Bluewater Lead Acquisition and Marketing Analytics

An overview of our Bluewater Lead Acquisition and Marketing Analytics

From this tracked revenue and diligent research we have built a monumental client database that has proven its success.  In addition to database research, our lead generating program yields quality new buyer leads on a daily basis.  Our ever-growing client database reaches over 450,000 vacationers, repeat home and investments buyers and potential future buyers.

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  • In-depth, real time analysis of online and phone generated revenue
  • Unique online domains and toll free numbers to track which outlets are bringing the most revenue and more buyers
  • Unique demographic capture – strong detailed buyer information for more effective marketing
  • Lead management by tracking phone, e-mail and internet leads
  • Online dynamic coding – dialing into which form media outlet visitors accessed our website from
  • Email marketing campaigns that track opens, clicks, forwards, social shares, and is integrated with Google Analytics
  • Benchmarking Reports to compare email results with past email campaigns
  • Targeted emails by creating email lists based on clients interest, searches, online clicks and behavior

For more information on Bluewater Lead Acquisition and Marketing Analytics, simply contact our Bluewater offices. Our marketing and real estate team are happy to answer queries from buyers, sellers, and anyone interested in additional marketing and Carteret County real estate information.