man swinging a golf club on the crystal coast of nc

Love Golf? Plan a Crystal Coast Golf Vacation!

man swinging a golf club on the crystal coast of nc

Love Golf? Plan a Crystal Coast Golf Vacation!

If you love golf, I bet when you think of a golf vacation, places like California or Florida are probably the first places that come to mind. But, if you haven’t considered North Carolina’s Crystal Coast as a golf destination, put it on your list, now.

North Carolina has been a golf destination since the 1890s, and the legendary Pinehurst course has been dubbed the “Home of American Golf.” There are hundreds of golf courses in the state, but one of the most underrated places to play is on the Crystal Coast. The breathtaking coastal landscapes combined with the excellent beaches and mild weather truly make it a golfer’s paradise.

Golf vacations have become a popular way for tourists to unwind and experience new places. And, golf is much more than just a fun activity; it has excellent mental and physical health benefits. These benefits include reducing stress, maintaining mental alertness, and exercise. We’re sharing a few reasons why you should plan a golf vacation in North Carolina, specifically on the Crystal Coast.

Crystal Coast Golf Courses

man dressed in blue golfing on a beautiful, lush, green golf course with vivid green trees in the background.

Golf lovers, put the Crystal Coast on your radar. There are dozens of golf courses, both on the coast and within short driving distance, you can choose from, ranging from beginner to championship courses. We invite you to explore our scenic courses and experience everything our slice of paradise has to offer. So why not start planning a Crystal Coast golf vacation? It’s good for your health!

Crystal Coast Country Club

The Crystal Coast Country Club is an 18-hole championship golf course in Pine Knoll Shores. The beautiful rolling terrain here provides a picturesque background for your day at the course. You can play on the newly renovated championship golf course, fit with new tee boxes, fairways, bunkers, and more. And when you’re ready to play, you can book your tee time at Crystal Coast Country Club here.

Star Hill Golf Club

The fairways of Star Hill Golf Club have been a favorite spot to golf on the Crystal Coast for over 50 years. This challenging golf course in Cape Carteret features 27 holes on beautiful greens. All rates include a golf cart, and the course is open, rain or shine. Call (252) 393-8111 to reserve your tee time at Star Hill Golf Club, a favorite among locals. 

Brandywine Bay Golf Club

Golfers of any skill level will love playing a round of golf at Brandywine Bay Golf Club. There are even junior holes perfect for beginners or young children, so you could even make your golf vacation a family golf vacation! The newly renovated greens recently reopened so now you can play the entire course once again. If you’re interested, you can find the Brandywine Bay Golf Club rates here. 

Crystal Coast Vacation Rentals

crystal coast golf enthusiast getting ready to tee off

Now that you’ve read about a few of the Crystal Coast’s golf courses, it’s time to start planning your North Carolina vacation. Our vacation rental properties are the perfect setting for your getaway. Whether you’re visiting the Crystal Coast on your own, as a couple, or if you’re traveling with a bigger group, you’ll find something everyone can enjoy! Browse all of our properties here, and we’ll see you on the golf course!

Have you been golfing on the Crystal Coast? Let us know your favorite courses in the comments below!

a boat sitting off the coast of cape lookout with the cape lookout lighthouse in the background

Southern Outer Banks North Carolina Things to Do

a boat sitting off the coast of cape lookout with the cape lookout lighthouse in the background

Southern Outer Banks North Carolina Things to Do

Along the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina is a stretch of 85 miles of breathtaking sandy shores. The crystalline blue water of this region is why it is often referred to as the Crystal Coast. There are several beach towns here that have distinct histories, natural areas, and activities to enjoy. No matter what beach town you’re looking to visit, we here at Bluewater Vacation Rentals offer a wide variety of vacation homes all along the Crystal Coast. 

