Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Why Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Depending on your penchants, a few things may come to mind when pondering summer on the Crystal Coast. From offshore fishing to touring historic seaside towns, our beloved slice of North Carolina provides a gamut of fun activities for friends and families. And if you and your crew have a wide range of interests, it’s probably worth finding an ideal location in our regional summer paradise. Thankfully, we have a collection of Emerald Isle vacation rentals that are as eclectic as the nearby things to do! Even so, you may be wondering, “Why Emerald Isle?” Well, we’re here to show you!

Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Offer Beach Access

Although many refer to the entire island as Emerald isle, the island has several communities; Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Atlantic Beach. As such, you can easily find public beach access, and we have several vacation rentals nearby, from spots by The Point to properties just minutes from Fort Macon State Park. So whether you want to go sightseeing, swimming, boating, or simply lounge around and watch the clouds drift by, Emerald Isle is a sure bet!

May’s a Great Time to Visit Emerald Isle

“May weather in the 70s makes for a great time to visit the coast of North Carolina. With about 300 miles of barrier island beaches, coastal towns, history, seafood, and wildlife, the state’s coastal area is perfect…” “On the 85-mile stretch of the southern Outer Banks known as “The Crystal Coast,” events include the Beaufort Music Festival (May 19-20) and the Atlantic Beach Music Festival on May 20. Cape Lookout National Seashore features the 19th-century Cape Lookout Lighthouse, which opens to visitors in May. The area has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park, creating a perfect place for stargazing. Wineries, breweries, oysters, Marshallberg Caviar Farm, and a variety of restaurants make dining another North Carolina coast pleasure.” – Travel + Leisure

Visiting Bogue Pier is one of the things you can do when you stay at an Emerald Isle vacation rental.

10 Things to Do on Emerald Isle This Summer

Here is a quick list of 10 things to do on Emerald Isle this summer (and just about any time) –

  1. It goes without saying that spending time on the beach is among the primary summer attractions anywhere on Emerald Isle. Here is a handy guide to the local beach access points.
  2. Check out AB WaterSports out of Atlantic Beach for jet ski, boat, and kayak rentals. They also offer tours!
  3. Spend part of your day at Emerald Isle Woods Park and enjoy the disc golf course, floating dock, and several walking trails. It’s a great place for bird watching, and they also have a pier, four grills, and a picnic pavilion.
  4. We may not be Malibu, but the Emerald Isle offers a genuine surfing experience. Hot Wax Surf Shop is the go-to spot for anyone wanting to learn to surf or get the inside scoop on the best sites to paddle out. They also have surfboard, standup paddleboard, and kayak rentals with delivery!
  5. Fort Macon State Park is excellent for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In addition to the fully-restored Fort Macon, this Emerald Isle staple offers several activities, including biking, hiking, paddling, swimming, and fishing.
  6. Lost Treasure Golf & Raceway offers a place for kids and kids at heart to enjoy timeless recreation like mini-golf, go-kart racing, and bumper boats.
  7. Salty Pirate Water Park is a simple yet satisfying way to cool off in the summer. The multiple waterslides and wading pools make it a great option for families.
  8. There are several Emerald Isle fishing charters that will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable angling experience. If you’d prefer to go at it alone, there are several public boat launches and fishing piers throughout the Crystal Coast.
  9. Beachcombing at The Point on the west end of Emerald Isle is a unique way to immerse yourself in the oceanside scenery.
  10. Take in a stunning sunset from the Bogue Inlet Pier as the tides roll in. As a bonus, you can head over to Surf’s Up Bar & Grill for comfort food and drinks.

Emerald Isle: Your Launchpad in the Crystal Coast

An aerial view of Emerald Isle, NC.

The best part about choosing an Emerald Isle vacation rental for your getaway is the ease of getting around the area. Emerald Isle has everything you need and is the primary anchor of Highway 58, the main thoroughfare that runs east and west. You’ll be able to travel within the island to Atlantic Beach, Indian Beach, Salter Path, and Pine Knoll Shores. Still, you’ll also be able to hop back onto the “mainland” to visit places like Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Morehead City, and Beaufort.

