A beach on the Crystal Coast

The Beach for all Seasons

The Beach for all Seasons

The Crystal Coast is more than just the beach. There are beautiful sites to see all year round. When planning your trip take some time to explore other areas off the island to visit while you’re here. Check out our Calendar of events for happenings. Our weather is mild year round and shoulder season rates are often times lower in cost as well. Here is some insight as to what can keep you busy during all four seasons

Winter in our area varies from year to year. More often than not we have mild winters. December and January often see temps in the 60’s as well as freezing temps and sometimes a day of snow. Just a local tip, if you come for a week you are likely to be in flip flops on Monday and wool socks on Friday depending. In these times you will have plenty of freedom, crowds are scarce, locals are friendly and you have many local favorites to yourself. Have you tried to go to El’s drive-in during the month of June or July? Its nuts (worth it, still nuts). In winter you can roll in and out without the crowds of people. So now you have gotten to experience 4 seasons in one week, on a budget, taking advantage of lower rental rates and even discounted pricing from one of our specials like early bird or if it was a last minute plan you received $100 off with the January promo. Either way, you got away from the hustle of your everyday, went to the beach and had it pretty much to yourself. Lucky you!

Oh Spring, also a great time to visit the coast. Especially late April and early May. Rates are still less expensive than summer and the beaches are still pretty empty. After March beach driving stops and people start taking advantage of an exceptionally warm day to venture back out to soak up some sun and shake their winter blues away. Colors are coming to life in the dunes and trees along the island, grass starts to get greener and everyone is getting ready for the summer season.

On to the Summer season, the most popular of all. I barely need to embellish on summer, its awesome. Days are longer beaches are full, the whole community just hums. Year after year new events spring up giving the masses more and more ways to keep entertained above and beyond the surf. When planning a summer trip to the coast be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of the savings like Early Bird. It’s 15% off if you book in the off season. Not only can you search our website but our call center is available for you if you would like the personal attention when booking. This group is very knowledgeable about the area and can help cater to your personal needs, wants and expectations.

Finally Fall! Temps are dropping out of the 90’s and beaches are starting to clear out. Fishing is amazing as well as the sunrises and sunsets. Annual events such as the North Carolina Seafood Festival are great draws to the area, as a tradition spanning 3 decades you can come enjoy local seafood and carnival rides as well as live music and artist vendors so you can take home a piece of Carteret county with you.