Flood Insurance in NC

Flood Insurance, Do I Really Need it?

Flood Insurance in NC

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The flood season is here, and with one out of every 5 homes not covered by flood insurance, we want to give you the facts. The most active flood periods are from October through March, affecting all regions in the United States.

FEMA updates flood risk zones regularly, so be conscious of what your home’s risk is. But, note that there are still risks of flooding, even if you do not fall in a “high-risk” area. You can check where your home falls on the risk map here.

If you have flood insurance, know what your policy covers. Some policies do not replace personal items. And others do not cover high-value items if they are stored in the basement. Make sure you are familiar with the clauses within your Flood Policy.

For more information about flooding or quick insurance facts, visit FloodSmart.gov

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