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Ways to Be Safe While Vacationing on the Crystal Coast

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Ways to Be Safe While Vacationing on the Crystal Coast

The state of North Carolina is currently operating under a three-stage phase to lift the restrictions across our state to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Like other towns and cities across the nation, restaurants, bars, and non-essential shops are not open for normal business. Restaurants offer curbside pick-up and delivery, and some non-essential shops offer pickup for online and Facebook purchases. In the past 30+ days, Bluewater has worked hard to adjust our business practices to protect our guests, owners, and staff.

How this Vacation Might be Different

Our local stores are experiencing shortages just like other stores nationwide.

It would be best to bring the following items with you:

  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
  • Cleaning supplies you might need during your stay
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Non-perishable food from home you would like to enjoy on vacation like pasta noodles, pasta sauce, rice, etc.

If you feel more comfortable with your own bedding, we invite you to bring your personal comforters, blankets, and pillows.

Ways to Maximize Your Crystal Coast Vacation

Bring plenty of games and toys for extra entertainment, such as: 

  • Board Games, Deck of Cards, Arts and Crafts
  • Video Games and Movies
  • A new book or an old favorite
  • Yoga Mats, tennis shoes & workout gear for online classes 
  • Become an amateur photographer by packing a camera! 
  • Fishing Rods 
  • Binoculars for some dolphin spotting
  • Download Tik Tok & go viral 

Get as much exercise and Vitamin D while on vacation. Don’t forget, when setting up at the beach, ensure that you are keeping a safe distance from the people around you. We suggest 20 feet apart from each other to allow yourself plenty of space. We have provided you with a list of 200 ways to enjoy your Crystal Coast vacation while social distancing You can still enjoy the coastal fare! Here are local restaurants that are offering curbside pick-up and or delivery.  Host an indoor Scavenger Hunt from your vacation rental! Participate in our Coloring Contest and email your submissions!

How Bluewater is Helping Stop the Spread

We have adjusted our business’s operations to protect our most valuable assets – our guests, our owners, and our staff.

We have changed our check-in and check-out procedures to eliminate the foot traffic in our offices. We are offering keyed check-ins pickup outside of our offices. You will not need to leave your car when picking up your key packet. We have drop boxes at each office to drop your key packets off when you depart. Keyless check-ins will continue directly to your vacation rental property and bypass the office. Keyless check-ins will continue directly to your vacation rental, and use your keyless code to access your vacation rental property beginning at your check-in time.

We continue to provide bed linens and bath towels that have been laundered in our linen facility, and our staff continues to follow CDC guidelines.

Our housekeeping staff is taking extra precautions by assuring that each property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by using top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and following strict protocols to ensure all rental units are safe and clean. We are ensuring our staff stays well-informed and updated with any changes and follows all CDC guidelines.

How You Can Help Stop the Spread

Try to stay in your vacation rental home, enjoy the beach, partake in outdoor activities, ride bikes on the bike path, and pick up food from the local restaurants, all while avoiding the public and practicing social distance. 

Order your groceries ahead of time and choose pickup instead of going inside the grocery store. These local grocery stores offer grocery pickup: Walmart in Swansboro and Morehead City, Harris Teeter in Morehead City, and Lowes Foods in Cape Carteret.

If you have any questions or concerns during your stay – please contact our offices by phone, email, and/or text. While our offices remain open, we ask everyone not to physically come into our offices so that our employees and other guests can remain healthy. 

Vacation Safe on the Crystal Coast web

Get in Touch With us Without Coming to the Office

Email Us: 

Call Us:  (877) 684-9921

Text Us: 

Reservations: 252-429-5447 

Linens: 252-429-5494

Housekeeping: 252-429-5464

Maintenance: 252-429-5441

Please note that these numbers are text-only numbers and can’t accept calls.

Please reach out if you have additional questions.

