (252) 240-0250
Panera Bread (252) 222-4990
Parrott’s on 11th (252) 773-0532
Pita Plate(252) 222-0949
Pizza Hut (252) 726-7117
Plaza Mexico Restaurant Bar & Grill – Morehead City (252) 808-3700
Red Fish Grill(252) 648-8269
Refection Foods (252) 499-9341
Riptidez Bar & Grill Morehead City (252) 222-3999
Riverside Pizza & Subs Morehead City (252) 773 4564
Sagebrush (252) 240-2633
Shipwrecks Bar & Grill (252) 726-0120
Smoothie King (252) 773-0172
Snapperz Grill & Steam Bar (252) 240-1313
SoundSide Restaurant (252) 648-8298
Southern Salt Seafood Company & Waterfront Restaurant (252) 499-9528 Full menu, regular hours; L,D
Sugarloaf Island Deli (252) 222-0231
Sweet Beans Coffee & Cafe(252) 247-6020
Taste of Napoli (252) 773-4302
Thai Sticky Rice (252) 222-3500
The Banks Grill (252) 499-9044Opening with full menu
The Friendly Market (252) 222-0273
The Ruddy Duck Tavern (252) 726-7500
Fat Fellas BBQ & Grille (252) 223-3299
Frank’s Pizza and Subs
Riverside Pizza & Subs Newpor(252) 223-2277
Big Oak Drive-In & Bar-B-Q/Island Pizza (252) 247-2588 Open, full menu They dont really have tables
Shackleford-banks-wild-horses, Shackleford-banks-wild-ponies

The Wild Shackleford Banks Ponies

The Shackleford Banks Ponies aren’t just wild, they’re a historical legacy of the Crystal Coast.

The earliest roots of the Shackleford Banks wild horses are still technically unknown, but historians believe that the horses, or “Banker Ponies,” are descendants from Spanish shipwrecks in the 1500s. At least eight shipwrecks that were noted in the area from 1528-1564 are of Spanish origin, and many of these vessels were transporting Spanish mustangs and other livestock that might have been thrust ashore when the vessels inevitably sank.

The characteristics of the breed which closely resemble ancient Spanish mustangs supports this theory, and the reports from several 1600s and 1700s captains who noted seeing the horses along the shoreline provide additional evidence as well.

Shackleford-banks-wild-horses, Shackleford-banks-wild-ponies

10 Facts About the Shackleford Banks Ponies:

  1. Like others across the coast, the Banker Horses often referred to as Banker Ponies
  2. These wild ponies live on the banks on their own with no human interaction
  3. The number of ponies on the island range from 110 to 130 to maintain a healthy population
  4. The ponies are believed to be descendants of shipwrecked Spanish horses from more than 400 years ago
  5. The ponies have evolved over the years to live off of the vegetation that is naturally found on the Shackleford Banks
  6. The typical Banker Pony is fairly small compared to modern horses
  7. They weigh roughly 800-1,000 pounds and stand about 11-13 hands high
  8. Ponies will dig into underground water sources for freshwater
  9. The herd will divide into roughly 25 separate (groups) and 7 “bachelor” bands
  10. The ponies are truly wild animals and don’t want people in their space

Learn More About the Shackleford Banks Horses:

Using Technology During Times of Social Distancing

Using Technology During Times of Social Distancing

We understand how difficult a time this is for so many families in our country and extend our deepest condolences to those suffering from the Coronavirus. Our goal at this point is to socially distance our employees as much as possible to help stop the spread sooner than later, as we all would like more than anything to restore a sense of normalcy.

Currently, our offices are limiting in-person interaction, with a majority of our staff working remotely from home. With that being said, we would still be honored to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the current status of the Real Estate market. Our team of talented and dedicated Real Estate Agents are standing by and ready to help however possible; We simply ask that you reach out via phone call or Email rather than stopping by one of our offices. This has been a difficult decision to make, as extending handshakes and hugs are naturally ingrained into our brains as signs of appreciation.

We have all the tools and technology in place to digitally complete a Real Estate transaction with no-human interaction and can assure you that it’s been done before. We have been utilizing Electronic Forms and E-Signature Programs, Integrated Virtual Tours, Video Messaging Tools, and online Custom Search Filters and Comparative Market Analyses for years to help both buyers and sellers seamlessly complete their transactions remotely.

Times like these are best known for bringing communities together, and that’s what we intended on being a part of. Even though we may not be together physically, please know that we are always standing close with confidence and excitement to serve you and your family.

Take a look at the list below to see some ways we are able to connect with you while maintaining the appropriate social distance.

Virtual Home Tours

Even if you’re unable to travel to see a home in-person, our partnership with local vendors for Matterport Virtual Tours can help you navigate every room just like you’re there. You can use your mouse to walk the view perspective through hallways, bedrooms and even out onto a balcony to take in that one-of-a-kind view!

Electronic Communication Tools

With the recent breakthroughs in technology over the last decade, we are now able to virtually process every part of the home buying or selling process! Whether we’re on the phone discussing offers, securely signing electronic documents, Emailing local vendor information, or video-conferencing through a final walk-through, there are no tasks that can’t be completed remotely.

  • dotloop
  • Allows agent and clients the ability to collaborate on tasks, electronically sign and safely store all necessary documents.
  • FlexMLS
  • This is the Multiple Listing Service that showcases all of the available and recently closed properties in our area. For buyers, specific search criteria can be saved and provide updates to new listings that may interest you. For sellers, your property information will be uploaded and broadcast out across the internet.
  • Facetime/Zoom/Google Hangouts
  • Video tools that can be used to discuss documents, showings, and any other general conversations that may arise throughout the buying/selling process.
  • ShowingTime
  • Scheduling service that provides sellers peace of mind, knowing that every buyer touring their property is entering alongside a locally trusted Real Estate agent at a time that works within your schedule.

Using Technology For Communication During Times of Social Distancing
Using Technology For Communication During Times of Social Distancing

Hearts for Essential Workers

Hearts for Essential Workers

A Sign of Heartfelt Gratitude

The health care workers and essential workers are heroes during this trying time in the midst of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). While they care for their community,  families, and themselves, we cannot thank them enough for all they do.

They are working around-the-clock to take care of and provide for the community they love and care so deeply for.

Now is the time to show how much we appreciate their hard work!

How to Participate
  1. Find paper or a similar material for your hearts (construction paper, old cards, tissue paper, cardboard, and so on)
  2. Cut material into hearts of any size, and shape then decorate with family and friends (your quaran-team)
  3. Tape your hearts to front windows, doors, mailboxes, etc.

Show your love for these hard workers during this difficult time as they drive to and from their own homes to the front line everyday!



You may have seen the #heartsforhealthcareworkers on your social media feeds recently.

Here at Bluewater, our staff and families are displaying hearts for the healthcare workers as well as all the essential workers out there.

Please join us in this movement!

Tag us in your heart display photos!

Bluewater Real Estate and Vacation Rentals | Displaying Hearts

Marketing Manager, Jordan D. Displaying Hearts

COVID Hearts on windows for essential workers