Cedar Point Boathouse Creek

As the Crystal Coast’s premiere vacation rental provider, Bluewater wants to help you make the most of your summer vacation. From savings and discounts to our exclusive rental collections, we’ll ensure your stay is one of the best yet. To find out more or start planning your summer vacation, head over to our Crystal Coast vacation rentals page and reach out with any questions!


What do you look forward to most about summer on Emerald Isle? Have you started planning for Memorial Weekend and the Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments below.



Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals Are Perfect for Summer

Five Reasons to Plan a Spring Vacation on the Crystal Coast

5 Reasons to Plan a Spring Vacation on the Crystal Coast

Five Reasons to Plan a Spring Vacation on the Crystal Coast

5 Reasons to Plan a Spring Vacation on the Crystal Coast

Spring on the Crystal Coast is the perfect place to break away and have some fun in the sun. If you’re not planning your spring vacation, we’ve got 5 reasons to plan a spring vacation to the Crystal Coast!

1 – Warmer Temperatures

Warmer weather and waters mean great opportunities to get out and go fishing. Or, perhaps, you enjoy sunbathing with cool breezes running across you. If so, this is the time of year for you to grab that swimsuit and join us on the beach (or by the pool)! Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are reasonable activities for those who like a little sun on an outing. Walking along the waterfronts of Beaufort, Swansboro, and Morehead City becomes a relaxing way to spend a day of sunshine in the Spring.

Wild horse on the shore of Beaufort NC with nearby kayakers

2 – An Abundance of Wildlife 

As the water and the air warm up, local birds, dolphins, and abundant other wildlife appear more frequently. It isn’t uncommon to see pods of dolphins and even a whale or two who have been known to skirt the coast in the spring. On Coast Guard Road, you may also see rabbits, raccoons, possums, beavers, nutria, and even fawns. You’ll even have the opportunity to be the first to see our beautiful flowers in bloom!

Spring on the Crystal Coast

3 – So Much to Do on the Crystal Coast

Spring is an excellent time to vacation on the Crystal Coast because there’s so much to do. One of the most popular spring events is the Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Day Festival. There’s plenty of food, fun, and adult beverages at this annual celebration on the main thoroughfare in Emerald Isle. 

If you love food, you’re in for a treat! Sip and savor delectable delights at one of the incredible Beaufort Wine and Food Weekend events taking place on our coast each spring. Don’t miss out on Bites and Blues for another great culinary experience! Add the Atlantic Beach International Food Festival to your calendar of events, and come on out for an authentic pig cookin’ contest at the Newport Pig Cookin’ Contest, which got its start in 1978.

Love a good music festival? How about our Atlantic Beach Beach Music Festival or the 2-day Beaufort Music Festival

There’s also the Wooden Boat Show and the Crystal Coast Boat Show for you sea-farin’ types! 

Sailboats on the water in Beaufort NC

4 – Everything is Open

All the shops, stores, and restaurants that closed for the winter season are open in the spring. You may even find a few new favorites, too. We recommend checking out all the new shops at Village West. You can even book your vacation at a Village West rental

EJW Outdoors at Village West in Emerald Isle, EJW Outdoors Beach Gear

5 – Smaller Crowds

Another great reason to plan a springtime trip is that you’ll find our beaches less crowded. You’ll have unique opportunities for intimate moments with your loved ones to make unforgettable memories. 

a family walks on the beach in Emerald Isle NC

Have we convinced you to plan a spring vacation to the Crystal Coast? Take a peek at some of the small towns that dot our beautiful North Carolina Coast, and then let us know which one you’d choose for your spring escape. 

Need Help Booking Your Vacation? 

Make memories that last a lifetime when you plan your Crystal Coast vacation with Bluewater Vacation Rentals. With over 600 vacation properties, you’re sure to find your perfect place at the right price. If you need assistance, our Certified Vacation Planners are here to help.  

