Drinks at the Beach Itinerary


Anything But beach – Have a drink or two and find what grown ups do on the Crystal Coast


Day 1 Sip on a cup of Joe from 4J’s – complete with specialty flavor biscotti, like Almond Joy. Head to Morehead City for delicious food, cold drinks and to catch a game.

Day 2 Grab drinks at Harrika’s in Cape Carteret and watch a live band. Later, make your way to Morehead Waterfront to dance the night away at Jack’s!

Day 3 Work up a thirst with Swansboro Paddle Boarding and keep the spirits rolling with a game of mini golf at MacDaddy’s.

Day 4 Go clamming and partake in an Eco Tour with Crystal Coast Eco Tours.

Day 5 BYOB! Take a painting class with Wine and Design at the Islander and various locations in Morehead City.