• Pools and Spa Maintenance on the Crystal Coast


Bluewater Pools and Spa ensures that you will be provided an unsurpassed level of quality and service reliability that is professionally delivered each and every week by the same dedicated, well-trained, and well-mannered Pool and Spa Technician. 

Our services

Whether you’re installing a pool or a hot tub, or if you already have one, you’ll need someone to maintain it. Who better to care for your pool or spa than Bluewater?

Bluewater Pools ensures that you will be provided an unsurpassed quality and service reliability that is professionally delivered every week by the same dedicated, well-trained, and well-mannered Pool Technician. We are offering a package similar to Bluewater Rental’s Maintenance Plan that will permit us to handle any issues with your pool or spa.

Bluewater Pools and Spas is a local pool company that proudly serves the Crystal Coast. 


THE CRYSTAL COAST – From Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle

MOREHEAD CITY – Including Newport and surrounding areas

CAPE CARTERET – Including Stella and Hubert

SWANSBORO – Residential and Commercial services in Onslow County, NC


Not in one of the areas listed? Call us at (252) 354-6118, and if we can’t help you, we’ll recommend a company that can.


Looking for a spa maintenance plan custom to you and your home? At Bluewater Pools and Spa, we hope you find our maintenance plans helpful and priced fairly.

Two days of service for vacation rentals and one day of service for private residential during the in-season (Easter thru October) per week to clean, drain and add fresh water to include chemical adjustments, clean inside and outer cabinets, inspect and clean filters, inspect for misuse damage, and change the water every other week in high-season and as needed in off-season. Lubricate o-rings and seals as needed. Keep records of water balance readings and chemical additions. Chemicals
will be included in the service and billed to the homeowner with service fees one a month.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a pool maintenance company with a maintenance plan at such a reasonable price – especially when you consider the dependable, trained, knowledgeable, and experienced people we have working for you. 

Two days of service for vacation rentals and one day of service for private residential pools during the high season (Easter thru October). Bluewater Pools will clean and make chemical adjustments, vacuum, brush all pool and spa surfaces, and clean around the pool area. Inspect pool equipment for proper operation. Lubricate seals and o-rings as needed. Keep records of water balance readings and chemical additions. Chemicals are included with your service and provided by us and billed to homeowners with service fees once a month.

Off-season (October to Easter): The number of visits will be reduced by 50%. For vacation rentals, if you have a guest that requested a heated pool the normal charges will apply. 


Are you looking to winterize your pool or spa for the season? Bluewater Pools and Spa love to be of service to you. Please call us at (252) 354-6118 for our current rates and information. If your pool/spa is not maintained or winterized in the off-season, an extra charge for getting your pool/spa ready for the season will apply. This fee will vary according to the condition of the pool and water quality.

Please note: The plan’s cost (excluding chemicals) is based on Health Department requirements of bi-weekly trips to clean and maintain the pool and spa for Vacation Rentals.

Even if Bluewater was not a part of the installation process, we still welcome the privilege of maintaining your pool and spa when your current service plan has expired. There are many advantages of retaining us to take care of the upkeep of your pool and spa – 

  • We can quickly service your pool and spa if there is an unexpected problem
  • Our techs are trained & certified to solve most problems with all of your pool and spa equipment
  • We are always available for callbacks should a return trip to your property become necessary
  • Having a service contract with us ensures we won’t need to outsource any necessary work, greatly diminishing turnaround time
  • As a factory service center for the major providers of pool and spa equipment (Hayward, Pentair, and Garden Leisure) we can handle all warranty issues in-house rather than waiting for an outside service center
  • As with Bluewater Rentals Maintenance Plan, you’ll only be charged for service calls that require more than 15 minutes and never for trips to your property to turn on your pool’s heater

Our qualifications

Our Bluewater pool and spa technicians are Certified Pool and Spa Operators licensed in North Carolina.


We currently have ten employees who are licensed Aquatic Facility Technicians through the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association

We love getting to know our homeowners – it’s one of our favorite parts of the job! Without further ado, meet the Bluewater Pools and Spa team!

Frank Rivera



Debbie Zappone




Kathy and Freddie Stancil

Great company to do business with. They make sure all is done to your satisfaction. Would highly recommend and use again. Great pool service. Also, having used pool services prior to the Morehead area and Bluewater, just know they are not all the same.

Rick Snyder, Lands End

Thanks for the great work. Your personal touch and experience made a huge difference, and we truly appreciated everything you and Bluewater Pools did for us.

Mark Sammartino

Your knowledge and candor are appreciated… Your considerate way of dealing with people reflects positively on The Bluewater company.

Roy and Mary Eiler

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you. We also wanted you to know that at every opportunity, we will share our story and highly recommend Bluewater Pools. We will let our world know of Bluewater Pools, their people, and their integrity.

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