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Building A Dream

As the summer sun is sinking into sunset, fall comes to the beaches of North Carolina in Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach. The routine has slowed and the “normal” pace of life returns. Our commute to the beach is quicker and the days are shorter. Soon the holidays will be upon us as well as another new year. For now, we watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean and relax with our toes in the sand.

As a realtor our season is just beginning. I find with the fall and holidays we always meet the clients that are looking to purchase land and begin to plan for that “dream home”. It happens often, more than you would think. I always enjoy these clients as they are beginning to finally realize their dreams of having a beach home to retire to. Building a home in an area you don’t live isn’t as hard as you would think.

After finding that perfect property, drawing a dream home and deciding on a builder, most begin to scratch their heads and say “why did I think we should do this”. Stop, relax and take the advice of many that have gone before you. I find the following tips to come in handy.

number-1First, find a reliable realtor that knows the area, has lived here and can be available to assist in the process. Find a lot that will accommodate the type of home you are looking for. Views are important, but if it is in an area (which most are) that you need a septic tank, be sure you have the permit and that it will accommodate your new house. If there isn’t a permit, then you have to make application for this which could take up to 120 days to complete. No home for next summer at this point. (very important if you‘re planning to come to the beach next season).

twoNext, find a draftsman or architect to draw your home, be assured that the one you got out of that homes magazine will not work! Be sure you are taking into account for home placement for a great view and location. This one step can make the process more difficult for the builder and new homeowner, if not done properly. You inevitably will want to change a wall or add a closet so it is important to discuss all of these things with the draftsman, before rather than after it is finalized

three-blueMost important is the choosing of the builder. Bluewater Builders can be there to assist. Anthony Futral has the experience, knowledge and patience to help you make those dreams come true. He has the vision and capability to help you to design the perfect home that will enable you to enjoy your dream home. If the builder is not one who is experienced in building on the island, you may run into issues with permits and delays which will just make it extend much longer for the building process. Bluewater Builders has been building Emerald Isle for over 20 years, a great choice to help the process go smoothly.

So, it you are the one that is interested in starting the process of creating your “dream retirement home” this is the plan.

Call Bluewater Real Estate for your personalized realtor to help you start the process. Allow them to introduce you to Anthony with Bluewater builders and get the process started. Fall is a wonderful time in Emerald Isle. In order to be in a home by summer you should start that process immediately. Give us a call or view our available lots at today.

Next fall you can enjoy the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean, toes in the sand and the enjoyment of being a local on the island.

We look forward to calling you our neighbors.

Written by Sandy Futral

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I originally relocated from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to Eastern North Carolina in 1980. After living in Jacksonville and Havelock for 20 years, I eventually relocated in Carteret County and have lived in the Cape Carteret area for the past 13 years. I was a military spouse as well as mother of two military officers, I have the knowledge to help when it comes to a relocation. I will do my best to make that transition work smoothly for your family.
(Ask me about our Military Advantage Program that rewards dollars to our Military service members.)

I love working with people and once you meet me you will know that I am dedicated to you, the customer. I pride myself in doing ”what it takes” to make the transaction as smooth and easy as possible and I will go the extra mile to make it happen. Whether it is investment property, rental property, commercial or just a place at the beach; you can count on me to find that ”place in the sun” that is right for you.

Working to make the most of the clients investment dollars is a goal of mine. I believe in helping customers realize that they can “make their dreams a reality.” I have a great knowledge of the area and the ability to help you in purchasing your first home,second or vacation home. If you want to design and build your home; I can assist you with those needs in one stop. Bluewater offers you the convenience of an in house construction division that can design and build your dream home. In addition we can offer you services like Insurance and Property Management if you are interested. You can count on me to be there to assist you in your real estate transactions. Take a few minutes to drop me a line or give me a call so we can discuss your needs and get started in “making your dreams become a realty.”

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