Nature enthusiasts will fall in love with the area’s numerous state parks, kayaking, boating, biking, hiking, and beachcombing opportunities. Additionally, history buffs can spend their time on the Coast exploring museums and historic sites. There are so many things to do on the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, so read on for the best ways to explore this beautiful slice of paradise. 

Boat Rentals and Tours on the Crystal Coast

men on a crystal coast fishing charter boat with fishing poles cast into the water

One of our favorite ways to experience the Crystal Coast is on the water. Rent a boat for the day from Crystal Coast Boat Charters and Rentals and traverse the Intracoastal Waterway and Bogue Sound near Emerald Isle, NC. Take the boat out island hopping to the uninhabited barrier islands along the Crystal Coast or spend the day fishing. 

If you want to experience the best fishing spots with a local expert, take a fishing charter with  Capt. Stacy Fishing Center in Atlantic Beach, NC. From shark fishing to full-day fishing trips, Capt. Stacy has a trip for anyone to enjoy. For a customized and private excursion, book a tour with Crystal Coast Ecotours. Take a boat tour and see salt marshes, birds, ponies, and maritime forests along the way. The other tours include dolphin watching, fishing, wild horse watching, surf fishing, and more. Check out all of the exciting trips with Crystal Coast Ecotours here.

Bike Rentals and Tours on the Crystal Coast

an assortment of pastel colored bikes with baskets along the beaufort nc waterfront

The best way to explore the Crystal Coast on land is on a bike or beach cruiser. Beachside Bikes have locations in Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Rent a bicycle for the day and cycle to the best sites and things to do on the Crystal Coast. Hwy 58 Bikes offers rentals for electric and cruiser bikes on the Crystal Coast. A bike rental is an exceptional way to experience and explore the breathtaking beauty of Emerald Isle. 

You can find a unique selection of biking tours at Hungry Town Tours in Beaufort. The Beaufort culinary bike tour includes three stops for appetizers, entrees, and dessert. The tour works with restaurants that offer fresh and local products. Peddle through history on the hidden Beaufort tour. See hundreds of historic homes while learning the significant history of this port town.

Spacious Vacation Rentals with Bluewater 

the interior of a beautiful bluewater vacation rental home with a relaxing color scheme and wood floors and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen

After a day exploring the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina and the things to do, you’ll be more than ready to unwind. Our vacation rental properties are the perfect setting to relax during your getaway. Take in a spectacular sunset from the porch of one of our Emerald Cottages, ideal for families. Browse our complete collection of vacation rentals here and call us at 866-231-5892 if you have any questions!

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do?

What was your favorite thing to do on the Crystal Coast? Have you heard the Crystal Coast referred to as the Southern Outer Banks before? We’d love to know. Kick off the conversation in the comments below! 

National Parks Week, Celebrating National Parks Week, North Carolina's National Parks, Cryatal Coasr National Parks

National Parks Week on the Crystal Coast

National Parks Week: 4 Parks to Explore on the Crystal Coast

Join us celebrating National Park Week 2021 from April 17 to 25!

Crystal Coast Map

“National Park Week is America’s largest celebration of national heritage. It’s about making great connections, exploring amazing places, discovering open spaces, enjoying affordable vacations, and enhancing America’s best idea—the national parks!”

-National Park Service

harkers island national park

It’s almost a pleasure to get lost here with its bridges spanning sparkling waters, marshes of waving grasses, flocks of birds swirling like autumn leaves, and cool wooded sanctuaries harboring vintage residences. It is also good to know there’s a helpful soul at virtually every turn of the road, at gift shops, convenience stores, gas stations, real estate offices, boat building concerns, marinas, seafood concessions, pizza, and burger joints.

Situated in Atlantic Beach, Fort Macon is packed to the brim with southern history. When you tour, take the time to have a tour guide show you the ropes.

There are cannons galore as well as great informative videos to begin your visit. There is history on the stairs, on the walls, and even on the doors. Be sure not to miss an inch on your trip back in time.

