The view from a kayak outing in Cedar Point.

Kayaking in Cedar Point, NC

Kayaking on the White Oak River

My husband’s first time kayaking in Cedar Point, NC and he did pretty good. He only stayed out for about 30 minutes since the sun was setting, but we finally got a pretty day and he could not stand wititng to get his kayak wet for the first time. He was pleased and very versed on all of the rules and regulations.

He likes to study everything, like he is the read a manual from cover to cover before he uses the rice cooker kind of guy. Only the right way is the right way ya know.

We used the Campground launch right outside of Western Park down VFW road in Cedar Point. It is also a great fishing spot if you would like to set up a chair on the small dock with a friend and a cold drink.

In the past we have seen people launch their Jet Skis from here as well. So very versatile.

The water is only about 4-5 feet deep at its deepest so pretty safe if you were to have an accident. You will need to be cautious of any wild life though, this is still a fresh water habitat so fresh water creatures are about.