Learn Something New

Want to try something new? Ever thought about a baking class? I have found one for locals and vacationers alike!

The Accidental Bakery in Beaufort is now hosting weekly baking classes. It is a joy to work with the owner, Jennings, as she teaches a group and yourself the step by step process of baking the item for the night.

Baking classes include, but I am sure not limited to:

-Foolproof Muffins

-Strawberry Shortcake

-Summer Pies

-Gluten Muffins and Cookies

-Sweet and Savory Scones

-Basic Pastry

-Apple Pie

Classes are $30 per person and are at 7PM. You will be provided a small supply list, but nothing you can’t find in your own kitchen. Be sure to reserve your spot early.

“Join us for a great time of baking, laughter,and a little wine”

-The Accidental Bakery

Last Wednesday night a group of friends reserved our spot for the sweet and savory scone baking class. We took up 5 of the 10 spots for the class. A few of us, including me, had no idea what to expect. I enjoy cooking and baking but never even thought about making scones before. When we arrived Jennings had a printed list of supplies, ingredients and step by step instructions for guest person.

After going over the ingredients and tools she showed us how to go about following the steps. We all watched and asked questions along the way. Then it was our turn. We worked together and with Jennings to make our sweet scone first. Grading the butter, adding the chocolate chips of course and being very gentle. Jennings key word is gentle. Once we cut the “pie” we placed our 8 sweet scones on the baking sheet.

Then to our savory scones. Same process with a few different amount of ingredients and of course added cheese. Jennings offered us to add some cayenne pepper, for more taste. Graded butter, mixed gentle and cut into 8 scones. We add egg wash to give the savory scones a shine. Off to the oven they went. As we waited for our scones to bake, we mingled, explored the bakery/shop and enjoyed a little wine.

When the scones finished cooking, out of the oven they came to cool. The sweet scones had some powder sugar glazed added, for a little extra sweetness. 2 hours of baking went by so fast; learning, spending time with friends and of course learning how to bake scones. My friends and I have already discussed going back to try out another class. What a fun night with friends. A great break to a vacation or a regular routine for vocals. You must check it out, and all the bake goods are amazing!

The Accidental Bakery

210 Wellons Drive Beaufort, NC

Much to Do About Beaufort

There is much to do about Beaufort

A must do list by a Beaufort native

My name is Pat Copeland and I have been in real estate for close to 15 years.  Being raised in Beaufort has been a treat.  If you are visiting Beaufort, these are the places you can’t miss.


Spouter Inn – A high class restaurant with water views (deck seating available) and reasonable prices.

Beaufort Grocery – Excellent food just off of Front Street.

(both Spouter Inn & Beaufort Grocery serve Sunday Brunch)

Stillwater/Rhum Bar – – Premium atmosphere meets amazing food (accessible by boat or land)- – If you give Stillwater a chance, be sure to sample the Tuna Tacos.

14080011_10210497123244711_4453719596905027123_n 14051749_10210497123324713_4316505078575514622_n


Check out the Maritime Museum to soak up some of our area’s history, including artifacts from Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge wreckage recovered near Beaufort Inlet.

maritime museum

Pay a visit to the Cape Lookout light house as well as the Wild Ponies on Shackleford Banks by way of Lookout Ferry Service.

Beaufort_Activities  RibbonOfSand

shackleford horse  horses

Take a leisurely cruise of our local waterways with the crew of the Crystal Coast Lady. Cruise packages include but are not limited to: “Brunch with Dolphins”, “Sunset Dinner Cruise”, and “Half Day Fishing”.

crystal coast lady


If you are looking to get your heart rate up, Beaufort Inlet Water Sports rents kayaks at reasonable prices.  If you’d like more of an aerial view, they also offer Parasailing.  There’s no better way to see all of Beaufort’s beauty.


night life

For night life I would recommend the famous Dock House (located on the water; offering live entertainment), Cru Bar and Back Street Pub all located on middle lane.

Dock House

Written by Pat Copeland

8 Bedrooms | 9.5Bathrooms

3001 Ocean Drive Emerald Isle, NC 28594

2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms

497 Salter Path Road C-22 Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512

2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms

112 Oakleaf Drive 1102b Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512

Image result for watercolor hello

Pat Copeland, a captivating young man with a “can do” attitude, was born in Carteret County and has lived here his whole life. There is no place finer in his opinion. In the hotel management business for ten years prior to his real estate career, he is an accomplished problem solver who will make your real estate transaction smooth and easy. He knows the county and it’s waterways intimately. Pat is a multi-million dollar producer with a passion for boating  and giving his clients stellar service.

