Kindness rocks

Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks

The Adventures of Jett & Dash

So we have River rocks at the front of all of our office doors, and there are some very large ones. We have found that our guests enjoy finding our smaller rocks and making them into kindness rocks. We have so many employees that have lucked up and spotted some lovely gifts from our vacationers. In the video to the right you can see a few that we have discovered 🙂

So naturally, I as a mom wanted Jett to experience this phenomana taking the nation by storm. Jett actually was the one who found the pink rock that says “Hope Anchors the Soul” at our favorite park Pirate’s Den Park in downtown Swansboro. So after the storm and while at the beach filiming my co-worker’s rocks, I collected the giant shells that were washed up because I thought these would also be perfect painting mediums.

This Wednesday was the big day. We painted….or better yet we made a few MESSY masterpieces.

We started off so well. Look at these pictures. He could be a genuine Picasso. He was staying on his rock, dipping his paint brush in responsibly and cleaning it in the water cup after each color…sort-of. (see #Responsible Jett below) But, the almost 2 year old in him took a wild turn. See the aftermath below.

Image result for #hotmessImage result for warning

So, all of you thinking of trying this. I will say it was fun…BUT make sure your littles are dressed in clothing that can get REALLY DIRTY. I mean your child will look like you just contracted them to paint your entire house. I would not attempt this indoors.

All in all our kindness rocks turned out so cute. Now we have to see where we will leave them to brighten up an unsuspecting strangers day!

Note: Be sure to polyurethane spray your rocks prior to painting so the rocks do not soak up all your paint. Then spray them again after you are done so they withstand the weather.

ALSO use washable paints, like the crayola kit we used, so you can easily soap down your now colorful child and make them squeaky clean.

Visit our pinterest board for ideas on how and what to paint on your kindness rocks!

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