Get Wild on Your Vacation

Get wild on your vacation

Cut loose from the norm. What happens here, stays with you!
– Clarissa G.

Beach, aquarium, beach, restaurant, souvenir shop, beach, rinse repeat. Get wild on your vacation

After a couple of times spending your week on the sand, you might start to itch for something more exciting on your week at the beach. Maybe you’re starting to consider trying a more commercial destination with new activities, but you don’t want to lose the naturally scenic, family friendly “beach in my backyard” atmosphere you’ve come to love about the Crystal Coast.

Well, fear not. There are new, exciting things coming to the coast all of the time. And many you may never have heard of. Here are just a few ways to get wild on your vacation:

Tour downtown Beaufort by bike. It’s hot…welcome to summer in the Carolinas. Embrace the sweat and make your own breeze pedaling on a guided tour through downtown Beaufort. Choose from a variety of different tours and bring as many friends as you’d like.

Try something that will get your adrenaline pumping. Although we are a laid back beach community, we have options for high flying excitement for those who dare! Try the Fly Board, tandem hang gliding or parasailing. Or if you’d like to stay closer to the ground, rent some jet skis and buzz through the Intracoastal Waterway

Learn to scuba dive! The Crystal Coast is one of the top locations along the eastern seaboard for diving. Known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” our coast is exceptionally full of shipwrecks from centuries past, and perfect for exploring. Some wrecks are located as little as a few miles from land, and just 30 feet underwater. Take a couple of days and learn an exciting new pastime, while seeing the coast from an entirely new perspective.

Photo by the Crafty Attic in Morehead City

Not ready to be quite this adventurous? Try your hand at something creative, and take home a souvenir completely unique. We have a couple of different “Wine and Design” locations that allow you to paint a guaranteed masterpiece. We also have a paint-and-fire pottery studio “The Crafty Attic” in Morehead City or the “Accidental Artist” in New Bern and Jacksonville, where you can bring pottery to life with your own design, and have it ready for you in a few days. Also check out BluSail Studio in Morehead City, where you can take a class and make your own pottery by hand.

At the end of the day, your vacation is what YOU make it. If you need seven days spent lounging in the sun and avoiding your cell phone, you’ve got it. If you want a week of time to do all of the things you never have time to do at home, DONE. We love being here to help you make your vacation into a whole week of just what YOU want. Doesn’t get much better than that!