January 2020 | Market Reports

January 2020 Market Report

The summary: The number of listings are up and they are not on the market for long!

Across the county, the number of listings increased! More listings hit the market in January 2020 compared to January 2019. Properties listed on the mainland increased by 41%. The beach properties saw an increase of 35% in January 2020 over January 2019.
The average days on market have decreased! Which means that the available listings are being scooped up by buyers faster than last year. Properties on the island are selling on average 63 days faster than they were in 2019!
What does this mean for sellers? Now is the perfect time to sell your home! With less time on the market you are able to sell your home faster than you could in 2019.
What does this mean for buyers? If you love something – put in an offer now before someone beats you to it! Properties, especially on the beach, are not on the market for long.

January 2020 Carteret County, NC Market Update- Prepared by Bluewater Real Estate

January 2020 Island Market Update- Prepared by Bluewater Real Estate

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Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Here are a few tips on selling your home with pets. If you have a dog or a cat, it’s hard to comprehend anyone not loving pets.  Not all buyers entering your home will be animal lovers.  The following tips will help you prepare your home for potential buyers that may not be keen on pets.

The outside of your home is the first thing people will see.  Fill in any holes that your dog may have dug and remove dog waste from your yard.

People that do not have pets will most likely immediately smell if there’s a dog or cat living in your home.  Our sense of smell has a huge impact on our emotions, so it is important to eliminate any all pet odors.  Remove odors by washing dog bed covers and blankets.  Have your carpets professionally cleaned and all stains removed.

Repair any damage your pet may have caused, such as scratch marks and damage from chewing.

It is best to remove your pet from your home during a showing.  Buyers may be allergic to or afraid of your pet.  Take your dog for a walk or to the park.  If you’re working the day of the showing, treat your dog to a fun day at doggy day care.  If you aren’t able to remove your pet from your home, place them in a crate or a designated area of the house that the showing agent is aware of.

Before a showing, put away dog beds, toys and food bowls.  Pack up any cages or pet carriers.  Ensure that cat litter boxes are clean and out of sight.

Selling a home with pets isn’t always easy, but following these simple tips could make or break the sale of your home.

Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation

A Quick Look Inside the Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation Process

What to Expect

Property owners in Carteret County will soon receive a re-evaluation of their assets from the County Tax Office.

The re-evaluation process was pushed back one year due to the widespread damage due to Hurricane Florence in the Fall of 2018 and is the first adjustment since 2015.

Property appraisals will be calculated as close to their current status as of January 1st, 2020 as possible- and value letters will be sent out sometime within the first or second week in February.

The appeal process will then begin, with tax bills being mailed mid-fall once the rates are established by the County Commissioners.

Did you know? For 2019, Carteret County residents enjoyed the lowest property tax rate in the state of North Carolina. The rate of .31% was unchanged from 2018.

* Image above is courtesy of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Duties of the Assessor

The Assessor evaluates all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by North Carolina law to list, appraise and assess all property within the county at 100% of market value. In addition to the over 58,000 parcels of real property (land, homes, commercial buildings), the Assessor must value business personal property (approximately 7,000 businesses, ranging from multi‐million dollar enterprises to one-person operations). There are over 7,549 manufactured homes, over 77 aircraft, and over 26,129 boats, motors, and jet skis, and any other personal property which is taxable. There are over 6,500 motor vehicles that are billed monthly.

The Carteret County Tax Assessor’s Office creates over 150,000 tax notices annually. Because there is such a volatile real estate market, reappraisal for Carteret County is done every four years. The revaluation will include the use of county maps, aerial photography, street-level images, sales analysis, field visits, and other tools to gather data used in determining fair market value. Carteret County appraisers will review and analyze the information including comparable sales within your neighborhood.

Market Value is the most probable or most likely price that the property would sell for. It is not the highest, lowest, or average price. It requires a willing buyer and a willing seller with neither under any pressure to buy or sell. It implies that the buyer and the seller are fully informed of all the purposes to which the property is best adapted and is capable of being used. It recognizes the property’s current use as well as its potential use.

Appeal Process

If you agree with the Market Value stated in the Notice of Assessed Value, no further action is required.

If you wish to request an informal appeal, please chose from one of the three methods below:
1. An online appeal can be completed and submitted on the Carteret County Tax website
2. Email a scanned informal appeal form and any supporting documentation to taxinformation@carteretcountync.gov.
3. Mail the completed Informal Appeal Form and supporting documentation to:

Carteret County Tax Department
2020 Revaluation Appeal
302 Courthouse Square
Beaufort, NC 28516

*Online and emailed appeals will receive a confirmation email that the appeal was received by the Tax Department. All appeals will be reviewed by staff appraisers in the order that they are received. Your right to appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review is protected during the time the Tax Office is processing your Informal Appeal.


