Hearts for Essential Workers

Hearts for Essential Workers

A Sign of Heartfelt Gratitude

The health care workers and essential workers are heroes during this trying time in the midst of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). While they care for their community,  families, and themselves, we cannot thank them enough for all they do.

They are working around-the-clock to take care of and provide for the community they love and care so deeply for.

Now is the time to show how much we appreciate their hard work!

How to Participate
  1. Find paper or a similar material for your hearts (construction paper, old cards, tissue paper, cardboard, and so on)
  2. Cut material into hearts of any size, and shape then decorate with family and friends (your quaran-team)
  3. Tape your hearts to front windows, doors, mailboxes, etc.

Show your love for these hard workers during this difficult time as they drive to and from their own homes to the front line everyday!



You may have seen the #heartsforhealthcareworkers on your social media feeds recently.

Here at Bluewater, our staff and families are displaying hearts for the healthcare workers as well as all the essential workers out there.

Please join us in this movement!

Tag us in your heart display photos!

Bluewater Real Estate and Vacation Rentals | Displaying Hearts

Marketing Manager, Jordan D. Displaying Hearts

COVID Hearts on windows for essential workers