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Morehead City

Morehead City is a must-visit for any tourist coming to the Crystal Coast. Perhaps one of the biggest festivals held in the Crystal Coast or North Carolina coast for that matter is the NC Seafood Festival. This festival offers so much for residents and tourists alike. A golf tournament, fishing tournament as well as a boat show get everyone to partake in the maritime tradition, but it’s the food that’s the real catch. From Oysters done every which way to shrimp burgers and eastern-style clam chowder, you’ll find your favorite seafood there. They also showcase some not-too-traditional seafood such as sea urchin on a stick and marinated eel. You won’t want to miss this delicious and wildly entertaining event. There are many different types of restaurants as well as activities and nightlife.

With over five different parks in the town, you can take a picnic basket and Frisbee to enjoy the afternoon or take your pet on to play catch. The area also hosts many different festivals and tournaments such as the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament held in early June that has been a part of the area for 46 years. Competitors seek to win part of a cash purse that offers more than one million dollars.

With a population of nearly 8,000 residents, Morehead City is the largest town in Carteret County. This busy community also attracts Summer tourists because of the many things to do in the area.

Three bodies of water surround the quaint town of Morehead City, the waterway, Newport River, and Calico Creek – interestingly enough though it doesn’t touch the Atlantic Ocean the massive body of water is at the south and east of the town because of the coasts unique curved structure.

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