3 Essential Tips on Downsizing Your Home


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3 Essential Tips on Downsizing Your Home

Although it may be necessary, downsizing your home can be a bittersweet and cumbersome experience. Items representing beloved memories can pile up quickly but often lead to overwhelming clutter. Unfortunately, moving into a smaller house means that you probably won’t have as much room for each of your space-taking, albeit sentimental, belongings. Furthermore, you’ll have to take time to decide what gets tossed, along with the task of packing up whatever made the final cut. Still, taking time to eliminate unnecessary possessions is the perfect opportunity to begin a new chapter while reminiscing about the people and places that make them difficult to shed. Here are three essential steps to downsizing your home that will make the process easier.

Plan It Out

Before you rummage through your attic, basement, and closets, pay a visit to your new home and take accurate measurements of your potential storage areas. To prevent becoming mentally and physically exhausted, move through each room separately while considering the size of every storage area. Give yourself ample time, so you don’t have to do everything in one or two days, which can be rather stressful. Start with bulky items like furniture and artwork to better understand the spacial limitations of your new place.

Sort It Out

It’s not surprising that downsizing your home revolves around organizing. First of all, ask yourself how often you use each belonging. If it’s less than a few times a year, it’s probably a good candidate for gifting, donation, or the dump. Secondly, if you have duplicates or more of the same or similar goods, narrow those items to your favorite. You likely don’t need two espresso machines! Finally, divide the remaining items into “yes” and “no” piles. Once you have a yes and no pile (no maybes), decide what to do with the items you’ll be omitting from your relocation. Sentimental items can be gifted to friends and family, usable items can be sold or donated, and damaged goods can be thrown out or brought to the nearest recycling center. Easy peasy!

Maintain Precious Memories

The nice thing about downsizing your home in the information age is that you can simplify by digitizing. Old family photos or those prom pictures are undoubtedly priceless, but there’s no denying that they occupy plenty of space. Digital picture frames and portable hard drives can go a long way in preserving your memories. Even old newspaper clippings can easily be digitized. What’s more, you can take photos of that end table you had at your first apartment after college or the broken piano your great-great grandmother left you in her will. Better yet, gift some of those items to friends and family and find joy whenever you see your loved ones using them!

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Downsizing your home is an enriching endeavor that will make things easier in the long run. Not only will you have fewer things to pack, but you’ll also feel good about streamlining your life and any potential donations or gifts you can give. Although you may encounter sentimental emotions, the process will allow you to comfortably settle into your new living space. No matter what, you’ll find solace in knowing Bluewater Real Estate will help you find the ideal home for a more simplified you!


What items can you see yourself getting rid of before moving into a smaller living space?