Sweet & Savory Score Baking Class

Learn Something New

Want to try something new? Ever thought about a baking class? I have found one for locals and vacationers alike!

The Accidental Bakery in Beaufort is now hosting weekly baking classes. It is a joy to work with the owner, Jennings, as she teaches a group and yourself the step by step process of baking the item for the night.

Baking classes include, but I am sure not limited to:

-Foolproof Muffins

-Strawberry Shortcake

-Summer Pies

-Gluten Muffins and Cookies

-Sweet and Savory Scones

-Basic Pastry

-Apple Pie

Classes are $30 per person and are at 7PM. You will be provided a small supply list, but nothing you can’t find in your own kitchen. Be sure to reserve your spot early.

“Join us for a great time of baking, laughter,and a little wine”

-The Accidental Bakery

Last Wednesday night a group of friends reserved our spot for the sweet and savory scone baking class. We took up 5 of the 10 spots for the class. A few of us, including me, had no idea what to expect. I enjoy cooking and baking but never even thought about making scones before. When we arrived Jennings had a printed list of supplies, ingredients and step by step instructions for guest person.

After going over the ingredients and tools she showed us how to go about following the steps. We all watched and asked questions along the way. Then it was our turn. We worked together and with Jennings to make our sweet scone first. Grading the butter, adding the chocolate chips of course and being very gentle. Jennings key word is gentle. Once we cut the “pie” we placed our 8 sweet scones on the baking sheet.

Then to our savory scones. Same process with a few different amount of ingredients and of course added cheese. Jennings offered us to add some cayenne pepper, for more taste. Graded butter, mixed gentle and cut into 8 scones. We add egg wash to give the savory scones a shine. Off to the oven they went. As we waited for our scones to bake, we mingled, explored the bakery/shop and enjoyed a little wine.

When the scones finished cooking, out of the oven they came to cool. The sweet scones had some powder sugar glazed added, for a little extra sweetness. 2 hours of baking went by so fast; learning, spending time with friends and of course learning how to bake scones. My friends and I have already discussed going back to try out another class. What a fun night with friends. A great break to a vacation or a regular routine for vocals. You must check it out, and all the bake goods are amazing!

The Accidental Bakery

210 Wellons Drive Beaufort, NC