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School's Closed

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School’s Closed

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School’s Closed for COVID-19

Carteret County Schools Deliver Meals

While Carteret County schools have been closed due to the worldwide concern of COVID-19, school cafeterias have not closed. Carteret County Schools are delivering meals, wellbalanced breakfast, and lunch for county kids. In an initiative to ensure all schoolaged kids are provided their school meals each day – elementary schools across Carteret County are providing meals and meal deliveries.

Meals have been served and will continue to be served at Beaufort Middle, Bogue Sound Elementary, Morehead Primary, Newport Elementary, Smyrna Elementary, and White Oak Elementary from 11 AM to 1 PM on weekdays.

In addition to the meals being served at the schools, they are enlisting the elementary buses to deliver 2 meals on weekdays and 6 meals on Fridays. The elementary buses will be driving their normal routes delivering both lunch and breakfast at each stop on weekdays.

Parents are encouraged to use the “Here Comes the Bus” app to view the bus schedule and know when the bus will be arriving to their neighborhood stop for meal delivery. Parents of Middle and High School students will need to partner with an elementary neighbor to learn the bus delivery time as the “Here Come the Bus” app will only report to the elementary routes.

The Carteret County public schools announced they served over 4,800 meals on Friday, March 20, 2020.

A special thanks to all those teachers, bus drivers, and Child Nutrition Staff for all your hard work to reach these children, some of them who rely on their school-provided lunch each day. This is an incredible thing for our kids to look forward to each day!

The Carteret County Public Schools System will continue to monitor and adjust plans accordingly to continue improving the process. Carteret County schools have been providing meals while the schools are closed. Schools are not planned to open until mid-May at this time. 

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch While School's Closed

Here comes the bus app

Carteret County Schools Delivering Breakfast and Lunch
here comes the bus app
a note to our valued guests

To Our Valued Guests Regarding COVID-19

a note to our valued guests

A Note To Our Valued Guests

To our valued guests,

Taking into consideration the heightened concern with coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand that many of you may be experiencing stress with rapidly changing information on travel restrictions and public event cancellations.

Here at Bluewater, your health and safety are always top-of-mind and our first priority. We are diligently monitoring the situation, operating our business as usual, and doing everything in our power to ensure that the last thing you need to worry about is your vacation on the Crystal Coast.

We are taking extra precautions by ensuring that each property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Bluewater Housekeeping Specialists are using top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and following strict protocols to ensure all rental units are safe, clean, and welcoming for all guests.

In addition to our cleaning and sanitizing efforts, we are encouraging our employees to stay home if they are feeling ill regardless of what symptoms they may be experiencing. We are ensuring that our staff is staying well-informed and updated with any changes as well as taking guidance from the CDC for our next steps. We are also asking our guests, owners, and third-party vendors to limit foot traffic in both our Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach offices.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your rental property or upcoming reservation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone at  (252) 354-2323 or by email at

Best regards,

Amanda Gray
General Manager

young man with a black face mask on

DIY Face Masks Provided by a Local Teacher

young man with a black face mask on

DIY Face Masks

A local art teacher Janesa White, has been quite busy over these last few weeks. While Mrs. White is not chasing after 2 young boys, running a thriving Etsy shop, and virtually teaching her art students during the day – she has been taking some of her “quaran-time” to create a DIY Face Mask Tutorial. She has also dedicated a great deal of her time to making these DIY face masks for others on the front lines and in desperate need of protection from the public, they serve each and every day. She has made over 185 masks for others thus far and isn’t stopping there!

Mrs. White says this DIY face mask is a “10-minute project with stuff around your house! It is fashionable and helps you not touch your face a bajillion times an hour.”

Please visit her site for the FREE printable DIY face mask pattern.

If you do not feel comfortable making your own, she is making them and shipping them to those in need for just $1 each and asking for donations to continue making more.

Thank you so much, Mrs. White, for this fabulous way of giving back to your local community as well as supporting those in need during these difficult and uncertain times!