Have you been to our southern outer banks before? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!



spring vacation time on emerald isle and atlantic beach

Simple vacation checklist by bluewaternc.com

Grab Our Simple Vacation Checklist

simple vacation checklist by bluewater vacation rentals

Grab Our Simple Vacation Checklist

Are you planning your vacation and looking for a bit of guidance? We’re here to help! Grab our simple vacation checklist to make planning your vacation easy.

Warm sand under your feet. Waves gently lap the shore. Soft breezes come off the water, so the temperature’s always just right—the smell of the salt air. The list of things to love about staying at the beach goes on and on!

fun on the beach, playing in the ocean, vacation checklist fun

What’s Included in your Vacation Rental

Our vacation rental properties provide the following for at least the maximum occupancy the home allows such as –

Bed linens, bath and kitchen towels*, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, bedspreads, a vacuum cleaner, a plunger, a mop, a broom, and a dust pan. All kitchens are adequately stocked for everyday meal preparation with simple cooking and kitchen needs, such as pots, pans, baking sheets, plates, utensils, glasses, a coffee maker, and a toaster.

However, our rental properties are not stocked with paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries, etc. Please bring your paper and soap products or purchase them when you arrive.

*For information specific to your rental property, please refer to your Vacation Rental Agreement – available in your email – or the detailed property description on our website.

ALSO SEE: Vacation Rental Frequently Asked Questions


Packed Suitcase, Easy travel packing list

Plan Your Vacation with our Simple Vacation Checklist

Below we’ve provided information for planning your vacation, from what to bring and expect from our beach homes – whether this is your first or you’ve vacationed with us for years. Remember, you never need as much as you think you do, and whatever you choose not to bring, you can pick up locally during your stay.

Beach Items:

  • Swimsuits
  • Beach cover-up
  • Flip Flops or water shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach hat
  • Sunscreen
  • SPF Lip balm
  • Beach tote
  • Beach towels
  • Water bottles

Beach Extras: 

  • Frisbee
  • Cooler
  • Beach toys
  • Drink koozies
  • Beach chairs
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Shibumi or other beach shade / Umbrella
  • Baby powder / Corn Starch  (to help get the sand off)
  • Fishing gear


Softly fold your clothes and place them in packing cubes. You get more wrinkles when you place harder fabrics with softer fabrics, so pack denim with denim and cotton tees with cotton tees. Bring Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser. Just hang up your garment, spray it, and in five minutes, the wrinkles are gone.  – Samantha Brown



  • Shirts
  • Shorts/ pants
  • Sundresses
  • Sandals / Flip Flops / Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Under Garments
  • Pajamas
  • Accessories (jewelry, hair clips, etc.)

You’ll have access to a washer and a dryer, so don’t overpack.


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Detangler (great for kids)
  • Hairbrush / Comb / Hair ties, etc.
  • Deodorant
  • Body wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Makeup and makeup remover
  • Eye care items (eye drops, contacts, contact solution, eyeglasses, etc.)
  • Moisturizer
  • Aloe
  • Bug spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby wipes
  • Razor
  • Medications
  • First aid kit (or at least some band-aids)

Beach House Essentials:

  • Coffee or Tea
  • Phone chargers
  • Board games
  • Food and drinks
  • Spices and condiments
  • Laundry bag
  • Downy Wrinkle Releaser
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc.) 
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.)
  • Coffee filters, zip lock bags, garbage bags, etc.) 
  • Baby gear (if property does not offer, based on online information)


Now that you’ve got your vacation planning list, you’re ready to go! Which one of our vacation rental properties are you going to choose?


Bluewater Vacation Rentals' Simple Vacation Packing Checklist Pinterest Photo


"Fun Things to Do on the Crystal Coast this Spring" over a North Carolina Beach.

Fun Things to Do on the Crystal Coast this Spring

"Fun Things to Do on the Crystal Coast this Spring" over a North Carolina Beach.

