Rentals that allow pets

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

The majority of our pet-friendly vacation rentals allow your pet to vacation with you at no additional cost. Find your favorite pet-friendly vacation rentals below and look for the “Pets Stay Free” amenity and your four-legged friend can stay for free! Bluewater’s Pets Stay Free policy is available for vacation rental reservations only and is not available for long-term, monthly or annual rentals.

Family time is what the Emerald Isle beaches are all about, so make sure that your favorite furry family member gets to join in with a stay at pet-friendly vacation rentals. Beach vacations are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the family when you vacation Crystal Coast-style!

Explore our pet-friendly beach cottages below and book your next Crystal Coast vacation today! If you have any questions, just give us a call. We look forward to having their paws in the sand!

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While you’re here, make sure to keep your dog well-hydrated and have plenty of shade. Our strong summer sun makes for very hot pavement and sand, so providing shade is essential and morning or evening walks are best. Saltwater can be nauseating for dogs, so keep lots of fresh, cool water at hand. Also, be sure to mind the local leash law and “scooper” law.

Pet Policy

We have many homes that are “Pet Friendly” that allow for your furry family members to join you on your vacation to the Crystal Coast! If a property you have rented is “Pet Friendly”, it will be stated within the property description. Most of our pet-friendly homes are “all-inclusive”, meaning that no additional pet fee is required for weekly or nightly rentals. A handful of our homeowners have opted to require fees, as listed in the property description. Please note that “pets” is limited to “dogs only” and, in most cases, no more than 2 dogs are permitted. Cats are never allowed in any of our properties at any time. Monthly rentals may have different fee requirements, even for all-inclusive homes. Please refer to the specific property description, or ask a Vacation Planner for details.