Hungrytown Bike Tour

Hungrytown Bike Tour

Have you ever wondered what it would be like in Beaufort WAY before modernization? Well my husband & I were pondering this very thought when we decided let’s find out up close and in person. So to assist this adventure we reached out to Hungrytown Tours in Beaufort and signed up for a history bike tour.

After getting familiar with our new modes of transportation, beach cruisers all affectionately named after a spice (they have a couple of foodie tours also available), we set out on Saffron and Sage to explore Beaufort, NC.

Let me start by saying, our tour guide, who is part of a husband wife owner team, is AWESOME! She knew all the extra tid-bits you can’t find in a book or on the internet. All the good stuff is on this tour guys!

During your tour you will learn things like:

  • Why so many houses have blue under the top porches
  • Who is buried in the burial grounds
  • How does one acquire a historic home
  • What happened in this, this, this, or this house
  • What is the purpose for the very top porches
  • And of course about BLACKBEARD

For those of you who may be wondering how arduous going on a tour like this is, in this video I am 6 months PREGNANT!

So you can do it. And if you seriously think you cannot, they now offer walking tours 😉

  • Hidden Beaufort Tour (the one we took)
  • Legends & Lore of the Sea
  • Early Morning Risers Tour
  • A Ride to Remember
  • Culinary Tours like lunch, oyster themed, shrimp themed and brunch!
  • Bridal parties even take their turn touring Beaufort

And we’re off, with our intimate party of about 6 we were able to clearly hear all the stories Betsy had to tell as well as keep up with her bright orange flag

One of the first stops was a house not far from Hungrytown’s home base.

You would never guess this used to be a general store!

Breaks were frequent and always included story time.

Here we are talking about a lady spy! #whorunstheworld

Schedule your tour today by visiting Hungrytown Guided Tours or calling 252-648-1011

New Listing at 510 Front Street

Featured New Listing | 510 Front Street

510 Front Street

Beaufort, NC

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1,349 Square Feet

You’re going to love all of the amazing views from this exceptional condo located at 510 Front Street! Look out your master bedroom window to Taylor’s Creek (a local favorite) and beyond! What a wonderful way to wake up.

510 Front Street | New Listing

This condo is a third floor, 2 bedroom unit with unique wood ceilings and a deck to sit and enjoy the boardwalk view. Or, take a walk and enjoy the sights, sounds, and friendly locals. With so many shops and restaurants surrounding you, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do! This is the place to be in downtown Beaufort.

Now you have the opportunity to live in the heart of the historic district at 510 Front Street and enjoy this quaint town year-round!

Insider Info

If you want to fit in with the locals, be sure to pronounce the name of this picturesque and historic town ”Bo-furt” so as not to stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll also pass the local trivia test if you know that Beaufort was established in 1722 as a seaport with the right to collect customs and that during the American Revolution it was the third-largest port in the state.

Want to learn more? Click here to learn more about Beaufort.

Copeland & Bernauer Team

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misplaced mutts

Making a Difference – Misplaced Mutts

Making a Difference: Misplaced Mutts

We recently had the opportunity to chat with a volunteer at Misplaced Mutts, Stephanie, about the impacts the pandemic is having on local animal shelters and foster care for pets. Stephanie explains in the Q&A how to best help Misplaced Mutts or your local animal non-profits during this time.

We stand together in this!

Q: What is Misplaced Mutts?

A: Misplaced Mutts is a local animal rescue in Carteret County focusing primarily on dogs. Misplaced Mutts is a foster-based program. All of our animals live in foster homes and are treated like our own animals until they find their forever homes. This organization also helps in working with shelters and utilizing all rescue resources to help get dogs and cats out of the shelter and into rescue/foster homes, even if our own organization is unable to take in that animal.

Q: How many years has Misplaced Mutts been serving our community’s doggie population?

A: The founders of Misplaced Mutts, Carrie and Bea, have been saving dogs and finding them forever homes for many years; however, Misplaced Mutts officially became a 501C(c)3 organization in January of 2017. Since becoming a non-profit in 2017, Misplaced Mutts has adopted out over 700 animals.

Q: Stephanie, how did you get involved with the organization?

