Love on the Crystal Coast

Celebrate Love on the Crystal Coast

Looking for the perfect way to pamper your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Make this year extra special by celebrating love on the Crystal Coast! You and your partner will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy each other’s company while turning moments into memories.

2021 Real Estate Christmas party

2021 Real Estate Christmas Party

The 2021 Real Estate Christmas Party brought the Bluewater agents and employees together for food, fellowship, and fun.

annual cookes for the troops drive

Join Us for Cookies for the Troops

Bluewater Real Estate is proud to be an official drop-off location for the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Cookies for the Troops drive.

north carolina winter vacation for the holidays

Plan a North Carolina Winter Vacation for the Holidays

The start of the holiday season means people are preparing for colder weather and snowy days. A holiday on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast is the perfect place to escape the cold in exchange for sunny days at the beach. Leave ice-covered windshields behind, enjoy the mild temperatures, and experience a North Carolina winter vacation this holiday season.

Bluewater NC's Toys for Tots Drive Header Photo

Bluewater’s Annual Toys for Tots Drive

Bluewater’s Annual Toys for Tots Drive is all about celebrating the goodness of the holiday season by giving back to those in need. Our goal is to bring as many people as we can together to aid the cause and give toys to children and teens less fortunate.

fireworks along the crystal coast

Where You Can Enjoy Fireworks Along the Crystal Coast

Come enjoy fireworks along the Crystal Coast with us! We are completely thrilled that we will have fireworks for the Fourth of July this year. We’re sharing which towns are hosting celebrations and where you can watch the fireworks along the Crystal Coast.

Creative Valentines Day Date Ideas

Sometimes Valentines Day can fall under the radar when you have been dating someone for a while. We want to give you some fresh ideas for Valentines Day that might light a spark in your relationship

Christmas charcuterie

Festive Christmas Charcuterie Board

Looking for a fun and simple way to take your holiday gathering to the next level? Try a festive Christmas Charcuterie board.

2020 Cookies for the Troops Campaign

Cookies for the Troops Drive 2020

The cookie drive allows the community to donate homemade or store-bought cookies and other treats to men and women who will be on duty over the holidays.