Tips for a Stress Free Move

Moving can be challenging and stressful, at best.  It can be difficult to remember everything that you need to do during this life-changing event.  Here are some useful tips for a stress free move.


Write down the names and numbers of utility companies and make the transfers.  Give yourself at least a week, as many utility companies can’t transfer service the next day. Change your address with the postal service at least a week in advance.

Finding Packing Supplies 

Boxes can be expensive.  Check with your local retailers, ABC stores and furniture stores.  When you’re finished unpacking, advertise the free boxes on Craigslist so you won’t have to dispose of them.


  • Consider your move as a time to organize.  Designate areas for items to donate and items to sell at a garage sale.
  • Pack the items you use the least first.
  • Dust items as you pack so that you won’t have to dust when you unpack.
  • Wrap small fragile items in brightly colored tissue paper so they won’t accidentally be thrown away.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
  • Color-code boxes by designating a color for each room.  Place a colored sticker on each box.  Be sure to mark boxes that are fragile.
  • Use suitcases, baskets, hampers and clothes baskets in place of boxes.  Pack small kitchen items such as spices in large pots.
  • Stack plates vertically to save room.  Plates are also less likely to break if stacked vertically.
  • Use newspapers, towels and/or clothes instead of bubble wrap for fragile items to save money.
  •  When disassembling furniture, place screws and parts in a Ziploc bag and tape to the base of the furniture so that it is easily accessible when time to reassemble.

The First Night

Pack one overnight bag or box with the bare necessities you’ll need for the first night.  Chances are that you’ll be too tired to search for these items after the big move.

Do you have any moving tips to share?  Please let us know in the comments below.