A mother dropping off her daughter at school.

Mom’s Guide Back To School

On the first day of school, there’s one common question that almost every single teacher will ask their students: What did you do this summer? Well, how about we give our kids something fun and exciting to talk about?

Welcome to Mom’s Guide Back To School, where we know by now that you’re probably swimming in an endless list of school supplies, back-to-school specials, and organization tips trying to prepare for a better school year ahead.

A mother taking her children to school

However, why don’t we flip the script this year? Let’s make one last splash before the new school year begins!

Maybe you didn’t get to that family putt-putt game you had planned or didn’t get to have a sun-soaked weekend full of laughter and maybe a little sunburn (that you’ll laugh about later).

Our Mom’s Guide Back To School really starts before the school year does. We believe that you deserve a little fun before the school year starts!

So, before our morning routines kick into high gear and school activities make us feel like we are treading water, let’s have one last adventure! Before we begin this new school season, why don’t we make one last family trip?

Don’t freak out just yet, take a deep breath, we promise that the school checklist can wait!

While the first day of school can bring excitement and joy, it can also be bittersweet. Whether your kids are starting their freshman year of high school or maybe just embracing the beginning of Kindergarten- these moments are precious.

Let’s face it, we only have so many summers to create memories that last a lifetime for our families.

A family pirate adventure on the beach

Mom’s Guide Back To School – Fun Facts about the Crystal Coast:

Emerald Isle:

As a renowned family beach destination, Emerald Isle offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and exciting activities. With its stunning coastline, clear blue waters, and pristine sandy beaches, it’s a paradise for beach-loving families.

Your kids will love exploring the tide pools and searching for unique seashells, while you can unwind under the shade of swaying palm trees.

Atlantic Beach:

Located nearby, Atlantic Beach boasts a rich maritime heritage and is home to historic Fort Macon State Park.

Take your children on an educational journey through time as they explore the well-preserved fort and learn about its intriguing history. The coastal breeze will rejuvenate you as you enjoy a leisurely stroll along the oceanfront boardwalk.

Creating Lasting Memories:

Maybe your summer didn’t go completely as planned, or maybe you’re just looking for the cherry on top! Whatever your reason – we’re here for you.        

Here on the Crystal Coast, we are the perfect destination for your family! We actually have a rep around town, Emerald Isle is known as the Family Beach. I mean, do we need to say more?

A mother and her baby enjoying the beautiful ocean views.

With endless free family activities, unbeatable ocean views, and mouthwatering local eateries, we don’t think the Crystal Coast can be beaten. For all the moms out there searching for the perfect way to reset for an amazing year ahead, this is your sign to book the trip.

Exciting Activities for All Ages:

We have activities ranging from free splash pads for the little ones to parasailing for those adventurous teens who are ready to explore the world!

There are so many wonderful stops along the island to keep your child entertained for days and to give you peace of mind.

Kids of all ages enjoying the crystal coast.

Family-Friendly Eateries:

After a day of fun, treat your family to the delightful culinary experiences the Crystal Coast has to offer.

From fresh seafood restaurants with breathtaking ocean views to charming cafes that cater to all tastes, the diverse dining options will leave both kids and adults satisfied.

The Perfect Back-to-School Transition:

As summer draws to a close, a family trip to the Crystal Coast is the perfect way to bond and create cherished memories before the busy school year begins.

Your kids will return to the classroom with stories of beach adventures, laughter-filled days, and a refreshed spirit, ready to take on the new school year.

A mother and daughter having fun on the beach.

So, Moms, seize the moment and plan this ultimate back-to-school experience for your family! The Crystal Coast’s beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and abundant family activities will make this trip one for the books.

Let’s make the last days of summer truly unforgettable and set the tone for an amazing year ahead! We hope this Mom’s Guide Back to School was beneficial!