  • Fabric (You Can Even Recycle from Items Around Your Home)

  • Sewing Machine or Sewing Needle With Thread

  • Headband (Hair Ties/Scrunchies May Work As Well)

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Meet Janesa White

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

“Burning the midnight oil on a rush order for a family who needs to spend these precious moments with their loved one. So blessed to be able to help.” – Janesa White

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Face mask cut from her template and waiting to be sewn.

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Janesa’s assistant and husband Derrick

10 Reasons to Spend Spring Break on the Crystal Coast

10 Reasons to Spend Spring Break on the Crystal Coast

Spring break on the Crystal Coast is the perfect time to vacation with us. The air is a bit cooler, vacation season isn’t in full swing, and everything is available to you without much of a wait. It is one of the best times to spend time on the southern Outer Banks. That said, we’re sharing 10 reasons you should spend your Spring break with us on the Crystal Coast.

10 Reasons for a Spring Vacation on the Crystal Coast

Here are 10 Reasons to Spend Spring Break on the Crystal Coast

  1. Lower vacation rental prices – beat the peak season prices!
  2. We have several vacation rental discounts and specials you can take advantage of to save BIG! 
  3. No need to make reservations for outdoor activities such as Jet Skiing, Parasailing, or Eco Tours.
  4. Fewer crowds on the beach ensure you will have your sandy spot on the beach! 
  5. It may be warm, but not blazing hot!
  6. Taste local restaurants at “Bites and Blues” in Morehead City! Be sure to get your tickets early! 
  7. If you are here celebrating Easter, there are plenty of local churches to choose from and even more Easter egg hunts to enjoy. 
  8. Enjoy a movie most towns host FREE Flicks on Fridays. 
  9. Don’t want to go to the beach? Enjoy the many local festivals taking place. Check out our Events Calendar for more.
  10. No need to plan for an additional 30 minutes to get somewhere; tourist season begins a bit later in the year.

ALSO SEE: Fun Things to Do on the Crystal Coast this Spring

Did we miss anything? What would you include on this list? Let us know in the comments below.  Know someone who should spend Spring break on the Crystal Coast? Share this blog post with them.



NC Coast Spring Vacation

Romantic getaway for valentine's day on the crystal coast

A Valentine’s Day Getaway on the Crystal Coast

Romantic getaway for valentine's day on the crystal coast

A Valentine’s Day Getaway on the Crystal Coast

Looking to add a bit more romance to your relationship this year? How about a Valentine’s Day getaway on the Crystal Coast? The Crystal Coast is the perfect place to spend this heart-filled holiday with the one you love! We’re sharing some ideas to make your romantic beach getaway one to remember.

Let’s face it, gifts are great but making memories with a shared experience is even better! With unique south-facing beaches and breathtaking sunsets, the Crystal Coast stretches over 85 miles of sand and sun along the coast of North Carolina, making it the perfect setting for making memories that last a lifetime. Plan a long weekend romantic getaway starting on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, and enjoy an entire week with your sweetheart. 

What to do on Your Valentine’s Day Getaway on the Crystal Coast

Take that romantic walk on the beach to the next level with a surprise picnic. Local companies like Carolina Picnic Co. will set up a luxury picnic with just about anything your heart desires. Sip champagne, nibble on chocolate, and, most importantly, get cozy with your cutie. You can put a twist on this idea and have a picnic in your private vacation rental vs. the beach, too. Let your imagination run wild.

ALSO SEE: Create Your Romantic Itinerary on the Crystal Coast

How about enjoying conversation and charcuterie with your beach babe while you’re both snuggled up watching a long list of romcoms? The good folks at TheGrazingTray can make all your charcuterie dreams come true. If you’re a foodie this will delight you! 

If you prefer to spend the night out, why not dine at one of the incredible restaurants in the area? We love the ambiance at Table 9, Bahia House and Surf Bar, or even Caribsea, right in Emerald Isle. 

