New roundabout

New Roundabout in Emerald Isle

Roundabouts are becoming more common!

There are now nearly 300 roundabouts in use in North Carolina.

Despite initial discomfort while operating a vehicle through a roundabout, they are actually safe and easy to use!

Where will you encounter this roundabout?

The new NC 58 roundabout is located at the Mallard Drive intersection.

It is just a short ways down Emerald Drive after crossing the Emerald Isle bridge.

Key things to keep in mind while using the roundabout:

  1. Just like any other street intersection, drivers need to be aware and exercise good judgment when moving through the roundabout
  2. Always YIELD to the vehicle already in the roundabout
  3. As you approach the roundabout, simply move into the correct lane for your desired turn (just like you do at the four signalized intersections in Emerald Isle

This new roundabout also offers safer pedestrian crossings across NC 58 and Mallard Drive. There is a “safe” island located in the center halfway through the crossings. Please be aware of pedestrians crossing through the roundabout.

This roundabout is also designed to properly accommodate tractor-trailers, boat trailers, and emergency vehicles. There should be no trouble traveling through the roundabout with these vehicles and trailers.

The Emerald Isle roundabout:

How to properly use the roundabout: