Dolphin Sighting

Dolphin Sighting in Morehead City

While inhaling our coconut and shrimp curry soup from Sanitary we moseyed our way out to their deck that overlooks the waterfront like we do every year. But this time we got a treat. TWO DOLPHINS playing in the sunset. That was my first dolphin sighting so close. What a special night!

My husband and I were lucky enough to rent out the little one to some friends and have a date night in Morehead City. Now this wasn’t just any night, it was the annual Bites and Blues and we scored tickets. Now let me explain this to you. Bites and Blues is an amazing foodie paradise that happens every year. Local eateries come together and station themselves about downtown Morehead City NC and prepare small bites for hundreds of ticket holder.

You ticket is literally a map of all the restaurants that will be in attendance equipped with check boxes to mark where you have been. You also have a best bite of the night vote ticket stub at the bottom.

Restaurants in participation this year include places like:

Fat Fellas (reigning champs)

Tight Lines — mahi bite with lump crab

Happy Cakes (mmmmmmm……Oreo explosion- an Oreo inside a cookies and cream cupcake with cookies and cream frosting)

Promise Land — Brisket

Sanitary — coconut and shrimp curry

Rudy Ducks — seviche

Red Fish Grill — glazed mahi

Beaufort Olive Oil — the most creative salad I’ve ever tasted

Dank Burrito — jalapeno hush puppies

The Boathouse — smoked brisket with collard greens and homemade barbecue sauce

La Perla –(a new authentic spanish cuisine joint tucked away on 20th st. they had mufungo, which my husband and I hadn’t had since our honeymoon. It is Yuca, plantains and meaty goodness. A must try.)

Southern Bread Bakery (also a new establishment- very tasty macaroons)

And so many more places.

Guys we were waddling back to our car by the end of the night. And this is no big feat. Derrick is a NC State football alum that can put you to shame in a food eating competition. Needless to say we got our money’s worth.

To the right:

We are devouring our Fat Fellas Plates

a rib, hush puppy, amazing mash potatoes and southern sweet tea to complete the bite 🙂

= 2 happy campers