A Few New Food Options in Emerald Isle

Get To Know Some of The Newest Hotspots Around Emerald Isle

As expected, there’s lots of fresh seafood- but all prepared and served in a variety of ways.


A healthy alternative to those good vibe mornings, and a lunch fix that will last all day.

A chef driven spin on your everyday Juice Bar. Brandon & Elizabeth Shepeard, owners of Nourish, set out to bring an elevated juice bar to the Island with fresh eats to go along with it (and they did just that!). It’s evident that they take pride in working with small local businesses in the area to bring a great experience and strive to include the freshest, local ingredients into every serving.

With a wide variety of menu items including, Avocado Toast, Acai Bowls, Poke Bowls, and hand-crafted juice, lemonade and canned kombucha- there’s something for everyone. If you’re palate isn’t particularly familiar with some of these unique items, we’re not judging- this is truly a new and exciting experience for most on the island. One thing’s for sure- you’re letting yourself (and your taste buds) down if you don’t give it a try.

Nourish is located at 129 Bogue Inlet Drive. On occasion, the Urban Street Eats Food Truck will be on site, which is also owned and operated by Brandon & Elizabeth. Stop by to welcome these fine folks to the island, and keep an eye out for new menu items popping up all summer!

*Worth Noting: This is the spot just before the Bogue Inlet Pier that the famous Flip Flops Donut Shop occupied for the last few years. Flip Flops hasn’t gone far, and if you’re craving your doughnut fix- they moved in with Polish Water Ice at 7702 Emerald Drive (Next to Circle Pizza).

The best mode of transportation to check out Nourish might be by bicycle. There’s limited parking, and you’ll be juiced up for a nice ride around town after a tasty smoothie!

Fish Hut Grill coming through with fresh seafood, cold beer, and island vibes. Tough to beat!

Fish Hut Grill

A fun & fresh, open-air grill serving up some tasty local seafood, cold beer, and drinks made-to-order.

This new buzz-worthy, no frills grill & bar is floating around town and is conveniently located right across from our EI office, in the K & V Plaza. In the spot formerly known as The Emerald Grill, now stands The Fish Hut Grill, the island’s new home for relaxation and refreshment! The menu offers a variety of local seafood, burgers, wings, tacos. Fresh fish can be grilled or fried, and served on a bun or in a salad- whichever you prefer.

Walk-through the front door and you’ll most likely see a line at the counter. Have no worries, there’s likely a cooler within arms reach with plenty of cold beer that you can enjoy while you wait. (Don’t forget to grab a koozie from the bucket to prevent beverage sweat!) Once you drool over the menu, and narrow it down (and agree to swap some with the rest of your party), you’ll place your order at the counter, give them your name, and try to find a seat. There’s a casual bar area to the right, family-style seating to the left, and a few shaded picnic tables out on the side. They’ll come find you when your food is ready, and you come find them if you need another beverage. Once all is said-and-done and everyone has proclaimed their fat-and-happy status, you’ll make your way back to the counter to pay and thank them for the wonderful experience. Walk-it-off along the bike path back home, or hop in the car and head down to top it off with some ice cream at one of the many fine frozen-dairy establishments around town.

Parking is probably going to be a little tricky, once this place really gets going. If you’re nice and come ask to use our parking lot, we’ll most likely return the favor and allow it.

The Village (Oriental?) Market

Sushi & Hibachi- A match-made in heaven, now being served at one of our favorite local spots, The Village Market.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular daytime spots in Emerald Isle, the Village Market is primed to ‘Come Alive in the Nighttime’. Owner Josh Sawyer has teamed up with Aaron Cruz for an Asian-inspired menu starting at 5 PM. Featuring over 15 unique rolls of fresh sushi & tempura, plus chicken, shrimp and steak hibachi plates- you’re surely going to be stuffed to the gills by the time you’re ready to leave. The portions are huge, so you can bring a friend to mix and match, or choose to be a little glutenous and take some home to save for later. The Yum-Yum sauce has an interesting blend of tangy spices mixed in, which you’ll be scraping every last bit out of the container, unless you’ve already gone back to get more.

If the raw fish or grilled rice isn’t technically your thing, definitely stop by The Village Market in the morning or afternoon for a delicious breakfast or cup of coffee or at lunch for a sandwich or salad before you hit the beach. *Pro-tip: If you call your order in and tell them you’re headed out on the boat or on your way to the beach, they’ll wrap it up nicely so you won’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of trash around for the rest of the day. The Village Market is located at 7802 Emerald Drive – directly next to The Reel Outdoors, your one-stop shop for everything fishing related.

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Who said Brooklyn style bagels can’t be found on the beach?

Brooklyn Style Bagels on the Island

Jackie’s American Grill has teamed up with Giovanni’s Brooklyn Bagels for a breakfast treat the whole family can enjoy!

For the folks down Coast Guard Rd. who don’t want to head ‘into town’ for a quick breakfast, check out Giovanni’s Brooklyn Bagels at Jackie’s American Grille. The menu includes a wide variety of homemade items the whole family is sure to enjoy. Bagel types include: plain, cheddar, everything, asiago, salt, cinnamon, sundried tomato, spinach dip, seasame, and poppy seed. You can get almost any of these style bagels topped with a variety of homemade cream cheeses, or as a sandwich with bacon or ham, egg and cheese. Be sure to ask for the daily special, and fuel up for a big day out on the beach. Giovanni’s bagels are also available at some other locations around town including, the Emerald Isle Wine Market and the Cedar Point Market.