ALSO SEE: 5 of the Best Atlantic Beach Seafood Restaurants

Adventures and Activities During Your Getaway

Experience a thrilling adventure together with a fun day on the water with Island Water Sports. Rent jet skis and ride the waves, or enjoy the excitement of a Banana Boat ride! They even have kayaks and stand-up paddle boards for even more fun. Doesn’t that sound like the makings of a fun-filled Valentine’s Day getaway on the Crystal Coast?

Another idea for the brave and bold might be to try hang gliding together. That’s definitely an exhilarating experience you won’t soon forget.

Biking along the Crystal Coast is another nice option for two. You can peddle your way through paradise or try an eclectic bike and enjoy the ride. Either way, you’ll be doing it together and having fun.

A few other options to consider – Bowling, racing, or putt-putt gold at MacDaddys, feeding the sharks at the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores during their behind-the-scenes tour, or take an EcoTour with Crystal Coast Ecotours.

Shopping During Your Valentine’s Day Getaway on the Crystal Coast

If you’re interested in a bit of shopping for your sweetheart while you’re visiting with us, you’ll love our newest shopping community at Village West. There you’ll find all the makings for a great shipping day and plenty of options to create the ultimate gift basket, too. Start your day with coffee and a Liege Waffle at Milk Road, then look through their shop for local goodies. Next, head over to EJW Outdoors for all the beach essentials and more. Don’t miss Style the Day Boutique for the latest fashions for her and Enchanted Interiors for a unique way to bring a bit of the coast home with you! Before you head out, grab some lunch at No Name Pizza and Subs, then some sweet treats at Rocket Fizz! 

Haven’t got your fill of retail therapy? Emerald Plantation shopping plaza should be your next stop. There’s a wide variety of shops, and you’ll find everything from jewelry to fresh premium olive oils. You’re sure to find something perfect for the one you love. 

Ready to spend a long romantic week with us on the Crystal Coast? Learn about our vacation specials, promotions, and discounts, and get ready to plan a Valentine’s Day getaway on the Crystal Coast!

January 2020 | Market Reports

January 2020 Market Report

The summary: The number of listings are up and they are not on the market for long!

Across the county, the number of listings increased! More listings hit the market in January 2020 compared to January 2019. Properties listed on the mainland increased by 41%. The beach properties saw an increase of 35% in January 2020 over January 2019.
The average days on market have decreased! Which means that the available listings are being scooped up by buyers faster than last year. Properties on the island are selling on average 63 days faster than they were in 2019!
What does this mean for sellers? Now is the perfect time to sell your home! With less time on the market you are able to sell your home faster than you could in 2019.
What does this mean for buyers? If you love something – put in an offer now before someone beats you to it! Properties, especially on the beach, are not on the market for long.

January 2020 Carteret County, NC Market Update- Prepared by Bluewater Real Estate

January 2020 Island Market Update- Prepared by Bluewater Real Estate

Looking for a more in-depth Market Analysis for your neighborhood? Fill out the form below and one of our agents will contact you shortly to help you learn more about the value of your home!

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Tips for Selling Your Home with Pets

Here are a few tips on selling your home with pets. If you have a dog or a cat, it’s hard to comprehend anyone not loving pets.  Not all buyers entering your home will be animal lovers.  The following tips will help you prepare your home for potential buyers that may not be keen on pets.

The outside of your home is the first thing people will see.  Fill in any holes that your dog may have dug and remove dog waste from your yard.

People that do not have pets will most likely immediately smell if there’s a dog or cat living in your home.  Our sense of smell has a huge impact on our emotions, so it is important to eliminate any all pet odors.  Remove odors by washing dog bed covers and blankets.  Have your carpets professionally cleaned and all stains removed.

Repair any damage your pet may have caused, such as scratch marks and damage from chewing.

