beaufort pirate invasion

Beaufort Pirate Invasion: Ahoy Mateys! Your Go-To Guide

Ahoy ye scallywags! The Beaufort Pirate Invasion is just around the corner and it’s time to prepare for one of the most exciting events on the Crystal Coast. As seasoned pirate invasion attendees, we’re here to give you a complete guide to ensure you make the most out of this spectacular event. Grab your eye patch, polish up your cutlass, and let’s set sail.

beaufort pirate invasion

What is the Beaufort Pirate Invasion?

The Pirate Invasion is held every year in Beaufort, North Carolina, and it’s an entertaining weekend full of music, food, and pirate-themed games. The first thing you should do is mark your calendar for the September Dates when the event takes place.

With Beaufort NC Vacation Rentals available, plan to arrive early and be prepared for a weekend full of fun from Beaufort, all the way to Emerald Isle.

The Pirate Invasion features live music from Professional Pirates, and it’s an event that you don’t want to miss if you’re into pirate shanties. With live performances all day and night, you’ll hear some of your favorite sea shanties while you feast on delicious seafood and other pirate fare. Enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin while you dance and sing like a true pirate.

beaufort pirate invasion

Exploring the Festival Grounds

The heart of the Pirate Invasion is undoubtedly the festival grounds, located in Gallants Channel. This is where you’ll find all the action – from live music and street performers to food and drink vendors. Make sure you take a stroll down the pirate village to get a taste of what life was like on the high seas.

You can even visit the Blackbeard exhibit at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in downtown Beaufort. Learn about the notorious pirate who terrorized North Carolina’s coast back in the day. Don’t miss the pirate encampment, where you’ll see reenactors dressed in full pirate regalia, plus the much-anticipated Pirate Parade.

Be sure to visit the Beaufort Historic Site while you are downtown. There are plenty of other places around Beaufort that exude as much history as Blackbeard’s time in Beaufort. 

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Dressing as a Pirate

If you’re going to do the Pirate Invasion, you might as well do it right! Grab your best pirate outfit and be ready to walk the plank with style. From classic pirate garb to unique costumes that would make even Blackbeard green with envy, Beaufort Pirate Invasion draws some of the most creative outfits you’ll ever see. Don’t forget to accessorize with a pirate hat, bandana, or even a parrot on your shoulder. Remember, the best-dressed pirate gets all the booty!

beaufort pirate invasion

Sampling the Grub

One thing you won’t be lacking during the Pirate Invasion is food and drink. There are plenty of vendors all around the festival grounds selling everything from seafood and barbecue to kettle corn and shaved ice. Wash it all down with a cold beer, pirate punch, or a rum-based cocktail. Don’t miss the Pirate’s Pub Crawl, where you’ll get to sample a variety of drinks and get into the pirate spirit with your fellow buccaneers.

Looking for something else? Check out the Beaufort NC Restaurants in and around the event. 

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Avast! Plenty of Pirate Entertainment

The Pirate Invasion is much more than just a festival – it’s a full-on interactive show. A real pirate ship will arrive on Taylor’s Creek and invade the town of Beaufort. It’s living history in front of your eyes. They even recreate the Spanish Attack of 1747 with Spanish privateers. 

You’ll be entertained by cannons with real-life black powder shooting from them. There are re-enactments of sword fighting and all pirate shenanigans. Keep an eye out for pirate plundering throughout the festival. Catch the ‘Treachery and Treasure’ game show and see if you have what it takes to be a successful pirate. And of course, don’t miss the nightly fireworks display – it’s sure to be a blast!

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Bringing the Kids

Beaufort’s Pirate Invasion isn’t just for adults- there’s plenty of fun for the little pirates in your life, too. The festival offers a special pirate invasion playground where the kids can play and participate in a host of pirate-themed activities.

They can also enjoy face painting and crafts, along with special performances just for them. And finally, don’t miss the Children’s Treasure Hunt, where kids can collect pirate treasure and meet some of their favorite pirates.

The finale of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion includes Blackbeard’s Last Stand: The Battle of Ocracoke, and of course back to the pirate ships for a gun battle. 

beaufort pirate invasion

Blimey! The Beaufort Pirate Invasion is a Blast!

The Beaufort Pirate Invasion is the perfect event to let your inner pirate come out. Whether it’s the music, the games, the pirate parade, or just to view all of the events and take them in, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Get ready for a weekend of adventure, fun, and silliness, and remember to dress for the occasion. Who knows, you might even meet some real pirates, so keep your wits about you and always be ready to shout “Arrr!” at a moment’s notice. 

beaufort pirate invasion

Plenty of Things to Do on the Crystal Coast

Once you have experienced the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, spend a couple of extra days. Take the kids to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Drive to some boutiques in Morehead City, or take the kids to Cape Carteret for more fun at Mac Daddy’s.

beaufort pirate invasion

See ye at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion!

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, wasn’t the Beaufort Pirate Invasion in downtown only? Now it is at Gallants Channel?

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, various events, including the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, faced cancellations. To address these challenges, the Town made a savvy decision to relocate the event, along with others, to Gallants Channel. This strategic move aimed to alleviate congestion in the downtown area, tackling issues such as traffic and parking. After the maiden voyage of this relocation, which turned out to be a resounding success at Gallants Channel, the decision has firmly anchored itself. But fret not, for the heart of Beaufort still echoes with the spirited presence of pirates, and the grand invasion continues to unfurl its sails on the waters of Taylor’s Creek.

Did Blackbeard really live in Beaufort?

Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, did indeed spend time at The Hammock House during the eighteenth century when it functioned as an inn. He was known to be a regular presence in the coastal waters of North Carolina, including the neighboring Ocracoke Island, where his infamous journey met its dramatic conclusion in 1718 during a fierce clash with the Royal Navy. The Hammock House holds a piece of pirate history!

Does it cost to attend the Beaufort Pirate Invasion?

Admission be required since the event’s hoisted anchor over to Gallants Channel. Tickets may range from a modest $8 to a more splendiferous $40, depending on the particular event. But fear not, for there be an affordable weekend pass to consider! You can purchase tickets here or upon entry to the event.