75th Airshow

75th Airshow at Cherry Point MCAS in Havelock, NC

Though it was a bit colder than expected, my husband and two nieces were determined to enjoy the 75th airshow this year. Derrick (husband) is an aircraft engineer at the base the show was held at and becomes a little boy anytime he even mentioned going, seeing or meeting some of the Blue Angel pilots.

The clouds did not deter the awesomness that is the V22 Raptor. You could not even imagine how loud this aircraft was. I kid you not, my heart re-adjusted itself to beat with the sound waves. The Blue Angels only come through the air station every other year and put on a show for the entire community. And may I add that it is FREE! It’s a nice way to promote awareness of the programs and machinery our tax dollars are funding.

Interesting facts:

Derrick got to tour the planes while at work the Wednesday before and got the insider scoop on Blue Angel lifestyle. He found out that all of the Angels are on the road 300 out of the 365 days of the year!

Because they travel so much and live in hotels they are all pretty much Hilton Platinum Gold Silver status time 1000

Ironically their frequent flyer miles are to the sky and back in more ways than one

Fat Albert is responsible for carrying parts that could assist in any maintenance that aircrafts on the team need and it carries enough extra materials to basically build an entire one from SCRATCH

Just in case you hadn’t seen enough