Exploring Emerald Isle Housing Market

Exploring Emerald Isle Housing Market (2)

Exploring the Emerald Isle Housing Market: A Promising Investment for Real Estate Home Buyers

Are you looking for a promising investment and are interested in exploring Emerald Isle housing market?  We will look closer at the current housing market, including the median home price, the number of new listings and homes sold, and the average days on the market. So buckle up and let us discover what Emerald Isle has to offer!

Emerald Isle North Carolina

Destination: Southern Outer Banks, Emerald Isle, North Carolina

A peaceful paradise by the sea, Emerald Isle is a town known for its beautiful beaches. Many Emerald Isle beach houses are located in vibrant communities and near stunning parks. This resort destination holds a certain charm that many people would want to call home. If you are looking for a place to settle down or invest in real estate, then the Emerald Isle housing market might be the perfect opportunity.

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Exploring Emerald Isle Housing Market: Median Home Prices

Emerald Isle’s housing market has been consistently growing over the years. It is perfectly normal for markets to increase or decrease. Overall, it is no surprise that both homeowners and real estate buyers are attracted to the town. Year to date 2023, the median home price in Emerald Isle is $828,740, an increase from last year. With this increase, investing in the town’s housing market will still generate a significant return on investment. Emerald Isle continues to grow yearly and is the ultimate vacation getaway. Take a peek at Emerald Isle’s and Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, housing market year-over-year stats below. 

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Moreover, the number of new listings for sale in Emerald Isle has decreased. Average statistics year-to-date revealed 117 new listings, highlighting the number of available properties that homeowners and investors could choose from. Also, our regional REALTORS® sold 107 homes in 2023 year to date, proving that buyers are still active and interested in Emerald Isle properties. Atlantic Beach, North Carolina stats are shown for comparison of nearby beach properties for sale.

Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle Stats (1)

The average number of days on the market year-to-date is 51 in Emerald Isle, whereas Atlantic Beach is 72, proving that our coastal real estate market remains strong. This means a shorter waiting time for homeowners who want to sell their property or investors who want to rent it out. The days on market statistics also imply that demand is high and the market is active.

Exploring Emerald Isle Housing Market

Exploring Emerald Isle Housing Market: Friendly Community and Competitive Real Estate Prices

One significant advantage of investing in Emerald Isle’s housing market is its location and style. The town is strategically located on Bogue Banks Island, part of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Camp Leune Marine Corps Base and MCAS Cherry Point are each just 30 to 45 minutes away.   Along with many fashion boutiques, public beach accesses, and eateries will undoubtedly attract more visitors.  Additionally, Emerald Isle boasts a strong rental market, making it a great investment opportunity for people who want to earn passive income.

Finally, the town’s amenities and sense of community make it a perfect place to settle down. With its world-renowned beaches, Emerald Isle is ideal for water activities and relaxation. The town is also known for its excellent fishing and a wealth of marine life. The sense of community in Emerald Isle is one of the best in the area, with a vibrant social scene that offers many events all year round.

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Explore Emerald Isle Housing Market: Find homes for sale

Emerald Isle’s housing market is undoubtedly one of the most promising investment opportunities for real estate buyers. With its growing median home price, high demand, fast-selling pace, strategic location, and strong community, buying or renting out property in the town would yield great returns. The Emerald Isle housing market is indeed a paradise worth exploring, so why not invest in this gem by the sea today? We share all of the North Carolina Regional Multiple Listing Service homes for sale. Feel free to check out the newest homes for sale here!