When creating an itinerary for a rainy day at the beach, add visiting the nearby aquarium.

Rainy Day at the Beach Itinerary


What to do when it rains at the beach? There is still lots to do! In the chance of not so sunny skies, here are some ways to keep it fun

Day 1 Spend the day at the aquarium visiting Nimbus the Albino Sea Turtle, the playful otters and all the sea life in the 306,000 gallon Living Shipwreck.

Day 2 Flex your competitive muscles at MacDaddy’s where you can prove who the champion of the family really is.

Day 3 Explore Beaufort – find unique places that line the water like Beaufort Linen Company & Beaufort Pet Provisions!

Day 4 Have photos printed at your closest corner store to get a head start on your vacation scrapbook!

Day 5 Head to the nearest seafood market and load up on goods for a seafood boil. Don’t forget the newspaper and Old Bay!