A: My journey to rescue is a pretty long story, but the short version is I had to move away for a few years from my home in NC to care for my mother. At that time, my heart dog passed away. I was completely destroyed and devastated. I was in no position to adopt another dog and I honestly didn’t think my heart had any room left for another one. I had met this girl through a local yard sale site and we became Facebook friends. I commented on how I loved her beautiful brown pit-mix dog and she responded with “Do you want to adopt her?”. I was so confused! I didn’t even know fostering was a thing at that point! I worked with a pit-bull rescue in Pittsburgh, PA, but all animals were in a facility or kept at the owner’s home, so it was a concept I just wasn’t familiar with! I messaged her and we talked more about it. I figured since I knew I would never be able to replace my dog, I could at least mend my heart some by saving some dogs in his name. Plus, my other dog was severely missing his companion. I sent a Facebook message to Misplaced Mutts and gave my sob story about wanting to save some dogs and completed a foster application immediately. A day or two later, Carrie and Bea were sitting in my living room meeting my current dog and talking to me about what types of dogs I would be able to help with. My answer was ANY, as long as they get along with Monte. I think I still hold true to that statement; I have had all different kinds of breeds, sizes, and ages come through my home.

Q: What is your favorite experience with Misplaced Mutts?

A: This is a tough question! Since beginning to volunteer with Misplaced Mutts over 2 years ago, I have found my people! Not only do I get to save dogs, but I am surrounded by people that want to save them too. I have built amazing relationships with the people that have adopted my foster dogs. The entire last two years have been my favorite experience. Every dog, every adopter, and every “Mutt” volunteer have bettered me and improved my life.

FACEBOOK: Misplaced Mutts

Q: How many dogs are currently needing foster and forever homes in our community?

A: Misplaced Mutts receives multiple messages each day from people needing to re-home their animals & phone calls and emails from shelters pleading for help. Unfortunately, we can only take in as many as we can find volunteers to foster. We’d love to be able to empty the shelters and continue to do so. The number of dogs that need help and fosters to take them in to give them a chance is never-ending. The shelters are almost kept at capacity trying to find places for all the dogs to go. When people adopt from us they are saving TWO dogs – the one that they’ve adopted plus the one that we can now pull from the shelter since we have space.

Q: How can our community best help Misplaced Mutts right now?

A: The easiest way to help us from your own home is to follow us on Facebook – Like, SHARE, and comment on our posts. Sharing our posts helps our animals in need to reach more people than we can on our own. We need help from our community to help the growth of our reach. Donations towards our never-ending vet bills is also a huge help. If you follow Misplaced Mutts on Facebook, you might notice that we take in a lot of difficult medical cases. Our fosters have the skill and experience to be able to do so, but the vet bills can really add up. Any amount of donations help us to be able to take in these difficult cases that most rescues will not.

Q: What is the organization most in need of at this time?

A: We are always in need of donations!

  • Puppy Food (Fromm Gold, 4health Puppy)
  • Adult Food (4health, American Journey, Diamond, etc).
  • Puppy Pee Pads
  • Toys for Adult Dogs and Puppies
  • Bones
  • Collars and Leashes
  • We also always need volunteers! We cannot continue to grow without more fosters and volunteers to help handle dogs at adoption events.

Q: How do you start the process of adopting or fostering?

A: A quick and easy online application on our website!

WEBSITE: Misplaced Mutts

Q: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, what has been most difficult for Misplaced Mutts?

A: Like everyone – the unknown. As a non-profit dog rescue, we rely solely on donations to stay afloat. We have to continue to provide food for all of our animals, vet visits, heartworm medication, flea and tick medication, etc. The spending going out is severely outweighing the money coming in, which is scary for us, but we try not to think about it and continue to focus on getting our dogs adopted.

Q: If you could sum up Misplaced Mutts and your involvement with the organization in 3 words, what would they be?

A: Family, Cynophilist, Advocates

Misplaced Mutts

Misplaced Mutts Mission

Misplaced Mutts is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-based organization, dedicated to rescuing dogs in shelters and less than ideal home situations throughout North Carolina. We are based out of Carteret County, North Carolina, and operate through a network of foster homes. We rescue dogs who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. ​We created Misplaced Mutts to help animals who suffer and die every year because of negligence and abuse.

Meet Stephanie with Misplaced Mutts

“Stephanie is our champion at Misplaced Mutts whose mission is to find forever homes for dogs who have been abandoned. To date, she has found homes for 74 dogs! She has such an amazing soul. Her home is always open to the homeless dogs in our community. We wish there were more people like Stephanie in our little community.”

Stephanie with Misplaced Mutts Carteret County Animal Rescue

Meet Myron!

