Tips for Home Stagging

Tips for Staging Your Home

We’ve put together a list of tips for staging your home that will highlight your home’s most impressive assets. For example, staging your home helps potential buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there.

How to sell your home

Selling your Home

Bluewater has some tips for you if you’re planning on selling your home. From photography to curb appeal, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks.

There are ethics for real estate buyers.

Real Estate Ethics for Buyers

Many times the subject of the “Code of Ethics” arises when speaking of real estate agents. But what about the unspoken ethics between buyers and sellers? Here are some helpful tips on real estate ethics for a buyer to help you keep your transaction as smooth as possible.

Staging all parts of your home, like the living room for sale is key.

Staging Your Home for Sale

When placing your home on the market, presentation is key!  When staging your home for sale there are a number of simple and inexpensive things you can do to sell your home quickly.

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Selling a home with pets isn’t always easy, but following these simple tips could make or break the sale of your home.