Fun Things to Do on the Crystal Coast this Spring

While it may be hard to believe, winter is almost over, and spring will be here before we know it. And although we’ve talked about why winter is a great time to visit the Crystal Coast, we’re excited to start a new season! Longer days, fresh ocean air, and warmer weather are just a few of the delightful characteristics we’re eager to share. But what really makes our beloved slice of North Carolina great during spring are all the iconic places to visit on the Crystal Coast, from Swansboro, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, and every town in between, plus all the fun activities each unique town has to offer! So in this post, we’ll give you a few ideas on where to go, what to see, and things to do while you enjoy your spring break!

Spring Over to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast

Whether you’re on a week-long break from school or need to get the kids out of the house for the weekend, the Crystal Coast is an excellent place to be during spring. Not only can you get here before peak season pricing takes effect, but you’ll also have easier access to many of the nearby attractions and activities thanks to fewer visitors–not to mention the weather will be nearly perfect! With that being said, here are some places to go and things to do.

Spring on the Crystal Coast

Spend Some Time on the Water

On the Crystal Coast, spending time on the water during spring is a common experience shared by visitors and locals alike. Hot Wax Surf Shop in Emerald Isle is your go-to source for equipment sales and rental if you’re interested in learning how to surf or take out a kayak for a relaxing float. Also, jet skiing and parasailing might be right up your alley if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. AB Watersports in Atlantic Beach has a variety of jet skis and boats for rent. At the same time, Beaufort Parasail in Beaufort offers an action-packed adventure in the sky.

Go Fishing This Spring on the Crystal Coast

A fishing pole rests of the shoreline of an Emerald Isle beach.

Ask any of the local anglers, and they’re likely to tell you spring is the best time for fishing on the Crystal Coast. The cool temperatures and less water traffic create the perfect environment for jigging from a dock or casting from shore. The Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier in Emerald Isle is a regional favorite for in-shore angling. And if you crave the open water, there are several local fishing charters that will show you the ropes.

Let the Kids Play

The Crystal Coast is well-known for its family-friendly atmosphere, and spring is no exception! From mini-golf to go-kart racing, toddlers, tweens, and teens will find ample entertainment. And on rainy days, you can visit places like the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores and North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort or catch a movie and browse the local art galleries.

kids having fun on the beach

Don’t miss Rocket Fizz, the retro candy shop in Emerald Isle at Village West, where kids can pick out old-fashioned lunchboxes with their favorite modern characters. Be sure to swing by Candy Edventure in Swansboro, too. Both have wacky soda flavors and ice cream in addition to candy and treats you typically won’t find anywhere else.

Visit Cape Lookout, and Rachel Carson Reserve

A lighthouse at Cape Lookout National Seashore in North Carolina.

Cape Lookout National Seashore is a sometimes overlooked scenic area that is usually reasonably vacant during the spring. You can take a ferry to get there, which offers a unique experience too. You can comb the beach for natural treasures, have a picnic, take pictures, or just enjoy the nearly secluded coastal area.

Another cool scenic area is Rachel Carson Reserve across the water from Beaufort. You’ll find an impressive assortment of wildlife, including wild horses and over 200 bird species. If you peer into the distance, you may also catch a glimpse of a pod of dolphins playing in the water.

Eat, Shop, and Be Merry

If you’re into retail therapy, you’ve probably already discovered that shopping and dining go hand in hand. Thankfully, the Crystal Coast communities have a seemingly endless array of shops, boutiques, specialty stores, and malls to peruse. And suppose you want to plan a day around it. In that case, you’ll find plenty of incredible cafes, bistros, and restaurants in Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, and more!

Crystal Coast Spring Vacation Rentals

A Pierless Vista; an Atlantic Beach vacation rental.

With a few ideas to consider, your spring getaway on the Crystal Coast should be nothing short of memorable. So that begs the question, “Where should I stay?” No matter what you decide, Bluewater has a vacation rental property for you, whether you need a condo for two or a 10-bedroom home with easy access to everything that makes our coastal community an excellent spring vacation spot. For instance, Bluewater’s luxurious 8-bedroom vacation rental in Atlantic Beach, “A Pierless Vista,” boasts oceanfront lodging, a private hot tub, a theater room, and plenty of space for everyone to hang out before and after each exciting activity!

