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Round-up of the Top Crystal Coast Food Trucks

The Crystal Coast is a foodie paradise, especially when it comes to Crystal Coast food trucks. From fresh seafood bites to mouthwatering burgers, there’s a truckload of flavors waiting for you!

We’ve put together a rundown of must-try spots along the NC Coast for your next quick bite fix! Whether you’re a local, want to be a local, or just visiting the Crystal Coast, make sure to hit up the coolest food trucks that come highly recommended. Time to satisfy those taste buds on your seaside journey!

Top Crystal Coast Food Trucks

Let’s dive into a world of delicious delights – because every visit to the NC Coast should be accompanied by fantastic food!

The Burger Bus

Embark on a flavor-fueled adventure with The Burger Bus, a one-of-a-kind food truck that’s not just serving burgers; it’s crafting culinary masterpieces! Picture this: succulent, gourmet burgers paired with perfectly seasoned fresh-cut fries and a tantalizing array of extras. Get ready to elevate your taste buds – this isn’t your average food truck experience!

crystal coast food trucks

Check out The Burger Bus Facebook page for their updated schedule of where they will be on the Crystal Coast! Look out for the Burger Bus to be at A Place at the Beach a lot this summer!

Garden of Eaten

The Garden of Eaten food truck is a local family-run delight dedicated to dishing out fresh, chef-inspired wonders! They are known for a tantalizing menu that spans from wood-fired pizza to mouthwatering seafood bites, ensuring there’s something to delight every palate. Step into a world where flavor reigns supreme, and let the Garden of Eaten treat your taste buds to an unforgettable experience!

crystal coast food trucks

Plan your visit to the Garden of Eaten food truck.

Captain’s Kitchen

Say ahoy to the Captain’s Kitchen food truck, masterfully helmed by a lifelong commercial fisherman and anchored in the heart of Indian Beach.

Brace yourself for a seafood saga that goes beyond the ordinary – renowned for its legendary shrimp burgers and a maritime-inspired menu serving up swift, yet top-notch seafood bites. Get ready to set sail on a taste adventure with the Captain’s Kitchen!

crystal coast food trucks

Captain’s Kitchen is consistently bringing you their location and menu on their Facebook page.

Seed to Shaker

Seed to Shaker emerges as a local gem, seamlessly blending the art of mixology with the harmony of aquaponics farming. This unique mobile bar specialty catering company not only crafts artisanal cocktails, kombucha, and mocktails but also cultivates its fresh herbs and garnishes in an indoor aquaponics farm.

crystal coast food trucks

As they roam, keep an eye out for their vibrant truck, a frequent visitor at Olde Beaufort Farmers’ Market and The Periwinkle in Beaufort. Join the journey where libations and locally grown goodness collide!

Check out Seed to Shaker for booking and upcoming appearances.

The Charburger

Discover the rolling nostalgia of The Charburger food truck—a mobile haven for a timeless family tradition on wheels! Dining from this food truck is an extraordinary journey back in time when old-fashioned chili-cheeseburgers reigned supreme, served alongside cups of golden, crispy fries. Bonus, no time machine is needed!

crystal coast food trucks

Step into a world where every bite is a bite down memory lane, and The Charburger is your ticket to relive the classics with a modern twist. Get ready for a taste adventure that transcends generations!

Follow The Charburger to know their location as they navigate around the Crystal Coast.

BokaNina’s Pacific Fusion

Bokaninas Pacific Island Fusion Restaurant was founded with a vision to share the joy of cooking and the excellence of their cuisine with all. Embracing the spirit of hospitality and the love of family, the Bokaninas food truck takes the essence of their culinary passion to the streets.

crystal coast food trucks

Every visit guarantees not just a meal but an opportunity to forge new friendships. Anchored in the Hafa Adai and the Aloha spirit, Bokaninas proudly asserts that hospitality is their life, and food is their love. Join the journey as they bring the vibrant flavors of the Pacific Islands to your coastal curbside adventures!

Be sure to catch BokaNina’s on Wheels on Instagram to know their whereabouts!

Pony Up Pizza 

Gallop into a pizza paradise with Pony Up Pizza, based in Newport! Pony Up’s food truck is a gorgeously renovated horse trailer that has evolved into the ultimate go-to pizza haven.

Catch the pizza magic unfolding frequently along the Crystal Coast at stops like Shortway Brewing and Bogue Sound Distillery. Saddle up for a slice of excitement that transcends the ordinary!

crystal coast food trucks

To stay in the loop of their culinary escapades, gallop over to the Pony Up Pizza Instagram and join the flavor-packed journey.

Tanjas Hella Fat Food

Tanjas Hella Fat Food is a standout in Eastern North Carolina’s food truck scene! This truck is renowned for crafting The Scenario, delicious sliders featuring pulled pork, bacon jam, and slaw—albeit a limited-time treat during their special appearances.

Based in New Bern, this culinary delight wheels its way across the Crystal Coast, making surprise stops that tantalize taste buds.

crystal coast food trucks

Join the foodie craze and savor the unexpected with Tanjas Hella Fat Food by following them on Facebook.

Capone’s A Taste of Philly

Step into the savory world of Capone’s A Taste of Philly, the flavor maestro rolling through Emerald Isle with an arsenal of authentic Philly Cheese Steaks. This isn’t just any food truck; it’s a journey to the heart of Philadelphia’s culinary charm on wheels. Imagine the sizzling, mouthwatering goodness of a cheese steak, wrapped in every bite, but based in Emerald Isle! 

crystal coast food trucks

Capone’s invites you to embark on a Philly-inspired taste adventure right on the Crystal Coast. Head to Facebook to be in the know of where Capone’s goes! 

Soya Tacos

Get ready to spice up your Taco Tuesdays on the Crystal Coast with Soya Tacos! This isn’t your ordinary taco affair; it’s a fiesta on wheels bringing you the convenience you crave. Dive into a world of flavor with grilled steak, chicken, shrimp, and chorizo tacos that’ll make your taste buds dance.

crystal coast food trucks

Tracking them down is a breeze – just head to their Facebook page for a front-row seat to the taco adventure. Let the taco fiesta begin!

Good Eats on the Crystal Coast

We hope these recommendations add a dash of flavor to your memories here on the Crystal Coast. Whether you’ve savored the local delights or tried something entirely new, the Crystal Coast food truck scene has surely left a lasting impression.

Keep the spirit of food exploration alive! May your travels to the Crystal Coast or your local jaunts be filled with tasty surprises and culinary delights!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Do food trucks on the Crystal Coast operate year round?

Many operate 12 months out of the year, to serve the locals of the Crystal Coast. However, some only run their trucks “in season”. It is always a good idea to check the schedules of your favorite trucks to see exactly when and where they are operating.

Is it safe to eat from a food truck?

Food trucks adhere to health and safety regulations, and many have implemented additional measures in response to current health concerns. Check with the food truck operators or visit their websites for information on the safety protocols they follow. Of course, in addition, we recommend you practice good handwashing before eating any food.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at Crystal Coast food trucks?

Boka Nina’s Pacific Fusion is known for its vegetarian fare! Most food trucks try to cater to various dietary preferences. Check with the specific food truck or their online menu to see if they offer vegetarian or vegan options.