DIY Face Masks Provided by a Local Teacher

young man with a black face mask on

DIY Face Masks

A local art teacher Janesa White, has been quite busy over these last few weeks. While Mrs. White is not chasing after 2 young boys, running a thriving Etsy shop, and virtually teaching her art students during the day – she has been taking some of her “quaran-time” to create a DIY Face Mask Tutorial. She has also dedicated a great deal of her time to making these DIY face masks for others on the front lines and in desperate need of protection from the public, they serve each and every day. She has made over 185 masks for others thus far and isn’t stopping there!

Mrs. White says this DIY face mask is a “10-minute project with stuff around your house! It is fashionable and helps you not touch your face a bajillion times an hour.”

Please visit her site for the FREE printable DIY face mask pattern.

If you do not feel comfortable making your own, she is making them and shipping them to those in need for just $1 each and asking for donations to continue making more.

Thank you so much, Mrs. White, for this fabulous way of giving back to your local community as well as supporting those in need during these difficult and uncertain times!


  • Fabric (You Can Even Recycle from Items Around Your Home)

  • Sewing Machine or Sewing Needle With Thread

  • Headband (Hair Ties/Scrunchies May Work As Well)

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Meet Janesa White

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

“Burning the midnight oil on a rush order for a family who needs to spend these precious moments with their loved one. So blessed to be able to help.” – Janesa White

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Face mask cut from her template and waiting to be sewn.

DIY face masks provided by a local teacher

Janesa’s assistant and husband Derrick