Reach out to us online to learn more, and sign up to be one of the first to know about our various vacation rental discounts and promotions!


Which classic Crystal Coast spring activities are you most likely to enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

Honoring Top Realtors

Bluewater Real Estate: Honoring Top Realtors

Bluewater Real Estate is Honoring its 2022 Top Realtors

Bluewater Real Estate: Honoring Top Realtors

Join us in celebrating Bluewater Real Estate’s 2022 successes by honoring our top realtors. We have 50+ real estate brokers with over 800 years of combined local selling experience in Carteret, Craven, and Onslow Counties. Our agents’ hard work and dedication shine throughout our communities. Words fall short if we were to praise them all for everything they have done and accomplished for our company. Big congratulations to you all!

Celebrating with Bluewater Real Estate and Honoring Top Realtors

  • We have been a top-producing real estate firm on the Crystal Coast for the past 37 years. 
  • #1 Selling real estate office in Atlantic Beach, NC
  • #1 Selling real estate office in Emerald Isle, NC
  • 554 Transactions totaling $236,100,294 in 2022
  • 8 Agents/teams made the top 10% of highest performing agents in our market
  • 15 agents/teams achieved the top 20% of highest performing agents in our market

top-producing real estate company on the Crystal Coast


Top Realtors

Honoring Retirees

Two legendary local real estate agents are retiring this year. This is not a goodbye, as they will be part of our Bluewater  Real Estate family forever. Recognizing both Betty Brown Dunn and Eleanor Copeland for their extraordinary client service and mentorships. Owner Woody Warren presents retirement gifts.

“Betty and Eleanor greeted me with big smiles and open arms when I joined the Bluewater Real Estate office in Atlantic Beach in 2017. In my new position as a compliance officer, I needed to get it right when reviewing contracts. Betty and Eleanor were a wealth of information. Both were very kind, patient, and knowledgeable!” – Relocation Director, Kristie Elliott

#1 Selling real estate office in Atlantic Beach, NC

Top Producer Award

Bluewater honors its top producers each year, and this year’s recipient was Syndie Earnhardt.

“Syndie is one of the cornerstones of this company. She is knowledgeable, professional, organized, and hard-working, and she did an outstanding job this year as the exclusive listing agent for the new Village West development in Emerald Isle.  We are lucky to have Syndie at Bluewater!” – Broker in Charge, Cathy Sheaffer

We’re proud to say that we are, and continue to be, Crystal Coast’s trusted real estate relocation service that clients have depended on for over 37 years. We are quite proud of our agent retention. This year we also recognized Syndie Earnhardt, Realtor, who started with Bluewater when our doors opened in 1986 and began selling 35 years ago. Thank you, Syndie, for your 35 years in sales.

Kitch Ayre was also honored for her 25 years of service and loyalty to Bluewater Real Estate.


Honoring Top Realtors

Top Producer Team and Team With Most Number of Sales

We are proud to be home to the Bailey Basnight Real Estate team and honor them as our top realtors.

“In 2022, 133 sides were successfully closed by our Bailey Basnight Real Estate team with Bluewater Real Estate. Our group of 11 agents is based at the Atlantic Beach office and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Being a part of such an outstanding team of agents makes me incredibly proud.” – Team leader Fran Hardy

Top Realtors

Most Number of Sales

For 2022 the award for the most sales went to Teresa Smith.

“Teresa is a dedicated and conscientious realtor who works extremely hard for her clients. Over the last 16 years that she has been with Bluewater, Teresa has won this award numerous times. She and her husband, Bucky, are a great asset to Bluewater!” – Broker in Charge, Sheaffer

Congratulations to Teresa!

