Coastal Angling | Emerald Isle Fishing Charters

A group of Crystal Coast anglers stand aboard an Emerald Isle fishing charter in search of marlin.

Coastal Angling | Emerald Isle Fishing Charters

Boasting approximately 85 miles of shoreline, the Crystal Coast graciously lends itself to spending your days on the water. Everything from sailing to zipping around on jet skis is fair game in our slice of paradise. And with warm Gulf Stream temperatures and a diverse marine ecosystem, fishing is another pastime that matches perfectly with the idyllic backdrops found on the Crystal Coast. One place in particular—Emerald Isle—is well known for its excellent fishing charters. This low-key beach community is somewhat of a hidden gem on the Atlantic and has several options for novice and experienced anglers alike.

Fishing Charter Boat Heads Out for Coastal Angling off the coast of Emerald Isle NC

Emerald Isle, NC | Fishing on the Crystal Coast

With its sprawling shorelines surrounded by a seemingly infinite azure aura, it’s not too surprising that fishing on Emerald Isle has been a popular activity for some time, so much so that there is an annual competition called the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Moreover, the local fishing charters offer unfettered access to some of the best spots in North Carolina. You’ll undoubtedly find ample opportunities to catch iconic gamefish like marlins, mahi-mahi, and grouper when you enlist the aid of a trusted guide service. And even if you haven’t fished a day in your life, it’s worth considering while you spend time on the Crystal Coast. 

Emerald Isle NC Fishing on the Crystal Coast

Emerald Isle Fishing Charters: Something for Everyone

Whether you’re seeking inshore or offshore fishing, Emerald Isle is teeming with top-tier fishing charters to show you the ropes. To give you some ideas on who to hire, we put together a trio of guides to help you create unforgettable memories on the water. You can also check out Fishing Booker or a more comprehensive list of Emerald Isle fishing charters.

  • Capt. Stacy Fishing Center is here to guide you with over 60 years of experience,  whether you want to try bottom bouncing for red snapper, shark fishing, or battling a marlin on a private sports charter.
  • Emerald Isle Adventures specializes in light tackle fishing and is an ideal option for families hoping to bond on the water.
  • Top Shelf Sportfishing welcomes you aboard their 53-foot custom sport boat to chase king mackerel, sailfish, and amberjacks while relaxing with comfy seating and other unrivaled amenities like a flat-screen TV and air conditioning.
  • Off the Dock Adventures is the perfect charter if you want to take a group fishing, or even on an eco-tour. No better way to spend on the ocean than with a Crystal Coast local!

Catch Mahi Mahi off the coast of Morehead City or Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach NC

Crystal Coast Vacation Rentals on Emerald Isle

Now that you know what’s possible with top-rated Emerald Isle fishing charters, it’s time to find a place to stay for the ultimate Crystal Coast fishing vacation. Whether staying with friends, family, or business associates, Bluewater will bolster your getaway with the most stunning collection of vacation rentals this side of the Bogue Inlet. Don’t hesitate to contact us online today to find out more or book your stay.

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Have you gone fishing on a charter boat? What kind of fish will you be targeting off the shores of the Crystal Coast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 



Try an Emerald Isle Fishing Charter for an adventurous fishing experience. Coastal Angling in Emerald Isle

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