2016 NC Seafood Festival

the 2016 seafood festival was a hit!

2016 NC Seafood Festival

On the last day of the 2016 NC Seafood Festival this year, we find comfort in being some of the last stragglers, soaking up all the goodness that is going to the festival with fewer crowds. Especially when you’re traveling with a stroller. We were welcomed with the Flounder Fling. This was the first time I witnessed something so strange yet so entertaining. And this guy to the right was a ham and very good at flinging a fish!

Immediately following this entertainment, my husband and I got down to the critical business….FOOD! Which seems to be the running theme of most of the content I write here on the Bluewater Vacation Blog. But what can I say? North Carolina has some fantastic delicacies. Don’t just take my word for it! You should book your weekly stay on the Crystal Coast and do a restaurant crawl. I promise you wouldn’t regret it… your waist might, but your mouth would love you forever. 

Derrick started with fried Oreos, and I quickly scuttled down to an amazing seafood chowder made by Michael’s Seafood in Carolina Beach, NC., which I discovered you could order online or visit your local Harris Teeter.

The music couldn’t get any better on the last day of the 2016 NC Seafood Festival with the Chairmen of the Board. Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me)

Must-Sees at the NC Seafood Festival

Another must-see while at the 2016 NC Seafood Festival is the wine row. Try tons of samples of wine and find your favorite to take home. Also, you can’t leave without strolling through the homemade crafts and finding early Christmas gifts for loved ones. There are also rides…how could I forget? If you have a little daredevil in ya, try a few of the carnival rides and games.

There is something for everyone at the NC Seafood Festival. Take advantage of the many activities at various times, including evening concerts. Visit ncseafoodfestival.org/ for next year’s shindig. – Guest Authored by Buewater’s Jay White

Let’s Hear From You!

Have you ever been to the NC Seafood Festival? If so, what year did you attend, and what was your favorite part? Don’t miss our monthly Crystal Coast calendar of events for more local festivals and fresh events. 



2016 north carolina seafood festival

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