Valid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value substantially exceeds the actual market value of the property.
2. The market value is inconsistent with the market value of similar properties within your

Invalid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value increased too much compared to the previous market value.
2. The market value is more than the insurance value.
3. The market value is just too high.
4. The owner does not have the financial ability to pay the taxes.

*All information courtesy of the Carteret County Tax Office. Please contact them if you have any questions, or are interested in beginning the appeal process.

Tax Office Divisions
Business Personal 252-728-8486
Collections 252-728-8525
Land Records / Mapping 252-728-8490
Personal Property 252-728-8486
Western Tax Office 252-222-5833
Fax 252-732-2064

bluwater's toys for tots toy drive banner

Bluewater’s Toys for Tots Drive

Bluewater’s Toys for Tots Drive

This season is all about gratitude. Gratitude for family, friends, and all the goodness of the holiday season. Our 2019 Toys for Tots Drive has brought so many people together to aid the cause and give toys to those less fortunate. From Bluewater employees, guests, friends, and locals – our community has made this year’s Toys for Tots drive one of the best, yet!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate with us this year, we look forward to you joining us in 2020.

We’re looking forward to making next year’s Toys for Tots drive, and each thereafter, bigger and better than the one before.

Being a community surrounded by two Marine Corps Bases – We proudly support the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

About the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Toys for Tots Drive, Toys for Tots

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity, is the fundraising, funding, and support organization for the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.  The Foundation was created at the behest of the U. S. Marine Corps and provides support in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, who directs the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.  The Foundation has supported Toys for Tots since 1991 and supplemented local campaigns with tens of millions of toys valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. For more information, visit www.toysfortots.org.


The mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is to assist the U. S. Marine Corps in providing a tangible sign of hope to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas.  This assistance includes supporting the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program by raising funds to provide toys to supplement the collections of local Toys for Tots campaigns, to provide promotional, and support material, and defray the costs of conducting annual Toys for Tots campaigns.  Other Foundation support includes providing administrative, advisory, financial, logistical, and promotional support to local Toys for Tots Coordinators; managing funds raised and monies donated based on the use of Toys for Tots name or logo; providing other support the Marine Corps, as a federal agency, cannot provide; and conducting public education and information programs about Toys for Tots that call the general public to action in support of this patriotic community action program.

USMC Marching Band

Veteran’s Day Tribute

As a military wife of over 15 years, I have seen far too much of what our Veterans and their families experience.  Veteran’s Day (originally called Armistice day) was proclaimed on November 11, 1919, by Woodrow Wilson to celebrate the ending of World War 1. This National Holiday pays tribute to all who have served in America’s Armed forces.

What Veteran’s Day Means to Me

When I think of Veteran’s Day a wave of emotions, memories, and flashbacks come to mind. I think of ceremonies, promotions, Marine Corps Balls… I think of the heaviness of deployments.  I think of the brokenness in my boys’ eyes when they hug their Daddy before getting “on that bus.” I think of the sadness each military service member feels when they leave their loved ones behind- often missing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, their children’s “firsts” etc.  I think of children growing up without a parent, and often even their extended family. I think of the joy, anticipation, preparation, and arrival of those who come home. I think of the heartache for those whose loved ones come home scarred..or not at all… You see, Veteran’s Day is far more than a day off of work or school.

What You Can Do to Honor a Local Veteran

What special meaning does Veterans Day hold for you? What emotions are evoked in you when you hear the word “Veteran”.  Below are just a few meaningful ways of how you can show your love and support:

1. Accompany a Veteran to a Veteran’s Day Parade

2. Seek out a Veteran to spend time with

3. Visit a senior Veteran in a nursing home or senior housing area

4. Help a Veteran check with the Veteran’s Benefits Administration for any unclaimed


5. Take a warm meal or dessert to someone you know is a Veteran

6 Offer to watch the children of a Veteran so the parents can have a nice date

7. Donate to a Veteran charity/organization

8. If time or distance makes it hard for you to spend time with your Veteran loved one you can reach out via phone, email, text, mail, etc.


Do you have any special way you honor our past and present military? Please feel free to share!

Many Blessings, and to those who have served or are currently serving… Thank You.