Myron is about 5 years old. He was pulled from the Havelock Animal Control when he was dropped off to be euthanized. He was skin and bones and had no fur. He had no energy to do anything but lay and eat. He is now happy, the most loving boy, loyal, leash-trained, house-trained, and he has almost a full coat of fur. He’s a true rescue story. He is searching for his forever home that can look past the scars of his past. He loves everyone and is great with kids.

Meet These Available Pups with Misplaced Mutts!



"Great Hugs"
Breed: Heeler Mix

Myron & Waldo

Myron & Waldo





"Mr. Silly"
Breed: American Pit Mix



Ways to Help Misplaced Mutts!

Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation

A Quick Look Inside the Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation Process

What to Expect

Property owners in Carteret County will soon receive a re-evaluation of their assets from the County Tax Office.

The re-evaluation process was pushed back one year due to the widespread damage due to Hurricane Florence in the Fall of 2018 and is the first adjustment since 2015.

Property appraisals will be calculated as close to their current status as of January 1st, 2020 as possible- and value letters will be sent out sometime within the first or second week in February.

The appeal process will then begin, with tax bills being mailed mid-fall once the rates are established by the County Commissioners.

Did you know? For 2019, Carteret County residents enjoyed the lowest property tax rate in the state of North Carolina. The rate of .31% was unchanged from 2018.

* Image above is courtesy of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Duties of the Assessor

The Assessor evaluates all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by North Carolina law to list, appraise and assess all property within the county at 100% of market value. In addition to the over 58,000 parcels of real property (land, homes, commercial buildings), the Assessor must value business personal property (approximately 7,000 businesses, ranging from multi‐million dollar enterprises to one-person operations). There are over 7,549 manufactured homes, over 77 aircraft, and over 26,129 boats, motors, and jet skis, and any other personal property which is taxable. There are over 6,500 motor vehicles that are billed monthly.

The Carteret County Tax Assessor’s Office creates over 150,000 tax notices annually. Because there is such a volatile real estate market, reappraisal for Carteret County is done every four years. The revaluation will include the use of county maps, aerial photography, street-level images, sales analysis, field visits, and other tools to gather data used in determining fair market value. Carteret County appraisers will review and analyze the information including comparable sales within your neighborhood.

Market Value is the most probable or most likely price that the property would sell for. It is not the highest, lowest, or average price. It requires a willing buyer and a willing seller with neither under any pressure to buy or sell. It implies that the buyer and the seller are fully informed of all the purposes to which the property is best adapted and is capable of being used. It recognizes the property’s current use as well as its potential use.

Appeal Process

If you agree with the Market Value stated in the Notice of Assessed Value, no further action is required.

If you wish to request an informal appeal, please chose from one of the three methods below:
1. An online appeal can be completed and submitted on the Carteret County Tax website
2. Email a scanned informal appeal form and any supporting documentation to
3. Mail the completed Informal Appeal Form and supporting documentation to:

Carteret County Tax Department
2020 Revaluation Appeal
302 Courthouse Square
Beaufort, NC 28516

*Online and emailed appeals will receive a confirmation email that the appeal was received by the Tax Department. All appeals will be reviewed by staff appraisers in the order that they are received. Your right to appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review is protected during the time the Tax Office is processing your Informal Appeal.


Valid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value substantially exceeds the actual market value of the property.
2. The market value is inconsistent with the market value of similar properties within your

Invalid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value increased too much compared to the previous market value.
2. The market value is more than the insurance value.
3. The market value is just too high.
4. The owner does not have the financial ability to pay the taxes.

*All information courtesy of the Carteret County Tax Office. Please contact them if you have any questions, or are interested in beginning the appeal process.

Tax Office Divisions
Business Personal 252-728-8486
Collections 252-728-8525
Land Records / Mapping 252-728-8490
Personal Property 252-728-8486
Western Tax Office 252-222-5833
Fax 252-732-2064

popular crystal coast towns

Crystal Coast Towns You Should Know

popular crystal coast towns

Welcome to the Crystal Coast!

The Crystal Coast is located in Carteret County, North Carolina – covering over 100 miles of shoreline! Our coast is known for its rich history, pristine beaches, nationally recognized fishing tournaments, incredibly fresh seafood and restaurants, and local southern charm. The Crystal Coast is made up of larger mainland towns, Bogue Banks beach towns, and the “Down East” community that still holds deep roots in our fishing culture.

