Atlantic Beach REALTOR, EJ Sledge

Atlantic Beach Realtor EJ Sledge



Meet Atlantic Beach REALTOR, EJ Sledge

Introducing Atlantic Beach REALTOR EJ Sledge, who has proved to be a great asset here at Bluewater Real Estate. EJ  closed 9 transactions in our first two quarters of 2022, which exceeded over four million dollars. Way to go, EJ!

About EJ

There are so many things to love about being a Realtor at one of the best times to sell a home in recent memory!  Although my own personal satisfaction in the process comes from my family background. Growing up with a family full of real estate brokers and general contractors gave me a love of homes, the process of making one, and their intrinsic value, both in financial and emotional terms.  

Atlantic Beach Realtor EJ Sledge

Why Bluewater Real Estate?

Helping someone make the biggest investment of their life in the most advantageous way possible is the most gratifying for me, whether it’s a luxury beach home or a coastal bungalow.  One of the best aspects of being at Bluewater Real Estate is being around top realtors with knowledge and experience to share with young agents. It is invaluable to be surrounded by talented agents who have sold everything from waterfront mansions to wooded lots and everything in between. 

While it has not always been smooth sailing (once, I locked myself outside on a third-story balcony alone on a virtual showing), I’ve learned so much to equip me to be the best agent I can be.  Because of all of this, I can give my clients a uniquely skilled perspective on home building and home buying.  I’m always willing to fight for my clients to help make sure they get the best possible outcome. 

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In my free time, I enjoy living the Crystal Coast lifestyle and getting outside as much as possible.  Boating, surfing,  enjoying the local restaurants, and playing music with a local band called the Aquanauts fill much of my free time. I don’t get to read much besides listings and offers to purchase these days, but when I do read recreationally, I enjoy Vonnegut, Tolkien, Frank Herbert, and George Orwell, among others.  


If you’re trying to buy or sell a home here at the Crystal Coast, let me leverage my skills and experience to get you the best experience possible.  Reach out to EJ, today!