Parks Warren


I was born and raised in Morehead City, North Carolina.  My first summertime jobs all revolved around our local tourism industry and I decided early on that I would pursue my own career in real estate someday.  I graduated from West Carteret High School then moved to Raleigh to attend NC State’s Poole College of Management where I received my B.B.A. with a focus on Financial Management.  Despite a love for all things coastal, I spent 10 exciting years living and working as a Realtor in Raleigh, first at Allen Tate’s Glenwood Avenue office before joining RE/MAX Advantage to partner with Wilson Crow, one of Raleigh’s most respected and experienced agents working primarily Inside-the-Beltline.  In 2015, I was accepted into the highly-selective Triangle Realtors Leadership Academy – a yearlong program wherein Realtors and industry partners learn essential skills and prepare for taking leadership roles in their businesses and the community at-large.  In 2018, I was appointed by Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors’ Leadership Team to serve as Vice-Chair of the Professional Development Committee.  My fiancé, Erin, and I decided in early 2019 that we would make the leap and move our lives to Carteret County, where we always felt the most at home.  We now live in Beaufort with our dog, Zoey, and two cats with names I regret agreeing to.  I love Carteret County and can’t wait to share it with new friends, clients, and anyone who wonders why I believe it’s really, truly, one of the greatest places on earth.

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