Home Improvements with the Most Bang for your Buck

Home Improvements with the most Bang for your Buck

The Perfect Home Improvements

  • New paint job
  • Freshly maintained landscaping
  • Remodeled and/or upgraded interior
  • Deck and/or patio addition
  • Additional bedroom or bathroom
  • Go Green
  • Addition to the garage
When selling a home adding to the square footage allows the appraiser to make “higher adjustments” to the total worth of your home.
Consider, most projects do not earn dollar for dollar what you put into your home. On average home improvement will make 20 to 30 cents on the dollar.

When considering refinancing, these  changes will benefit you the most

  • Additional bedroom or bathroom
  • Addition to the garage
  • Kitchen remodeling and upgrades
  • Improvement that expands the “use” of the home – think outdoor living and beyond

New Paint and Carpet

  • The home begins at your front door! Try to spice up the color and make sure everything is in working order, the doorbell, handles are not loose, and rid of cobwebs.
  • Touch up any paint imperfections throughout your house
  • Freshly paint your walls, if you have bold bright colors that may not appeal to the masses try looking into warm designer neutrals to give the feeling of cozy comfort.
  • 94% of real estate professionals recommend spending a few dollars on your floors. They appeal to buyers and boost the overall cleanliness of your home.
*Spending $600 to $900 can see up to double their return in value.

Landscaping – One of the top 3 investments that bring the biggest return

$400-$500 can return 4 times this amount – 2007 Broker Survey Overgrown trees and bushes create an unwelcoming dark appearance to your home’s image.
Your curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers notice when searching for a new home, even when they visit without an agent and do a drive-by. What is considered going green? Energy savings add an estimated 20 times the annual savings to the value of your home value- Appraisal Journal This includes: replacing old windows with more efficient models Upgrading appliances to eco-friendly options, possibly including solar panels or solar can lighting, and replacing your heating/air conditioning systems Solar Power Water heaters can save as much as 80% on water heating bills Inexpensive
Upgrade Options Apply Fresh Caulking throughout your home Replacing or Upgrading hardware on cabinets and doors Replacing faucets Just keep in mind, once a buyer sees one thing out of place they will be prone to look for every other thing they can find that may or may not have an issue. So be prepared and change/upgrade/remove any questionable items within your home, whether that be rickety stairs, blue carpet, or 1970s wallpaper. Remember the appraisal process is most heavily determined by homes similar to yours that sell. Any additions you have made to your house will be considered after the base selling price is figured.