Honoring Top Realtors

Marcia Jordan Award

Marcia Jordan was a fixture in our office for 33 years, from May 1988 until her sudden death in August 2021. She was our first broker in charge; she implemented policies and procedures that are the cornerstone of our company today and trained many realtors at Bluewater Real Estate and many in the MLS.  She was studious, intelligent, loyal, fair, caring, and honest. Marcia was the kind of Realtor we all strive to be; professional, diligent, determined but kind. The Marcia Jordan Award was created in her legacy to honor all that she achieved and to recognize the significant impact she had on this company and us, who were lucky to know her.  

Cathy Sheaffer is the 2023  recipient of the Marcia Jordan Award. Cathy was recruited, trained, and coached by Marcia. She shares the same qualities as Marcia; she is creative and fun. Cathy is our Broker in Charge at the Emerald Isle, NC office; she is always smiling and eager to help.  This year’s Marcia Jordan Award was presented by last year’s winner and an honoring top-producing realtor Syndie Earnhardt.

Syndie Earnhardt received the Marcia Jordan real estate award

Bottom Line

Choosing a firm and real estate agent is essential in buying and selling a home. When you choose a Bluewater Real Estate agent, you’re choosing an agent who’s fully trained and vetted. We aim to help you find the perfect house in the right community with the appropriate REALTOR®. We will pre-assess your needs and provide you with the local and relocation information you need to make an informed decision about making the Crystal Coast your home.  Looking to buy in 3,6, or 9 months?  Connect with us today!

Atlantic Beach Realtor

Meet Kathy Furtner Atlantic Beach Realtor

Atlantic Beach Realtor

Meet Kathy Furtner, Atlantic Beach Realtor

Kathy Furtner, Atlantic Beach Realtor, grew up at the Jersey Shore and graduated Valedictorian from Ann May School of Nursing. With her husband, a building contractor, and three small children, she relocated to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and never looked back. It was the best decision ever. They spent many family days at the beach, on the boat, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, or relaxing on Shackleford, Cape Lookout, and Pine Knoll Shores.

Atlantic Beach Realtor

Getting to Know Your REALTOR, Kathy Furtner

Kathy Furtner, Atlantic Beach Realtor, began her career in 1995. Meeting new people and helping them find the perfect home, whether a second home, investment property or permanent residence, became her passion. She has been a multi-million dollar producer year after year. She feels very blessed to have three grown children and six grandchildren, all living within blocks of her. Kathy still enjoys spending time at the beach and on the boat in her spare time. She also loves traveling but is always happy to return to the Crystal Coast over that bridge! In the past 12 years, she has been active with Kayak for Warriors, an annual fundraiser in Pine Knoll Shores that raises money for Hope for the Warriors.  Pickleball has become her favorite activity in the past three years. 

Kathy Furtner Atlantic Beach Realtor



“Atlantic Beach Realtor, Kathy Furtner, was the best I’ve ever worked with. She treated me like I was her own son!” – Kevin F.

“This was a second home purchase for me. My Realtor, Kathy, made my purchase very smooth and was a great asset. During these Covid-19 times, it seems every entity is experiencing delays and obstacles, but Kathy assisted me with closing in just over 30 days and we met no delays or obstacles due to her experience. She was amazing to help guide me through this first virtual purchase for me. She has not only assisted with the purchase and fast closing but also with many references for other resources needed. She has a large array of knowledge and experience and has proven to be a valuable contact many times. She also was available to answer questions and very quick to respond, even during a holiday. I will always refer to her and ensure to spread positive information about my experience with this purchase. Thank you Kathy! – Jeanette S.


Thinking About Buying or Selling in Atlantic Beach? 

Bluewater Real Estate offers exposure to high-net-worth worldwide buyers exclusive to Bluewater Real Estate. Our affiliate global network, LeadingRE, ensures maximum exposure to your property. While vast exposure is greatly desired, we also respect your privacy and safety with programs available for private in-house selling opportunities. Kathy Furtner and our Atlantic Beach Realtors are ready to assist. We’re ready when you are!  Contact us today!