Crystal Coast Towns You Should Know

Bogue Banks is comprised of five townships – Emerald Isle at the western end of the island, followed by Indian Beach, Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach at the eastern end of the island. Located just east of Bogue Banks are Cape Lookout National Seashore and Shackleford Banks, where you can catch a glimpse of the wild island ponies, explore and collect shells and even climb the Cape Lookout Lighthouse!

Take a glimpse into our most visited Crystal Coast towns and the small townships of Bogue Banks!


One of the Crystal Coast towns you should know is Swansboro! The home of Hammocks Beach State Park, the “Friendly City by the Sea” offers a historic downtown district overlooking the water. The quaint village atmosphere and the historic downtown area offer shopping in an area alive with restaurants, boutiques, gift shops, and waterside parks. Host to the Arts by the Sea Festival, the Mullet Festival, and multiple fishing tournaments – Swansboro offers some of the best hospitality on the North Carolina coast.

Emerald Isle

One of our very favorite Crystal Coast towns is Emerald Isle. The outdoorsy adventurous guests that visit Emerald Isle are in heaven with activities like surfing, kayaking, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding. Families can enjoy miles of walking, jogging and bike paths, and several nature trails that allow you to enjoy the naturally pristine environment with a variety of birds, waterfowl, and families of whitetail deer.  The Point in Emerald Isle is not to be missed when visiting the western shores of Bogue Banks; the sunsets are breathtaking!

Pine Knoll Shores

The wide beaches and sound side access make it easy to swim, go shelling, clamming, or kayaking along this beautiful stretch of the island.  The North Carolina Aquarium is located in Pine Knoll Shores and offers a variety of marine species including fish, crabs, seahorses, lionfish, and sharks. The sea turtle nursery features an albino turtle named Nimbus! Nature trails offer a walk above a tidal marsh where marine creatures live and shorebirds wade looking for food. All in all, it’s a tranquil way to spend the afternoon.

Indian Beach

Indian Beach is conveniently located in the middle of Bogue Banks.  Its location allows easy access to the sights and sounds of Morehead City and Emerald Isle, as well as restaurants &  shopping.  But above all, you’ll enjoy the quiet calming expanse of soft sands and lush maritime forest. Its location allows easy access to the sights and sounds of Morehead City and Emerald Isle, as well as restaurants &  shopping.  But above all, you’ll enjoy the quiet calming expanse of soft sands and lush maritime forest.

Salter Path

Salter Path is one of those Crystal Coast towns that doesn’t get enough credit. Known for its history as an old fishing village, Salter Path is different because it is home to a large dune system, excellent beaches, breathtaking soundfront views, and even a small maritime forest. Family beach cottages are easy to spot as you cruise through Salter Path. Be sure to stop and take some time to take in Bogue Sound as it sparkles a magnificent blue on a bright sunny day.

Atlantic Beach

Want to be transported back in time a bit? Then Atlantic Beach is one of those Crystal Coast towns to add to your list! Atlantic Beach has a retro “beach-town” feel of days past and has been North Carolina’s “go-to” beach since the 1930s. Located at the eastern end of Bogue Banks, Atlantic Beach features a laid back friendly feel with wide sandy beaches, a boardwalk, and a commercial district with plenty of dining and shopping options. Nature trails, public parks, and beach accesses will draw you in. Atlantic Beach is also home to Fort Macon State Park, a historic Civil War fort, which is the most visited state park in North Carolina.

Morehead City

Downtown Morehead City has an alluring waterfront appeal, lined with charter boats, legendary seafood restaurants, charming shops all overlooking Sugarloaf Island. The Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament is held annually in June with crowds, Beaufort, NC gathering daily at the weigh station to see which boat will bring in the biggest blue! Also home of the North Carolina Seafood Festival, held every year the first weekend in October. Vendors line the waterfront with all types of seafood & arts and crafts, along with kid’s rides and activities! Families can also enjoy watching the Morehead City Marlins play baseball at Big Rock Stadium. With multiple shopping centers throughout Morehead City, there’s something for everyone!


Beaufort, the 3rd oldest town in North Carolina, is known for its Bahamian and West Indian style architecture and its close ties with a notorious pirate. It offers a beautiful sandy shore as well as stunning waterfront views and many specialty shops and delicious restaurants downtown. You can watch the feral horses from the banks of Beaufort or board a ferry to see them in their unspoiled habitat. Hop atop the red, English Double-Decker bus for a tour around this historic fishing village to see Blackbeard’s home and the mysterious Old Burial Ground. You’ll see exactly what makes this coastal community so special and why it was voted Best Small Town in the USA in 2012.