Crystal Shaw- Broker/Realtor at Bluewater Real Estate in Emerald Isle, NC

This blog post was written and prepared by Crystal Shaw, a Broker/REALTOR® at Bluewater Real Estate and proud Military spouse. She and her husband have relocated frequently due to new orders, but have been blessed to call The Crystal Coast their home for the last 9 years.

Cell Phone | (740) 973-6693

Email | CrystalS@BluewaterNC.com

Local events for Veteran’s Day:

The Carteret County Veterans Day Parade will be held in Morehead City on Saturday, November 9, and will start at 11 a.m. No invitation is required to enter – everyone is invited! The parade committee will no longer be sending out written invitations but is shifting to social media for notification/information. If you or your organization would like to participate in this patriotic event or for more information, please visit https://www.americanlegionmhc.org/veterans-day-parade, email ccveteransdayparade@gmail.com, or contact the Carteret County Veterans Services Office at 252-728-8440 for more information. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the number above and we will assist you in completing your entry form.

A small group of re-enactors will be in the fort Saturday afternoon and Sunday showing what Fort Macon would have looked like during WWII.  Uniform talks, weapons demonstrations, and other short talks and presentations will be given throughout the day. November 9th: 2-5 PM & November 10th: 10 AM- 4 PM

From Carteret County Speedway: We are proud and committed to carrying out Bobby Watson’s legacy and dream here at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway. Providing the Crystal Coast with the region’s finest short track facility and entertainment park. In the final race we will be honoring our active military and veterans. Join us for the final race on Saturday, Nov. 16, for a family military night of fun and entertainment. Located right off Highway 58 in Peletier. Visit Carteretspeedway.com or call 252-436-7223 for more information.

banner image of the docks at beaufort for the much ado about beaufort blog post

Much Ado About Beaufort

banner image of the docks at beaufort for the much ado about beaufort blog post

There’s Much Ado About Beaufort





Restaurants and Dining Out and About Beaufort

Spouter Inn – A high-class restaurant with water views (deck seating available) and reasonable prices.

Beaufort Grocery – Excellent food just off of Front Street.

(both Spouter-Inn and Beaufort Grocery serve Sunday Brunch)

Stillwater/Rhum Bar – – Premium atmosphere meets amazing food (accessible by boat or land)- – If you give Stillwater a chance, be sure to sample the Tuna Tacos.

14080011_10210497123244711_4453719596905027123_n 14051749_10210497123324713_4316505078575514622_n



about beaufort maritime museum

Check out the Maritime Museum to soak up some of our area’s history, including artifacts from Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge wreckage recovered near Beaufort Inlet.

Activities and Adventures

Pay a visit to the Cape Lookout lighthouse as well as the Wild Ponies on Shackleford Banks by way of Lookout Ferry Service.

Beaufort_Activities  RibbonOfSand

shackleford horse  horses

Take a leisurely cruise of our local waterways with the crew of the Crystal Coast Lady. Cruise packages include but are not limited to: “Brunch with Dolphins”, “Sunset Dinner Cruise”, and “Half Day Fishing”.

crystal coast ladyIf you are looking to get your heart rate up, Beaufort Inlet Water Sports rents kayaks at reasonable prices.  If you’d like more of an aerial view, they also offer Parasailing.  There’s no better way to see all of Beaufort’s beauty.




Nightlife and Entertainment

For nightlife, I would recommend the famous Dock House (located on the water; offering live entertainment), Cru Bar, and Back Street Pub all located on Middle lane.

Dock House


crystal coast photo contest for 2019

Enter Our 2019 Crystal Coast Photo Contest

crystal coast photo contest for 2019

2019 Crystal Coast Photo Contest

Have you taken the time to enter our 2019 Crystal Coast photo contest yet? Would you like to share your Crystal Coast vacation photos for a chance to win a free vacation? Of course, you would!

Bluewater Vacation Rentals invites you to share your best Crystal Coast vacation photos (or videos) with us for a chance to win a 4-night vacation in one of our most luxurious vacation homes, Seaside Seaclusion, or a chance to win $200 off your next vacation with us! Your photos could also be featured in our future marketing materials!

If you have an awesome family beach photo, a dolphin jumping out of the water, grandma sunning in her beach chair looking stylish, your favorite summer cocktail, a lighthouse tour, or one of the kids surfing the waves – take a second to enter them into our photo contest! We will be accepting photo submissions until October 16, 2019. Good luck!

