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Unique Activities on the Crystal Coast

Unique Activities on the Crystal Coast

– Clarissa G., Marketing Coordinator

Unique activities on the crystal coast





Souvenir shop.

Rinse and repeat.


After a couple of times spending your week on the sand, you might start to itch for something more exciting on your week at the beach. Maybe you’re starting to consider trying a more commercial destination with new activities, but you don’t want to lose the naturally scenic, family friendly “beach in my backyard” atmosphere you’ve come to love about the Crystal Coast.

Well, fear not. There are new, exciting things coming to the coast all of the time. And many you may never have heard of. Here are just a few things we think you’ll love:

1 ) Tour downtown Beaufort by bike. It’s hot…welcome to summer in the Carolinas. Embrace the sweat and make your own breeze pedaling on a guided tour through downtown Beaufort. Choose from an assortment of beach cruises with names such as “Sage” and “Thyme” and follow your guide through this sleepy waterfront gem. Want more info? Check out this post by Jay on her experience riding with Hungry Town bikes!

Go for a ride with :

Hungry Town Bike Tours     hungrytowntours.com

Photo from TripAdvisor.com

2) Get in a tandem hang glider. Not even kidding! One of our marketing team did it, and she loved it. They strap you in above your professional guide/driver and tow you up with a small plane and then release and your guide cruises you back down to the ground. It lasts about ten minutes but the views from 2000ft in the air are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Want to experience it with one of us? Check out Mimi’s ride here!

Glide through the sky with:

Kitty Hawk Kites, Beaufort  kittyhawk.com/beaufort/beauforthanggliding/

Did you know that this was once home to the pirate Blackbeard? Most people who have casually toured Beaufort realize this, but many haven’t explored some of the landmarks associated with him. The Beaufort Ghost Walk is a Guided Walking Tour through the Historic District. Beaufort is the 3rd oldest town in NC, and the 12th oldest town in North America. On the Ghost Walk, your family will be entertained by pirate guides as they bring history to life. Tales of ghost ships haunted houses and interesting histories of the Beaufort area will give you chills.

Take a spooky stroll:

Beaufort Ghost Walk   beaufortghostwalk.com

Photo from TripAdvisor.com

4) Climb the Cape Lookout Lighthouse! Aside from the scenic ferry ride to the island, the gentle inlet perfect for swimming or the beautiful coastline on the oceanside for shelling and beachcombing, the Cape is a great place to find a unique activity. Climbing to the top is a favorite activity for many, as the views from the top are unmatched (except for perhaps by  hang gliding!) 360° views of the coast are breathtaking and certainly worth the cardio.

Plan your climb here: nps.gov/calo/planyourvisit/lighthouse-climbs.htm

5) Get out on the open ocean and bring in dinner! Get your fill of the salty breeze with a deep water fishing charter. Don’t worry about having the equipment – charters provide the bait, tackle and rods you’ll need.  Spend a half day or a whole day riding the waves and learning to fish. This is perfect if you’re like me — love the idea of fishing, but need an adultier adult to guide you. Rates are affordable — with Captain Stacy you’ll only spend $65 for adults and $50 for kids — this includes the fish you catch, so technically dinner is free 😉

So, get out there, have fun and do something DIFFERENT this year. One thing I’ve learned as I get older is, the only limit to the fun you have is the fun you can imagine.