Fort Macon Atlantic Beach NC, Fort Macon National State Park

cape lookout national park

The Cape Lookout National Seashore consists of 66 miles of beautifully undeveloped coastline stretching in barrier islands from Ocracoke to Beaufort Inlet. A short 3-mile boat ride off-shore takes you to the barrier islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore where you can enjoy activities like shelling, fishing, birding, camping, lighthouse climbing, and touring historic villages. Enjoy your time on the island searching for the famous wild horses of Shackleford Banks, across the way. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled day at the beach. You can even bring your dog!

There aren’t any restaurants, so be sure to pack a lunch, sunscreen, water, and other necessary supplies!

Find Paradise on the unspoiled sands of this barrier island and national park. Hammocks Beach State Park is one of the few locations along the coast that remain nearly completely untouched. Ride a passenger ferry over to the island and spend the day exploring or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Load up your gear and reserve a campsite on the sound or ocean.

The ferry operates every half hour throughout the day during the summer season, giving you the chance to spend the entire day exploring the 4-mile long island. Once the ferry docks, there is a 1/2 mile trail that leads to the beach where you can swim, shell, kayak, or camp overnight.

Bring everything you need, there isn’t anywhere on the island to purchase food and drinks.

Ferry Services:

Hammocks Beach State Park | Swansboro

(910) 326-4881

Hammocks Beach National Park

59th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Back in 1956, sailors from cargo ships that came to the Morehead City port would tell the locals they had seen blue marlin not too far offshore. Many did not believe them and thought this was chatter; however, some were wishful thinkers and hoped that these stories were true. These optimists were members of Morehead City’s Fabulous Fishermen Club.

Bob and Mary Simpson, Tom Potter and Dick Parker – charter members of the Fabulous Fishermen Club – convinced local business leaders to put up a cash prize of a few hundred dollars to encourage the area’s charter boat industry to head further offshore to find these blue marlins. Parker, who frequently fished for billfish in the Caribbean, knew what a blessing this would be to the waterfront’s charter boat business.

The prize money that they had raised was what really did the trick – boats traveled further offshore in search of these elusive fish. Soon, captains and fishermen alike began reporting their own blue marlin sightings. Although throughout the summer of 1957 no blue marlins were caught, the hunt continued.

It was in the September of 1957, Jimmy Croy of Raleigh fishing aboard the Mary Z with Captain K.W. “Bill” Olsen, reeled in a 143-pound marlin. This catch forever changed the face of fishing along the North Carolina coast. Capt. Olsen radioed back to the Morehead City port and word of this historical catch spread like wildfire across the small town. When the Mary Z finally docked back at the port, the boat and crew were greeted by a herd of people and blaring police sirens. There was a child’s red wagon filled with silver dollars that was presented to the lucky fishermen.

No one knows exactly where Olsen and Croy made their historic catch, most think that the two had reached the Gulf Stream – about 40-60 miles south of the Morehead City port. As the Gulf Stream drifts north along the NC coastline, it crosses a structure on the continental shelf called “Big Rock” from which the tournament takes its name. This is a haven for small reef fish – the type that attract the larger fish that blue marlin prey on.

Early on, the competition consisted of a handful of charter boat captains hoping to win a few dollars and the bragging rights that came with a Big Rock victory. Currently, hundreds of fishermen participate, representing the best marlin anglers in the world. The Big Rock has become the “Super Bowl” of fishing because of the way winners feel after capturing the event. The tournament is wild and unpredictable, but it always holds the promise of a big payday. It attracts competitors to come back, year after year, and has grown exponentially.

It all started in 1957 with one lucky catch. The competition for many years offered a huge purse, but that’s  not the true satisfaction of the competition. Billfish captains want to be crowned Big Rock champions and set their sights of the Big Rock competition every year. It is truly a one-of-a-kind Gulf Stream fishing tradition that always seems to all come down to one lucky catch.


