Salter Path Homes for Sale

Take a look at some of the Salter Path homes for sale and you will not be disappointed! Salter Path is a small unincorporated fishing village located in the middle of Bogue Banks. Although the town barely stretches more than a mile wide, there are plenty of popular restaurants located along the Soundside that provide an outstanding view you can enjoy with your meal.

Lost Treasure Golf & Raceway is always a great time for families to challenge each other in a round of mini-golf or go-karts. The Big Oak Drive-In is one of the many must-haves that locals will recommend. At The Big Oak Drive-In, you can indulge in their famous shrimp burger or bbq! There is also a food truck called Captain’s Kitchen located in Salter Path that provides huge oyster burgers, scallop burgers, shrimp burgers, and much more.  Don’t forget to stop and get some fresh seafood from the Willis Seafood Market or stop in for dinner at the Crab Shack!

There are some stunning beach homes available for sale in Salter Path, along with some sound-side condos that provide outstanding sunset views, and an easy place to keep your boat. Check out some of the properties by clicking the button below and let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to keep an eye out for!

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