What Makes A House A Home

Before building, buying or remodeling, ask yourself what it takes to get that “at home” feeling. It’s not just how a house looks that’s important, but how you feel living in it day to day. Here are some ideas on what makes a house a home, and how to make your house more homey.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Lofty ceilings can be dazzling, but daunting. It may be wiser to design flat ceilings at 9 or 10 feet high or tame a too-high cathedral ceiling by installing exposed, rafter-height beams of rough-hewn timber. Smaller rooms create feelings of intimacy, warmth and safety.

Furniture That Fits People

One measurement of a homey room is comfortable furniture – especially sofas and chairs. Keep in mind that people do not just sit on them. They also sit in them, curl up in them and stretch out in them.

Material Matters

Different interior materials evoke different emotional responses. It’s not just the type of materials you use, but how much you use and in what combinations.

Telltale Heart

What really makes a home special are heirlooms, collections and framed family photographs exhibited where they can be appreciated every day.

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