Angler: John Roberts

Captain: Mike Taylor

Weight: 484.9 LBS

Date: June 12, 2017

Photo is Property of Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament


Angler: Ryan Howard

Captain: Nathan Shepard

Weight: 506.9 LBS

Date: June 16, 2017

Photo is Property of Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament 


Angler: Matt Hanley

Captain: Brian Harrington

Weight: 533.8 LBS

Date: June 12, 2017

Photo is Property of Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Photos are Property of Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

Run Off came out on top as the Big Rock Champions with a record $1,161,450 prize at the 59th annual tournament. Run Off weighed in a 533.8-pound blue marlin, the first marlin of the tournament, caught early on Monday by angler Matt Hanley of Glen Allen, VA. Hanley’s catch stayed at the top of the leader board the rest of the way. Captain Brian Harrington, Morehead City, and first mate, Marty Hiatt, teamed with Hanley to reel in his first-ever blue marlin.

Hanley’s catch initially won $467,500 on Monday because it was the first 500-pounder caught by a team in their division. Run Off also received an additional $693,950 for finishing first with the largest blue marlin.

Run Off took home a record-breaking prize of $1.16 million!

Good Things Come to Those Who Bait…

We are already looking forward to next year!

The 60th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is set! Tune in from June 8 – June 16 2018!

For more information about the Big Rock Tournament, please visit:

NC Seafood Festival 2016

NC Seafood Festival 2016

On the last day of the NC Seafood festival this year, we find comfort in being some of the last stragglers. Soaking up all the goodness that is going to the festival with a little less crowds. Especially when you’re traveling with a stroller. We are welcomed with the Flounder Fling. This the first time I witnessed something so strange, yet so entertaining. And this guy to the right was a ham and very good at flinging a fish!

Immediately following this entertainment, my husband and I got down to the important business….FOOD! Which seems to be the running theme to most of my blog posts. But what can I say. North Carolina has some amazing edibles. If anything you should come and do a restaurant crawl. I promise you wouldn’t regret it…or maybe your waist would, but your mouth would love you forever 🙂

Derrick started off with fried oreos and I quickly scuttled down to an amazing seafood chowder, which I discovered you can order online or visit your local Harris Teeter. It was made by Michael’s Seafood ( from Carolina Beach, NC

The music could’t get any better on the last day of the NC Seafood Festival with Chairmen of the Board. Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)

Other must sees while at the Seafood Festival are the wine row. Try tons of samples of wine and find your favorite to take home. Also you can’t leave without strolling through the homemade crafts and finding early Christmas gifts for loved ones. There are also rides…how could I forget. If you have a little daredevil in ya, try a few of the carnival rides and games.

There is something for everyone at the NC Seafood Festival. take advantage of the many activities that take place at various times including evening concerts. Visit for next years shindig.

The Point of Emerald Isle

erald Is

The Point in Emerald Isle

Our little hidden secret

The Point as we locals affectionately call it is the far western end of Emerald Isle. This is an expansive secluded location of sandy shoreline that is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. You are minutes away from the hub of action in Emerald Isle, like beach shops, the movie theater, beach front concerts and lots and lots of food.

Hungrytown Bike Tour

Hungrytown Bike Tour

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in Beaufort WAY before modernization? Well my husband & I were pondering this very thought when we decided let’s find out up close and in person. So to assist this adventure we reached out to Hungrytown Tours in Beaufort and signed up for a history bike tour.

After getting familiar with our new modes of transportation, beach cruisers all affectionately named after a spice (they have a couple of foodie tours also available), we set out on Saffron and Sage to explore Beaufort, NC.

Let me start by saying, our tour guide, who is part of a husband wife owner team, is AWESOME! She knew all the extra tid-bits you can’t find in a book or on the internet. All the good stuff is on this tour guys!