Real Estate Market Report February 2023

February Market Report 2023

Market Report February 2023

Crystal Coast February Market Report 2023

Our February Market Report of 2023 is an overview of Carteret County statistics over the past 20 years. The Crystal Coast, also known as the Southern Outer Banks, consists of 85 miles of white sandy beaches. Bogue Banks, a barrier island off our mainland of the Crystal Coast, is 21 miles of shoreline. Bogue Banks consists of our beach towns Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Emerald Isle. Our stats will also include mainland Crystal Coast towns such as Morehead City, Newport, Beaufort, Cape Carteret, and Down East villages.

Days on Market

When discussing February Market Reports of 2023 with prospective clients, Bluewater Realtors frequently reference days on the market. This signals sellers that your property will result in a quick sale at a higher price than we have seen in the past few years. Our days on the market remain low through February 2023.  Low days on the market mean high buyer demand.


Market Report


February Market Report 2023 Average Sold Price

The average sold price in Carteret County will also help you determine the best time to sell. Average sales price and days on the market often complement each other. As days on the market increase, the average sales price typically decreases. According to the February 2023 Market Report, our average sales price per home is peaking. Crystal Coast homes are selling at or very close to the listed price. Our coastal real estate market remains strong in the first quarter of 2023.

February 2023


The Bottom Line

If you want to purchase real estate or are interested in knowing how much your home is worth, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Real Estate agents are here as a free resource to help you make the best decision.

Want to be the first to know? Subscribe to our newsletter for information on our latest real estate trends and much more!

Carolyn Blackmon

Carolyn Blackmon Emerald Isle Realtor

Carolyn Blackmon

Meet Carolyn Blackmon, an Emerald Isle Realtor

Licensed since the 1980s, Carolyn Blackmon, Emerald Isle Realtor, has decades of experience in real estate, from residential and commercial sales to multi-family management and asset management. Raised in Carteret County, she has witnessed the growth firsthand over the years on the Crystal Coast.  Her Carteret County roots are mixed with Wake County roots, as she lived in Raleigh for 30 years. While living in Raleigh, she had a vacation home in Emerald Isle, keeping her close to the coast – her happy place! 

Emerald Isle

Since moving to Emerald Isle and joining Bluewater Real Estate full-time in 2016, Carolyn Blackmon has been passionate about real estate.  She has been a top producer, helping numerous clients reach their real estate goals. When Carolyn isn’t helping her clients in real estate, she enjoys long bike rides on the Emerald Isle bike path, walking her sheltie, Oliver, on the beach, gardening, interior design, and spending time with friends and family. Her daughter, Meredith, also shares the same passion for real estate and is an agent in Raleigh. 

Emerald Isle Real Estate Agent Carolyn Blackmon


“Hardworking, honest, thoughtful, insightful, highly competent, highly recommend! Thank you, Carolyn” J. Vincent

“Carolyn is outstanding in every way. She is professional and personable. Her knowledge of the area and the ever-changing market is impressive. Her energy and positive outlook are contagious. We love her!” J. and B. Burroughs

Realtor Carolyn Blackmon

Connect with Carolyn Blackmon: Emerald Isle Realtor

If you have a home to sell on the Crystal Coast or are considering a coastal home purchase, Carolyn Blackmon, an Emerald Isle Realtor, is happy to assist you in the process. Her expert skills will make buying or selling your investment property, primary home, or vacation home seamless.  When you need an experienced agent, call Carolyn. 

Planning on Moving Away?

Bluewater Real Estate has been a top-producing firm on the Crystal Coast for the past 37 years. Our agents will provide exceptional service wherever your real estate requirements may take you.  Click here to connect with a certified, pre-vetted real estate professional today.

We look forward to hearing from you.

two kids in a pool with swim caps and googles

Water Safety on the Crystal Coast

two kids in a pool with swim caps and googles

Water Safety on the Crystal Coast

Water activities like swimming and boating are fun ways to cool off in the summer. Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds in a few inches of water, whether it is in buckets, bathtubs, pools, lakes, or the ocean. To ensure everyone is safe with multiple layers of protection, we’re sharing tips for water safety on the Crystal Coast.

little boy playing at the edge of the water on teh beach

Beach Safety Tips 

View the Bogue Banks Beach Safety videos below for an overview of the joint beach warning flag system used in Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach, and a video about rip currents and how to escape the grip of the rip. 

