Top 5 Outdoor Home Improvements to do this Spring!

Outdoor updates for spring, Spring home improvement tips

Now that Spring is almost here, it’s time to start thinking about the outdoor improvements you can make to your home. Not only does the inside of your home need a Spring cleaning, but so does the outside! Most likely, your lawn is still dormant and that is ok! You could pick up sticks and clean debris off of the yard or you could do some things that will update the appearance of your home. First impressions are most important!

Here is a list of the Top 5 ways you can update the outside of your home:

  1. Paint – Now that the weather is warmer you can get that long-awaited house painting done. If you are worried that is too big of a project or don’t have the time or funds to hire someone just try painting your front door a different color! Try painting it a pretty mint blue color like this beautiful home!
  2. Stain your Deck – If your deck is looking a little shabby the easiest way to spruce it up is by giving it a fresh new coat of stain. A nice deck can really transform your outdoor space. 
  3. New Mailbox – Install a new mailbox or update your old one! A newly refreshed mailbox will amp up your curb appeal, where first impressions really do count!
  4. Firepit – The nights are still chilly, but not so chilly you have to hibernate inside! A firepit makes a cozy ambiance and will certainly be the highlight of a weekend gathering. Place the fire pit in an area of your lawn that is flat without low-hanging trees or branches nearby. The most important part is to make sure you choose the right materials! Go for either large stones or curved cast-concrete blocks.
  5. Amp up your Garden – If you don’t have a garden now is the time to start! If you do give your garden some TLC by replanting and putting down new compost. Start on the farm-to-table trend! Try planting some vegetables or herbs.