During your tour you will learn things like:

  • Why so many houses have blue under the top porches
  • Who is buried in the burial grounds
  • How does one acquire a historic home
  • What happened in this, this, this, or this house
  • What is the purpose for the very top porches
  • And of course about BLACKBEARD

For those of you who may be wondering how arduous going on a tour like this is, in this video I am 6 months PREGNANT!

So you can do it. And if you seriously think you cannot, they now offer walking tours 😉

  • Hidden Beaufort Tour (the one we took)
  • Legends & Lore of the Sea
  • Early Morning Risers Tour
  • A Ride to Remember
  • Culinary Tours like lunch, oyster themed, shrimp themed and brunch!
  • Bridal parties even take their turn touring Beaufort

And we’re off, with our intimate party of about 6 we were able to clearly hear all the stories Betsy had to tell as well as keep up with her bright orange flag

One of the first stops was a house not far from Hungrytown’s home base.

You would never guess this used to be a general store!

Breaks were frequent and always included story time.

Here we are talking about a lady spy! #whorunstheworld

Schedule your tour today by visiting Hungrytown Guided Tours or calling 252-648-1011

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

The Cape Lookout Lighthouse, also known as the “Diamond Lady” is located on the Cape Lookout National Seashore and is one of 8 towering ladies that sprinkle the coast of North Carolina, all with an important role – to guide you home. There aren’t many places where you can enjoy the beach, get a little bit of exercise and learn some coastal history all at once. With 188 steps to reach the top – you will not find a better view on the Crystal Coast than the one you will experience from the top of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse! If you are not vacationing with your boat, you can take a ferry over to the Diamond Lady. We personally love to be chauffeured to this amazing seashell haven by the local ferry, it is a wonderful ride that gets you there quickly! Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the Shackleford ponies on your boat ride over.

If you happen to fit the Cape Lookout Lighthouse in your vacation plans, here are a few things to know:

  • Bring a large bag to collect seashells and other sandy treasures you find
  • Make sure to bring a bag for trash, no trash is left on the island, so what you bring on must come off
  • Wear comfortable shoes, the climb up the tower is a short one, but you want to be well equipped
  • If you’d like to bring a pair of binoculars, you can literally see for miles from the top
  • Bring a lunch to enjoy on the eastern side of the island, the beach is spectacular

Climbing the Cape Lookout Lighthouse

thing to do on the crystal coast, things to do, things to do while staying safe on vacation

200 Things to Do While Staying Safe on your Crystal Coast Vacation

thing to do on the crystal coast, things to do, things to do while staying safe on vacation

