What to Know About Home Inspections

What to Know About Home Inspections in NC.


What to Know About Home Inspections

With so many costs associated with buying and selling homes, it’s understandable that some people may want to forgo their home inspection. Still, most real estate professionals will tell you that having a home inspection is well worth the investment, and most lenders will require it. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry when making such a significant purchase. We’ll briefly go over a few things you can expect regarding home inspections.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

A reputable home inspection company will consider a bevy of characteristics when determining whether a property is safe and sellable. For starters, environmental tests for things such as water, radon, lead, and other harmful substances are critical, especially for older homes. Also, making sure the house has a sound infrastructure is crucial. This category falls under electrical, plumbing, structural integrity, and roof damage. What may seem like a dwelling in tip-top shape may have underlying issues that only a professional can uncover.

How Much Do Home Inspections Cost in NC?

Nationally, the average home inspection is around $350. Still, the larger the home, the higher the inspection cost. And since home inspection falls into the realm of professional service, each company sets its fees. Home inspectors vying for your business may lead to competitive pricing, but finding the lowest price isn’t always a reliable option.

Do Sellers Need to Do a Home Inspection Before Listing?

Buyers aren’t the only ones who should consider having a home inspection. In some economic environments, such as a buyer’s market, sellers can significantly benefit from having a professional take a look. A few issues may have slipped under the radar if you’ve lived in the home for a while. Moreover, it’s better to get ahead of the curve regarding the potential buyer’s mortgage lender requirement rather than scrambling at the last minute to appease would-be partners. Finally, you can have confidence in your asking price if you know every critical repair has been addressed.

Trusted Real Estate Professionals on NC’s Crystal Coast

Hopefully, we could shed light on some of the most important questions associated with home inspections. After all, buying or selling a home is a serious business! The last thing you want to happen is to have a deal fall through the cracks because of overlooked repair needs or find out there is a major issue with your new investment after the purchase. Thankfully, our trusted Crystal Coast real estate agents at Bluewater Real Estate can help you find a reputable inspector, among other needs.


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