  • Rip Currents – The Towns of Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach want you to have a safe and enjoyable time at the Crystal Coast. In this video, representatives from each town fire department explain what rip currents are and how to get out if you find yourself in one.

  • Beach Warning Flags – The Towns of Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach observe a beach warning flag system that alerts beachgoers of potential ocean hazards at that time. Watch this video for more information. 

Water Safety Basic Precautions

  • Establish family rules. Teach kids to ask permission to go near the water and have them stay close enough to make eye contact with you when they’re in the water.
  • Use the buddy system and teach kids to always stay with a buddy and never play in the water alone.
  • Check weather forecasts, and keep an eye on changing conditions.
    • Water conducts electricity, including lightning, so stay away from water if you hear or see a storm.
  • Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunblock and reapplying often. Hats, sunglasses, and clothing provide added protection.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Adding lemon or instant coconut powder provides electrolytes beneficial to hydration.
  • Be aware that lightheadedness or nausea are common signs of dehydration and overheating.

Smart Swimming

  • Enroll kids in swimming lessons. Studies have shown that children ages 1 to 4 may be less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction.
  • Never leave kids unattended. Supervising adults should be focused on the kids without distractions, such as reading, texting, or visiting with other adults.
  • Keep kids away from pool drains and suction fittings. These fixtures can create entrapments—when the suction force holds the body against the fitting or when an article of clothing, jewelry, hair, or limb gets caught in the drain.
  • Don’t let kids hyperventilate. Kids often breathe rapidly or deeply before breath-holding and underwater swimming contests. This can lead to passing out and drowning, known as a “shallow water blackout.”

Father talking to his young son about beach safety

Beach Best Practices

  • Direct kids to a designated, supervised area to swim: teach them to stay within sight of a lifeguard or supervising adult.
  • Check the water’s depth before you let kids jump in: Make sure hidden rocks, sharp shells, or other hazards aren’t present.
  • Check the surf. Watch for dangerous waves and signs of rip currents. Some examples are discolored water, choppy, foamy, debris-filled, or moving in a channel away from shore. Undertows and big waves can be deadly, even for strong swimmers. Get free of a current by swimming parallel to shore; once free, swim diagonally toward shore.
  • Teach kids the meanings of colored beach flags and to obey them. Coastal communities across the globe have adopted a flag-warning system developed by the United States Lifesaving Association in conjunction with the International Lifesaving Federation. If warning flags are up or if the surf looks rough, keep kids out of the water.

boating safety on the crystal coast, sunset and the wake of a boat

Boating Best Practices for Water Safety

  • Always equip kids with a life jacket that fits properly. The jacket should be snug enough that it won’t slip over the head, and the straps and buckles should be securely fastened. Inflatable toys and water wings, which can deflate or slip off, are not recommended as substitutes.
  • Teach kids to avoid propellers and not jump off the front of a moving watercraft.
  • Don’t overload a boat. If it turns over, teach kids to stay with the boat until help arrives.
  • Keep a radio on board to check weather reports.
  • Beware of boater’s fatigue. That’s when wind, noise, heat, and the vibration of the boat combine to wear down kids when they’re on the water.

Water safety at the pool, parents and daughter in a pool with a float

Vacationing at a Home with a Pool

  • Use touch supervision. With young children, ensure you are close enough to reach them at all times.
  • Teach kids to walk, not run, around pools or on docks.
  • Discourage unsafe horseplay. Pushing or holding others underwater is not recommended.

You can learn more about beach and ocean safety directly on the Emerald Isle website at: Emerald Isle Beach Safety InformationWe want your time on the Crystal Coast to be as safe as possible. What tips would you add to this article? 


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