200 Things to Do While Staying Safe on your Crystal Coast Vacation

1 Watch the wild horses from afar run on Shackleford Banks and Carrot Island. New foals are joining the herd during Spring
2 Search for the largest shark tooth
3 Fly a kite on the cool ocean breeze
4 Watch the dolphins play in the surf
5 Build a sandcastle
6 Explore historic Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach
7 Look for the biggest seashell at low tide
8 Walk down the scenic Beaufort waterfront and window shop
9 Having a cooking competition at your rental property
10 Soak up the sun on the white sandy beaches
11 Start your own body surfing or boogie boarding competition and put your skills to the test
12 Curbside pickup from our local restaurants
13 Watch the boats weigh their catch at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament
14 Strawberry picking at the local Garner Farms
15 Pack a lunch and have a picnic at Fort Macon State Park
16 Have a cup of coffee with your pup at Muttigans in Emerald Isle
17 Sushi Night! Enjoy $5 Sushi from Publix on Wednesdays
18 Snap some pictures in front of The Morehead City Murals!
19 Do an online yoga or workout video on the beach!
20 Go feed the turtles at The Emerald Plantation
21 Walk the trails in the Emerald Forest Park off of Coast Guard Road
22 Play a round of golf at Star Hill!
23 Create your own sand dollar picture frame to remember your wonderful vacation
24 Surprise your loved one with flowers from Petal Pushers!
25 Do an in-home scavenger hunt with the kids in your vacation home! (blog link)
26 Burn some extra vacation calories riding your bike on the Emerald Isle Bike Trail
27 Dessert Bake Off!
28 Watch the fishing charters unload the daily catch on the Morehead City waterfront.
29 Take lots of photos to enter into our annual Bluewater Photo Contest
30 Load up on some of the state’s best wine at the Wine Market in Emerald Isle
31 Gather items to donate to local animal shelters
32 Wade offshore of Bogue Sound to clam or cast a net
33 Need an idea for good pictures? Walk to the end of the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier for a wonderful view
34 Enjoy coloring a Bluewater Coloring Contest sheet for a chance to win a prize!
35 Witness the baby sea turtles hatch and make a run for the ocean in the early summer evenings
36 Drop a crab pot off your sound front pier and check it daily for fresh crabs
37 Surf Fish off the beach and see what you can catch (make sure you have your fishing license)
38 Bask in the sun at Hammocks Beach State Park
39 Host your own evening beach party while playing corn hole and dance the evening away.
40 Take a step back in history on a self walking tour of the Beaufort Historic Site
41 Play a game of beach Ultimate Frisbee
42 Family Ice Cream Sundae Night with all the toppings
43 Hunt for sea glass along the shore, blue and purple are rare finds
44 Stroll down the docks at the Morehead City waterfront
45 Interact with the Marine life in tidal pools along the coast
46 Search for sand dollars in the surf
47 Watch the Fighter Planes fly down the coast
48 Take a walk through the shops in historic downtown Swansboro
49 Write encouraging cards and mail them to the residents and staff at Crystal Bluffs Rehabilitation Facility
50 Go whale watching at Cape Lookout and the Bogue Inlet Pier
51 Walk out on the Point in Emerald Isle
52 Check out the local catch on the Bogue Inlet Pier
53 Go bird watching in Emerald Woods
54 Take and Bake Crab Cakes from the Island Grille in Atlantic Beach
55 Spark the romance with a walk on the beach at sunset
56 Launch your kayak at the Emerald Isle boat ramp and explore the sound
57 Start a game of beach football
58 Find what gets washed up on shore after a big storm
59 Take a sequence of photos of the sunrises and sunsets
60 Watch the big ships dock at the State Port in Morehead City
61 Chase Ghost Crabs along the shore after dark, they’re pretty fast and tricky!
62 Play volleyball at the Atlantic Beach Circle or the Emerald Isle Beach Access
63 Chase seagulls as they float on the ocean breeze
64 Spend the day exploring the many islands along the Crystal Coast
65 Order a fresh bouquet of local fresh-picked from Knot a Second Thought
66 Unwind from an exciting day to a good book outside on the porch with a cold drink
67 Write messages in the sand and let the waves wash them away
68 Sit and daydream about never leaving the Crystal Coast
69 Take pictures of the ocean so you will never forget its beauty. How many shades of blue and green can you find?
70 Scavenger hunt for different colored shells
