Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Deliveries

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Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Deliveries

NOTE- Shenk Family Farms deliveries to our vacationing guests ends Labor Day. Please consider this service when the seasonal option opens again, Memorial Day, 2024.

Get farm-to-table, fresh summer deliveries when you book with Bluewater Vacation Rentals. Many of our guests enjoy the abundant farm-fresh food found here while vacationing with us. Over the past few years, Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach vacationers have been participating in the Vacationer Supported Agriculture program we’ve helped to facilitate.

This year, Bluewater Vacation Rentals is pleased to continue to provide Vacationer Supported Agriculture to our guests through Shenk Family Farm.  Shenk Family Farm offers weekly deliveries straight to your door every Sunday evening this summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Shenk Family Farm provides pasture-raised meats, eggs, produce bundles, flowers, and more from local farmers. Place your order by Wednesday, before your arrival, for Sunday delivery straight to your door. Visit the link to learn more – Learn More About Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Beach Deliveries.

Items Available Each Week by Shenk Family Farm and Other Local Farmers:

  • Pasture-raised Meats
  • Eggs
  • Produce
  • Flowers
  • Sea Salt
  • And more…

Pasture-Raised Meat and Eggs

Joe and Rachel Shenk are first-generation farmers in Newport, NC. Their farms offer farm-to-table, fresh chicken, pork, grass-fed beef from Piney Woods Farm, eggs, bone broth, and more. Their passion is to manage their farm in a way that promotes happy and healthy animals, land, community, and farmers. They want to know their customers and for their customers to know them. They also value equipping people to prepare their products in a way that brings them joy and create delicious meals to share with the people they love. Your meat will come vacuum sealed and frozen.

VSA, Vacationer supported agriculture

Local Produce Bundles

The farm-to-table fresh produce bundles from the Carteret Local Food Network typically consist of various fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables grown and harvested by local small-scale farmers. Each bundle will contain approximately 12-16 servings of local, seasonal veggies, so be sure to snag as many as you need depending on how many people you’re feeding. Check out the item description in our online store to see what produce to expect during the summer season.

Local Produce Bundles for the VSA program, VSA, Vacationer supported agriculture

Freshly-Cut Flower Bouquets

Two Bees Farm is a flower farm located in Carteret County, specializing in responsibly grown, unique, fresh flowers. Tanya and Travis Watson take pride in growing heirloom, cottage-style blooms unlike anything you’d find in a box store or traditional florist shop. Your seasonal bouquet will be filled with a variety of colorful blooms and greenery hand-picked from our fields to your vase. Each bouquet will be cut and prepared by hand, assembled in a jar, and hand-delivered to your doorstep.

VSA, Vacationer supported agriculture, fresh cut flowers

Local Sea Salt

Atlantic Beach Sea Salt Company’s seawater is drawn from the beautiful nutrient-rich Blue Water miles off Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. There are no chemicals or outside agents in their salt. It is 100% natural. They use the wind, sun, and love of the sea to produce the finest salt on the east coast. Their sea salt is packaged right on the island in its purest form. You will love the beautiful white crystals and crunchy texture. Their salt is easily served in larger crystals or simply pinched into finer finishing salt.

farm-to-table fresh sea salt summer beach delivers to vacation guests

Lard Goat Milk Soap

Kristi at Logan Farms uses Shenk Family Farm rendered pork lard, their own goat milk, and recipes inspired by them and their customers to create old-fashioned lard soap. Kristi has handcrafted several varieties in small batches that include only simple, natural ingredients such as essential oils, oats, dried florals, and more. These soaps clean and lather well while also being moisturizing, gentle on the skin, and long-lasting. You will love these bars in your home, on your vacation, or to give as a gift!

Farm-to-table fresh local made goat milk soap, VSA, Vacationer supported agriculture

How Your Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Deliveries Work

  1. Order your farm-to-table fresh items anytime up to the Wednesday before your arrival
  2. Visit the online store here
  3. Add your desired products to your cart
  4. Choose the delivery option
  5. Use your delivery address zip code
  6. Choose your delivery date
  7. At checkout, input your delivery address with special instructions (if necessary)
  8. Your order will be delivered on the requested Sunday between 4-7 pm

Order Your Farm-to-Table Fresh Summer Deliveries

To order, select your farm-to-table fresh summer items here.

If you have questions, you can reach out to Rachel with Shenk Family Farm via text at (252) 622-6803.



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