Bluewater Cocktail Recipes

Beach Cocktails We Are Obsessed With..

Need new recipes to spice up your cocktail menu? Look no further, we have 4 amazing cocktails to make your next vacation the cutest – and the most delicious one yet! Even use these recipes to make home feel like the beach. These mouthwatering cocktails will definitely bring you back to your vacation mindset – relax, unwind, and sip!

Our “Bluewater Cocktails” will not only make you the barista of the family, but could also get you featured on our Instagram!

  1. Make one of our “Bluewater Cocktails”
  2. Take a sip – you deserve it.
  3. Post it on Instagram with us ( @bluewaternc ) tagged and the hashtag; #BluewaterCocktailChallenge
  4. Brag about getting featured.
  5. Repeat step 1.
Are these cocktails not your style? Have a delicious idea in mind? Create your own and tag us for a chance to be featured! A drink with a little personal, unique flair could land you a spot on our Instagram. We can’t wait to try your concoctions fit for the Crystal Coast!