71 Count the seconds between waves breaking on the beach, you will notice a pattern
72 Look for shapes in the clouds as they blow in the breeze
73 Watch the windsurfers battle the ocean’s current
74 Protect our beaches and pick up trash and debris along the ocean. If you fill a bucket of trash, Muttigans offers those a free cup of coffee.
75 Play a game of Bocce Ball with those around you
76 Dig a hole and bury someone to their waist
77 Walk under the Bogue Inlet Pier and take a family picture
78 Bury your toes in the warm sand
79 Take a trip to Shark Tooth Island
80 Take a walk along the Emerald Isle Bike Path
81 Play a game of Horseshoes on the beach
82 Catch Sandfiddler crabs in the surf, before they can burry back into the sand
83 Throw a cast net into the sound to see what you catch
84 Walk the path through Emerald Isle and visit the shops along the way
85 Look for starfish in the surf
86 Put a bottle on the tree on Bottle Island
87 Window shop at Blu Sail pottery in Downtown Morehead and see some incredible local art
88 Create your very own treasure adventure – dig buried treasures for your friends and family to find
89 Make your own unique seashell jewelry
90 Order your “Bring the party home” paint kit from Wine and Design in Morehead City
91 Rent bikes for a week from Bluewater Vacation Rentals so you can park the car and take a more economic ride
92 Set up your vacation rental living room for a barre session with Downtown Barre Morehead City
93 Enjoy the outdoors by bike on Swansboro’s 25-mile bike trail along the water and through the Croatan National Forest
94 Get your blood pumping with a free online class from the Cape Carteret Aquatic Center Facebook page
95 Enjoy a walking nature tour and even a boat cruise on Taylor’s Creek ending at Carrot Island boardwalk during the spring and summer months through The Rachel Carson National Estuarine Research office
96 Facebook shop a local boutique like Beaufort Linen Co., COTE Boutique or GIGI & Company
97 Paddleboard the Bogue Sound
98 Pick up a 6 pack of locally brewed beer from Crystal Coast Brewing in Atlantic Beach
99 Host a Minute to Win it game your vacation home
100 Plan your next vacation
101 Leave Google reviews to support Small Businesses
102 Watch Chef Cherie’s cooking videos on Facebook @globallovechef
103 Enter Jarrett Bay Clothing Company’s color contest – open for kids of all ages on their Facebook Page
104 Binge watch the Netflix show “Outer Banks” to discover the ferry from Chapel Hill, NC to the Outer Banks
105 Take it a step further and document all the mistakes from the show “Outer Banks”
106 Support Carteret Health Care Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund by purchasing a “Carteret Stronger Together” mug for only $20 at BlueSail Studios
107 Pick up a 6-pack or growler from Sharks Den
108 Make a chunky knit blanket
109 Have a front porch photo shoot done by a local photographer
110 Curbside pickup lunch from Pizza Inn, Lazzaro’s, Circle Pizza or Michaelangelos and order an extra pizza or two for the local police and fire departments
111 Play a round of frisbee golf in the Emerald Forest Park
112 Have a self-care day with an at-home facial mask, manicure, pedicure, meditation, and yoga session
113 Donate snacks and food at the Emerald Isle Food Lion for Backpack for Kids
114 Have lunch or dinner delivered from Caribsea
115 Purchase a house plant from Carolina Home and Garden to take back home with you
116 Brunch to Go at 34 Degrees North in Beaufort, NC
117 Pick up a free mini bottle of hand sanitizer at Bogue Sound Distillery
118 The famous Beaufort Grocery is offering daily specials with curbside pickup – including their divine brunch
119 Have a front porch photoshoot at your rental property with a local photographer
120 Grab some fresh produce at Winberry Farm or The Market at Cedar Point
121 Find a new recipe to cook from the local blogger The Blond Cook
122 Create a hand-drawn beach scene with items you find in the sand
123 Have a family sandcastle building competition
124 Learn to Crochet, or learn a new hobby
125 Have an at-home movie night filled with popcorn, candy, snacks, and the latest premier
126 Comb the beach for sea glass to make your own one-of-a-kind bracelet
127 Dinner for 4 at Floyd’s 1921 in Morehead City each $35 + tax
128 Take a day to detach and step away from your phone and social media. Use that time to decompress, enjoy your family time.
129 Pick up an order of the best wings in town from Ioanni’s Grill – they are throwing in a roll of toilet paper for orders over $10