It is best to remove your pet from your home during a showing.  Buyers may be allergic to or afraid of your pet.  Take your dog for a walk or to the park.  If you’re working the day of the showing, treat your dog to a fun day at doggy day care.  If you aren’t able to remove your pet from your home, place them in a crate or a designated area of the house that the showing agent is aware of.

Before a showing, put away dog beds, toys and food bowls.  Pack up any cages or pet carriers.  Ensure that cat litter boxes are clean and out of sight.

Selling a home with pets isn’t always easy, but following these simple tips could make or break the sale of your home.

Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation

A Quick Look Inside the Carteret County Tax Re-Evaluation Process

What to Expect

Property owners in Carteret County will soon receive a re-evaluation of their assets from the County Tax Office.

The re-evaluation process was pushed back one year due to the widespread damage due to Hurricane Florence in the Fall of 2018 and is the first adjustment since 2015.

Property appraisals will be calculated as close to their current status as of January 1st, 2020 as possible- and value letters will be sent out sometime within the first or second week in February.

The appeal process will then begin, with tax bills being mailed mid-fall once the rates are established by the County Commissioners.

Did you know? For 2019, Carteret County residents enjoyed the lowest property tax rate in the state of North Carolina. The rate of .31% was unchanged from 2018.

* Image above is courtesy of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Duties of the Assessor

The Assessor evaluates all property subject to taxation. The Assessor is required by North Carolina law to list, appraise and assess all property within the county at 100% of market value. In addition to the over 58,000 parcels of real property (land, homes, commercial buildings), the Assessor must value business personal property (approximately 7,000 businesses, ranging from multi‐million dollar enterprises to one-person operations). There are over 7,549 manufactured homes, over 77 aircraft, and over 26,129 boats, motors, and jet skis, and any other personal property which is taxable. There are over 6,500 motor vehicles that are billed monthly.

The Carteret County Tax Assessor’s Office creates over 150,000 tax notices annually. Because there is such a volatile real estate market, reappraisal for Carteret County is done every four years. The revaluation will include the use of county maps, aerial photography, street-level images, sales analysis, field visits, and other tools to gather data used in determining fair market value. Carteret County appraisers will review and analyze the information including comparable sales within your neighborhood.

Market Value is the most probable or most likely price that the property would sell for. It is not the highest, lowest, or average price. It requires a willing buyer and a willing seller with neither under any pressure to buy or sell. It implies that the buyer and the seller are fully informed of all the purposes to which the property is best adapted and is capable of being used. It recognizes the property’s current use as well as its potential use.

Appeal Process

If you agree with the Market Value stated in the Notice of Assessed Value, no further action is required.

If you wish to request an informal appeal, please chose from one of the three methods below:
1. An online appeal can be completed and submitted on the Carteret County Tax website
2. Email a scanned informal appeal form and any supporting documentation to
3. Mail the completed Informal Appeal Form and supporting documentation to:

Carteret County Tax Department
2020 Revaluation Appeal
302 Courthouse Square
Beaufort, NC 28516

*Online and emailed appeals will receive a confirmation email that the appeal was received by the Tax Department. All appeals will be reviewed by staff appraisers in the order that they are received. Your right to appeal to the Board of Equalization and Review is protected during the time the Tax Office is processing your Informal Appeal.


Valid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value substantially exceeds the actual market value of the property.
2. The market value is inconsistent with the market value of similar properties within your

Invalid Reasons to Appeal the Assessed Value
1. The market value increased too much compared to the previous market value.
2. The market value is more than the insurance value.
3. The market value is just too high.
4. The owner does not have the financial ability to pay the taxes.

*All information courtesy of the Carteret County Tax Office. Please contact them if you have any questions, or are interested in beginning the appeal process.

Tax Office Divisions
Business Personal 252-728-8486
Collections 252-728-8525
Land Records / Mapping 252-728-8490
Personal Property 252-728-8486
Western Tax Office 252-222-5833
Fax 252-732-2064