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Tips for Staging Your Home

Selling your Home

Inch by Inch Life is a Cinch

Your new year resolution may include making big changes, like selling your home for instance. This may be so you can downsize, upgrade or travel the world even. One thing you need to know going in to this venture is it is a team effort with you and a Real Estate pro, that is if you want a less stressful transaction. Selling your home in Spring or early Summer are traditionally good times to sell your home. So starting now will get you ready right on time. Here are a few things to add to your mini resolution list to achieve your major 2017 goal of selling a house.

  • Hire an Agent

    – Price Guidance

    – Neighborhood Knowledge

    – Handling Paperwork

    – Professional Networking

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  • Declutter

    Clean blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards and under furniture.  Pack away knickknacks and de-clutter counter tops.  Steam carpets to remove dirt and pet odors and organize closets to utilize available space.

    – Hold a Garage Sale

  • Pump Up Curb Appeal

    our curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice when searching for a new home, even when they visit without an agent and do a drive by. $400-$500 can return 4 times this amount when invested in landscaping

    – Trim bushes

    – Power Wash siding & sidewalks

    – Wash Windows

    – Freshly Paint Front Door

    – Purchase a new Doormat

    painted door

  • Photography

    Be sure your agent uses a professional photographer when capturing your home. Millennials (people between the age of 18-34) will be your buying market and they use the internet to shop. So visuals that are crisp and illustrate your home in the best light is a must.

    Bluewater Agents have a photographer on the ready!

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  • Staging

    – Brighten up with lights (100 watts for every 50 sqft)

    – Vary wall hangings (try grouping items and abandoning the expected “hanging line”)

    – Bring in greenery and flowers

    – Add some color in the form of paint (warm tans, honeys and soft blue-greens)

    – Rearrange furniture to open up space


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Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of year!  Spring is right around the corner and we couldn’t be happier here at Bluewater.  We know you’re probably gearing up for spring cleaning, but have you also considered a spring maintenance checklist?

Following are some helpful tips to get your home in shape so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather on our Crystal Coast:


  • Examine your siding and replace and/or repair any damaged, loose or missing siding.  Now would be a perfect time to power wash or scrub the outside of your home.  Inspect for any visual signs of termite damage.
  •  Look over your foundation for structural damage.
  • Ensure gutters are free of debris and are not loose or leaky.
  • Examine your roof for debris and replace any missing shingles.
  • Inspect your concrete driveway or sidewalk for cracks.
  • Clean your chimney and inspect the flashing.
  • Clean your dryer vent.
  • Check for leaks around windows and doors.
  • Inspect and repair your deck, steps and/or fences, if needed.
  • Drain your hot water heater.  Sediment can form in the bottom over time and prevent the drain valve from working properly.
  • Service your heat pump as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Trim tree branches that are hanging too close to your home.


  • Test and replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Inspect your attic and ensure attic fans are functioning properly.
  • Clean the inside or your fireplace.
  • Check your electrical outlets for potential fire hazards.
  • Check your fire extinguisher and ensure that it is operational.
  • Check and replace air filters, if needed.
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils.

Real Estate Ethics for Buyers

Real Estate Ethics for Buyers

Many times the subject of the “Code of Ethics” arises when speaking of real estate agents.  But what about the unspoken ethics between buyers and sellers?  There are many times when a real estate transaction goes sour between buyers and sellers that could have been avoided.  Here are some helpful tips on real estate ethics for a buyer to help you keep your transaction as smooth as possible.


  • NEVER go behind your agent’s back and approach the seller about details of the closing process.
  • Always schedule an appointment for re-showings or inspections of the seller’s home with your agent.  Showing up at the door of a seller unannounced is likely to not sit well with the seller if they’re in the middle of something important.  This might make them less likely to negotiate with you if future negotiations arise.
  • Never negatively criticize the property in a derogatory manner in front of the seller or in public.  Pointing out flaws to your agent is acceptable, but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and and being rude.  Speak to your agent so that they can appropriately express your opinion(s) during their follow-up with the seller or the seller’s agent.  More than likely, the seller has an emotional attachment to their home and will not take kindly to derogatory comments spoken in a rude manner.
  • Just passed by the home of your dreams and see a “for sale” sign in the yard?  Do you know the seller?  Under no circumstances should you show up at a seller’s door unannounced and ask to see the home, even if you think it’s harmless.  By doing so, you could jeopardize a smooth transaction by imposing on the seller at an inconvenient time.
  • Control your anger.  If you are upset that the seller didn’t follow through with an agreement, it could be for valid reasons.  Give them a chance to explain to their agent before any turmoil develops.

By following these simple tips, it could very possibly make your real estate negotiations go very smoothly without negativity or hard feelings.

Staging Your Home for Sale

When placing your home on the market, presentation is key!  First impressions are of extreme importance when selling your home.  When staging your home for sale there are a number of simple and inexpensive things you can do to sell you home quickly.

Clean and De-clutter

First things first!  No one wants to see or smell a dirty home.  Clean blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards and under furniture.  Pack away knickknacks and de-clutter counter tops.  Steam carpets to remove dirt and pet odors and organize closets to utilize available space.


When prospective buyers are looking at your home, they want to envision their family, not yours.  Remove all personal photographs, keepsakes and mementos. Paint your home neutral colors so that buyers can imagine their furniture and belongings in your home.

Curb Appeal

Don’t neglect the outside of your home.  Trim bushes, power wash siding and sidewalks and wash windows.  Add a fresh coat of paint on your front door and purchase a new doormat.

Use Space Effectively

Rearrange furniture to maximize space and enhance your home’s features.

Let There Be Light!

No one likes a dark, dreary home.  Open blinds to allow the sunlight to pour in.

Entice Buyers’ Sense of Smell

Bake cookies, bread or simmer spices prior to a showing.

Set the Temperature

You want prospective buyers to be comfortable and stay awhile in your home, right?  Now is not the time to worry about a utility bill.  Turn up the heat if it’s cold enough to wear a sweater in your home.  Likewise, turn down the temperature if it is uncomfortably hot.

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Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Here are a few tips on selling your home with pets. If you have a dog or a cat, it’s hard to comprehend anyone not loving pets.  Not all buyers entering your home will be animal lovers.  The following tips will help you prepare your home for potential buyers that may not be keen on pets.

The outside of your home is the first thing people will see.  Fill in any holes that your dog may have dug and remove dog waste from your yard.

People that do not have pets will most likely immediately smell if there’s a dog or cat living in your home.  Our sense of smell has a huge impact on our emotions, so it is important to eliminate any all pet odors.  Remove odors by washing dog bed covers and blankets.  Have your carpets professionally cleaned and all stains removed.

Repair any damage your pet may have caused, such as scratch marks and damage from chewing.

It is best to remove your pet from your home during a showing.  Buyers may be allergic to or afraid of your pet.  Take your dog for a walk or to the park.  If you’re working the day of the showing, treat your dog to a fun day at doggy day care.  If you aren’t able to remove your pet from your home, place them in a crate or a designated area of the house that the showing agent is aware of.

Before a showing, put away dog beds, toys and food bowls.  Pack up any cages or pet carriers.  Ensure that cat litter boxes are clean and out of sight.

Selling a home with pets isn’t always easy, but following these simple tips could make or break the sale of your home.