130 Taking the boat out for the day? Promise Land Market in Morehead City is offering boat snacks to go
131 Pick up a bag of ground coffee from 4Js to indulge in while here and to take some back home with you
132 Have breakfast by the 2 Crazy Donuts food truck – check their Facebook page for daily locations
133 Shop via Facebook and pick up a new bathing suit from The Posh Pelican
134 Enjoy the “Catch of the Day” at Riverside Steak & Seafood in Swansboro
135 Frosted Bakery in Swansboro is offering LIVE cake decorating classes & cupcake DIY kits with free delivery
136 Have crab legs delivered from Blackbeard’s in Beaufort, NC
137 Gather unique rocks, paint them and place them around town
138 Mix up dinner tonight and order tapas to go from the Boro in Swansboro, NC
139 Make a wind chime from driftwood and shells
140 Pick up a fresh produce bundle and kombucha on tap at Salty Air Market
141 If your vacation rental has a gravel driveway – paint a rock colorful colors and leave it behind to spread good vibes
142 Make fresh fruit popsicles to enjoy with family and friends
143 Add Crystal Coast Opoly to your Walmart Pick-Up order for hours of fun
144 Let your creative juices flow with chalk and decorate your vacation rental driveway
145 Take your four-legged friend on a walk on the bike path or beach
146 Complete a puzzle or two
147 Make a new Pandora or Spotify playlist for the beach
148 Play your favorite music and have a dance party in your vacation rental
149 Learn a TikTok Dance
150 Make nautical ornaments with salt dough to remember your vacation
151 Make a Mother’s Day Card
152 Learn to Surf or stand up paddleboard
153 Decorate your vacation rental properties front windows with hearts to show your support to essential works and medical workers
154 Enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the views of the Crystal Coast
155 Make an at-home electrolyte drink! So many recipes on Pinterest
156 Send a postcard or handmade card to loved ones
157 Have a picnic on the beach
158 Gather the family and make homemade pizzas
159 Don’t forget Taco Tuesday! Fresh Guacamole is a must.
160 Double kayak with the one you love most
161 Make a beach bucket list for your vacation
162 Read a book you have been meaning to read
163 Make your own Battle of the Sexes game and challenge your family to a battle
164 Find an easy recipe to make home dog treats
165 Use food coloring to dye sand and make sand art scenes with the kids
166 Sew your own protective face mask
167 Have a Starbucks copycat competition one morning to see who makes the best cup of joe
168 Pick-up a plain dozen of donuts and have a donut decorating competition
169 If the rain rolls in, do the rain clouds in a jar science project with your kids
170 Give DIY sand paint a try!
171 DIY candles with a large shell from the beach
172 Leave a Facebook review for your favorite small businesses
173 Make your own Bath Salts
174 DIY Kinetic sand! Find tons of recipes online
175 Super glue small shells to the end of bobby pins to make a cute new hair clip
176 Go Facebook Live from your vacation home
177 Make your own colorful hair wraps!
178 Play a game of beach soccer
179 Plan sunrise walks on the beach each morning
180 Pack rollerblades for the bike path
181 Unplug! There is a great life to be lived beyond our screens!
182 Host your own luau party – order floral leis ahead of time to make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion
183 Hit up a local wine shop and have a wine and cheese pairing with a few new flavors
184 Paint and design your own Oyster Shell ring dish
185 Make your own face masks
186 Enjoy a bag of boiled peanuts
187 Build a fort with pillows and blankets in a common room of your vacation rental
188 Use #BluewaterNC on social media to share your photos and videos
189 Start a blog about some of your most passionate parts of your life.
190 Pull those deck of cards out and round up the change and have a low-stakes poker night!
191 Bake homemade cinnamon rolls for brunch
192 Remember when you were younger and you never wanted to nap. Well, take that nap now!
193 Have morning mimosas on the beach!
194 Get creative and make a charcuterie board to enjoy
195 This is vacation baby! Turn the alarm off and stay snuggled in bed a little longer.
196 Host a relay race on the beach!
197 Take your boat out to a sandbar island in the middle of Bogue Sound for a beach day all to yourself
198 Take a sketch pad and pencil and sketch your family playing on the beach
199 Want to move here? Start virtually house hunting with one of our agents!
200 Have a blast and make memories that will last a lifetime!