2019 Crystal Coast Photo Contest Categories

  • Dogs
  • Nature
  • Kids
  • Beach Fun
  • Make Waves
  • Video (Up to 50MB)

You may enter as many photos as you like, but each photo may only be entered into ONE category

More Information

GRAND PRIZE: 4-Night Vacation at Seaside Seaclusion or the chance to receive $200 toward a new Bluewater Vacation

We can’t wait to see your photos and all the fun times you had with us here along the gorgeous Crystal Coast!

This contest is now closed –  Enter our latest photo contest here.


The 2019 nc seafood festival in morehead city nc

2019 NC Seafood Festival

The 2019 nc seafood festival in morehead city nc

2019 NC Seafood Festival

The 2019 North Carolina Seafood Festival has it all! Who doesn’t love fresh, local seafood, libations, carnival games, fireworks, and more? Seafood and sea-fun meet right here on the Morehead City Waterfront! This year was the 33rd year of the Seafood Festival on our beautiful coast, and we are so glad we got to enjoy all it had to offer.

The North Carolina Seafood Festival is one of our favorites to attend each year. Our bellies get full of some of the most delicious seafood on the coast and local brews and liquors from the Crystal Coast’s distilleries. Sometimes, we muster up the courage to get on the carnival rides – after stuffing our faces! This year’s 2019 NC Seafood Festival did not disappoint! 


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A post shared by North Carolina Seafood Festival (@ncseafoodfest)

The History of the NC Seafood Festival

The North Carolina Seafood Festival is a not-for-profit organization of Carteret County citizens and businesses in Morehead City. Recognizing the importance of seafood to eastern North Carolina, Seafood Festival, Inc. organized to develop and conduct a festival every year. This festival is held every year on the first weekend of October to promote the seafood industry’s positive social and economic impact on our community.

The Blessing of the Fleet at the NC Seafood Festival

Without the fleet of commercial fishing vessels from Carteret County, the availability of fresh seafood in the state and even the nation would be significantly impacted. The commercial fishing vessels that make their home port in North Carolina provide one of the largest services to the entire country. They continually bring in the wide varieties of fish and shellfish that we’ve become so accustomed to having in our grocery stores.


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A post shared by North Carolina Seafood Festival (@ncseafoodfest)

The men and women who risk their lives to make a living from the sea are the providers of the bountiful harvest that we enjoy in restaurants. But the sea is sometimes not so forgiving, and we now recognize the importance of controlled harvesting of the fish population, the threat of pollution that may occur hundreds of miles from the shoreline, and the obligation for all of us to work together to ensure a constant supply of quality seafood. The festival’s goal, which is to recognize the many who have given their lives in their occupation and to thank those who do it today, is realized with the emotional Blessing of the Fleet on the Morehead City waterfront. – Guest post by Bluewater’s Marketing Coordinator, Jay White

Let’s Hear From You!

Have you ever been to the NC Seafood Festival? If so, what year did you attend, and what was your favorite part? Don’t miss our monthly Crystal Coast calendar of events for more local festivals and fresh events. 



2019 seafood festival pinterest pin

spotlight on vacation rental property in Atlantic Beach - A Pierless Vista

Featured Property: A Pierless Vista

spotlight on vacation rental property in Atlantic Beach - A Pierless Vista

A Pierless Vista

We have the pleasure of featuring “A Pierless Vista.” Spending quality time with family and friends is more fun when you can all be together in one home – like A Pierless Vista.

A Pierless Vista is one of the gorgeous homes in our exclusive Blue Pearl Homes collection. Exquisitely furnished and exceptionally appointed, these luxurious beach vacation rentals are draped like pearls all along our Crystal Coast. Blue Pearl Homes are top-of-the-line vacation homes. This 8-bedroom, 8.5-bath Oceanfront escape has all the amenities you could need while on vacation. With 7 Master Suites, water views and access to Balconies from all Bedrooms, and incredible views of our pristine coastline, you will surely find relaxation on your vacation. The Elevator will make accessing all floors effortless for all members of your vacationing family and also offer accessibility for anyone that might need assistance, with the top floor Master Bedroom being Handicap Accessible. Enjoy your very own private pool and private hot tub.

This beautiful Oceanfront Home is also equipped with a Theater Room, Recreation/Game room, including a Pool Table, Foosball Table & Card/Game Table. Situated in Atlantic Beach, this home is conveniently located in Morehead City, Beaufort, and Emerald Isle! From exploring Fort Macon to playing putt-putt, and shopping in Morehead City to touring Historic Beaufort, you can enjoy all the Crystal Coast has to offer without traveling far from your home away from home! Equipped with High-Speed Wireless Internet for your convenience.

Like what you’re hearing? Now take a peek inside this beauty.