Guest Favorite Resturants

We wanted to know what restaurants were our guest favorites during vacation. So we asked! Below is what we found out. Feel free to share with us your favorite restaurant and share pictures of what you ate!

Rucker Johns – Emerald Isle

Michelangelo’s Pizza – Emerald Isle

The Crab Shack – Atlantic Beach (Salter Path)

The Trading Post – Emerald Isle

Lazzara’s Pizza & Subs – Emerald Isle

Amos Mosquito’s – AtlanticBeach

Flipperz Family Bar & Grill – Emerald Isle

The Island Grille – AtlanticBeach


El’s Drive-In – MoreheadCity

Shark’s Den Sports Bar & Grill – Emerald Isle

4 Corners Diner – AtlanticBeach

Ruddy Duck Tavern- Morehead City

Port of Call – Salter Path

Big Oak Drive In & Bar-B-Que – Satler Path

Molly’s Beachside Bar & Grill – AtlanticBeach

Roma Pizza & Subs – AtlanticBeach

Jordan’s House of Seafood – Emerald Isle

Crab’s Claw – Atlantic Beach

Fishbar 58 – Emerald Isle

Kathryn’s Bistro & Martini Bar – Emerald Isle

Channel Marker – AtlanticBeach

4 J’s Bakery Inc. – Emerald Isle

El Zarape Mexican Restaurant – AtlanticBeach

Frank & Clara’s Restaurant – Salter Path

Riverside – Riverside

Shark Shack – AtlanticBeach

The Sweet Spot – Emerald Isle

Bogue House Restaurant – Cedar Point

Front Street Grill at Stillwater – Beaufort

McCurdy’s on MoonlightBay – AtlanticBeach

CaribSea – Emerald Isle

Monkey Bar & Grill – AtlanticBeach

Ben & Jerry’s – Emerald Isle

Cap’n Willis Seafood Market – Emerald Isle

We are all Foodies at heart! Enjoy trying new restaurants!

Local Dining on the Coast

Local Dining on the Coast

Pictured: Lauren, Shawna, Allison & Me at Front Street Grille in Beaufort

Pictured: Me and my sweet husband, Benji at Island Grille for our Anniversary.

Sunset view from Front Street Grille at Still Water.

The view from Celebration Cottage in Atlantic Beach. Island Grille neighbors this section of the beach.

As a coastal girl born and bred in Carteret County; I have a salty palette and know a thing or two about local dining on the coast; where to go and where to avoid. Our seaport community offers up so many options for treating our taste buds. I generally get to dine out with some friends of mine once a month and we choose a locally owned restaurant, of course!

Allison, Lauren, Shawna, and I have known one another since birth, so this time together is always filled with laughter remembering some story of the time I did this or that time you did that. We are now Moms, juggling our home and professional lives. When we gather it’s as if the stars have aligned and we have never missed a beat.

What I remember most is riding my bike all over Beaufort as a kid. We would ride bikes from our neighborhoods and get together at Famous Pizza (RIP) in the Beaufort Square Shopping Center on Saturday to have the best pizza buffet any 12-year-old girl has ever had. We would laugh and carry on about stuff that 12-year-old girls find funny. I can’t remember but I’m sure Allison could tell you everything we talked about, she never forgets anything! After lunch, we would go to Rose’s for the latest single tape (I’m an 80’s child). The point of this is that we have been dining in Beaufort and beyond since we were 12 and we know where the food is fresh and where the food is good. We’re basically honorary Food Critics.

Allison is a property manager at Bluewater’s Atlantic Beach office. She is smart as they come and procrastination isn’t really her style, it’s mine. For example, it’s April 21st and I’m just writing my first blog post for the month. Allison and I may be different as night and day we still fight over which is better HoHo’s (gross) or Swiss Cake Rolls (delish) but we do share a love for Happy Cakes Oreo Overload and Cookie Dough cupcakes. Take our advice and have one while you’re here, you won’t regret it. Happy Cakes makes their cupcakes each day, no leftovers. There’s a calendar of flavors of the month so you can decide which day you want to swing in for your taste of choice.

If you’re here on a Tuesday you MUST go to Island Grille in Atlantic Beach. Located on Money Island Drive, it’s a small establishment so make reservations. The Buy One, Get One special is a long-standing favorite. You can order the fresh catch special and the Filet stuffed with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked bacon, and fresh basil, finished with a roasted red pepper cream sauce, chef’s potatoes and vegetable or my favorite the Seafood Trio which is cold water lobster meat, lump crab and sea scallops with Roma tomatoes, artichoke hearts and fresh baby spinach tossed in a basil cream sauce over linguini with shaved parmesan. Do yourself a favor and go there.

The next suggestion is Front Street Grille at Still Water in Beaufort. It’s waterfront. Do you really need more information than that or will waterfront work for you? Outdoor dining and COVERED outdoor dining, how’s that? They have indoor dining year-round as well. The sunsets at this place are Zen-like. Trust me on this. I have lived on the water my whole life, sunsets still take me away. Front Street Grille is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday and offers a Sunday brunch as well as dinner. The night we went ordered the Black Angus Cheeseburger which has smoked bacon, pimento cheese, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato, parmesan truffle fries. Us southern girls love some pimento cheese. It was marvelous, you must try this! FSG also has the Rhum Bar. You can have cocktails at sunset to accompany your very own Zen moment. You’re welcome.

Hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check these places out, they are unique to our area and that’s what you came for, right?!