The beaches along the Crystal Coast are dog-friendly.

Dogs Dig the Crystal Coast

Dogs DIG the Crystal Coast

Bring your dog to the beach for a barking good time

– Clarissa G., marketing coordinator

We would vacation for a week just about anywhere. But the longest I’ve ever left my dog is 3 days. And that just about drove my husband and I batty.

We said for days leading up to the trip that we looked forward to sleeping without our hulking 85lb boxer girl with personal space issues hogging the blankets. We said we would miss her waking us up at 7am to potty. We said we would LOVE getting to eat a meal without the “hungry eyes” following every bite. We said LOTS of things. But when it came down to it, we really missed her after a whopping 12 hours. I can’t imagine leaving her for a week.  #whoistherealowner

This is why I absolutely LOVE that so many of the owners in our rental program choose to allow dogs in their homes. As of today, 171 of our owners have wholeheartedly put out the welcome mat for 4 footed family members. Most homes have laminate, hardwood or tile floors which are not only ideal for wet, sandy vacationers, but also for furry little bodies that shed and drool and melt our hearts.

Nearly every dog that crosses the bridge ends up loving the beach just as much as their humans do.

Dogs dig the Crystal Coast. They can run and play and roll in the sand to their heart’s content. They can watch gulls and pelicans and sandpipers skirt the shoreline for hours. They will probably con you into more table scraps than usual since “it’s their vacation too,” much like children wheedle ice cream for breakfast and open-ended bedtimes. They can run, jump and splash into the water or laze in the shade of the umbrella while you soak up the rays.

We love them so much that we even have a whole category in our annual photo contest dedicated to dogs. We get thousands of photos every year and without fail, some of our most favorite shots are those that feature the furry family members. They seem to embody fun, adventure and the idea of the “entire family” coming on vacation together.

 If you’ve never seen this, you MUST WATCH IT.

This sweet little guy’s name is Walter, and he lives in Italy. He LOVES the beach, and he has a long way to go to get there, so obviously he has to run at full speed the entire way. His awesome human strapped a camera to him and captured the journey. Check out the air he gets going over that fence! And of course, the ending. He blows past those people without a care in the world and leaps into the water with complete abandon. I imagine that everyone feels like Walter when they get to the beach for the first time. Or in Walter’s case, every time.  I can watch this video over and over again, and still get a huge smile on my face at the end. Walter is my hero!

The coast itself is more than happy to host your pups. Just make sure they stay on a leash (just in case those gulls look a little too tasty, or that terrier a few towels down gets extra friendly) and always clean up after any …ahem, evidence… they might leave on the sand. Of course always remember that what is HOT to you is even harder on them, so take them back inside for breaks in the a/c as often as you can. (Hey, you get a cool break too this way!)  Bring a bowl and stick some bottles of water in the cooler to be sure you always have fresh cold water available. From experience, I only pour out what my little baby behemoth is going to drink, because it inevitably gets sand in the bowl about 3 seconds after it’s poured out and the diva can only drink clean water. Apparently, she’s a little spoiled. Shocking, I know.

SPEAKING OF SPOILED – let’s talk treats.

We also like to give her a cool treat – either freezing a water/broth mixture or some homemade pup-cream. Sometimes even though we know she’s hot, she’s too excited to drink. This way we know she’s getting something cool to beat the NC heat. The heat here is real, and when it’s 100° outside with 95% humidity, you can never have enough cool drinks and treats for anyone, 2 legged or 4 legged.

Take your pup out on the town to the dog-friendly Backstreet Pub for a cold drink or The Dockhouse in Beaufort for dinner on the patio. Our marketing director Jordan’s fabulous little Frenchie “Martini” loves The Backstreet Pub. She has tried to convince them that she’s 21, but licking the condensation off mom’s bottle is as close as she’s gotten to being served one of her namesake drinks. (Partly because they only serve beer and wine, but mostly because she’s underage)

Pawsome Homemade
Beach Treats

You’ll need: dixie cups, bone shaped treats, 32 oz. plain yogurt, 1 cup peanut butter and 2 ripe bananas

(plus any special add-ins you’d like such as blueberries, bacon, shredded cheese or sprinkles if the kids want to help!)

Blend yogurt, peanut butter and bananas in a food processor or mixer. Place dixie cups on a cookie sheet and fill 1/2 full with yogurt mixture. Stick a bone in the middle and leave enough hanging out to be a “handle” and freeze until solid. Just pop the paper off and you’ve got a pup-sicle!

You can also spoon this into a KONG toy and freeze to take out to the beach as a toy to keep them busy and cool. Also, snap a picture and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram. We love seeing happy pups on the beach!

Want to bring your dog
on your next vacation?

With us you’ll pay ZERO PET FEES
in over 150 vacation rentals!

If you don’t already, I hope that on your next vacation you can bring your furry kids. Renting a vacation home is wonderful because it gives you a privacy and a sense of home and comfort for the week in a way that a hotel just can’t compare. But nothing can top the homey feeling you get when you open the door to that happy little face and wagging tail! It’s totally true that dogs are equally happy to see you whether you’ve been gone for an hour or a day. They just know they spent it waiting for you.