Emerald Isle Annual Day4Kids

Emerald Isle Annual Day4Kids

The Adventures of Jett and Dash

With a toddler and a newborn, I can not stress to you enough how much we need to get out and about to stimulate big brother and tire him out so we can focus on the littlest. Every weekend I am looking for something to do to stimulate him and make him happy. Last weekend was no different. We packed up the car and headed to the Annual Emerald Isle Day4Kids, held every 3rd Saturday in September

Polish Water Ice furnished 400 samples of their delicious treats. Needless to say, that was my big kid with the giant sweet tooth, AKA Daddy’s first stop.

The first 100 kiddos to the Emerald Isle Day4Kids got a t-shirt, so of course, we tried to leave the house early. But with two under 2 that was a no-go. The event started at 10 and we arrived at 10:15 and there were NO MORE FREE SHIRTS. That is how well the event was going. It was a nice outing that you could do for an hour or so and go on about your Saturday. No-fuss no muss.

Emerald Isle Day4Kids participating companies/ organizations were asked to have 400 free items to give away to the kids –

  • The Fire Dept gave away coloring books and stickers and crayons
  • Dairy Queen handed out tokens good for 1 free kids cone
  • Polish Water Ice had samples of their frozen treat
  • The Girl Scouts had kindness shells
  • The Gymnastics team had drawstring backpacks
  • There were hot dogs and cotton candy
  • The aquarium had a touch tank that was a hit, adults and kids LOVED it!