Helping Kids Through A Move

When moving your family to a new home, it’s especially important to be aware of what your children are facing – new friends, new neighborhood, new schools. Helping kids through a move is one of the most important aspects of relocating, and the following tips will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before you move:

  • Find out as much as you can about your new community. If possible, take your child with you on house-hunting trips.
  • Visit your child’s new school. Ask if there is a dress code and see what kids are wearing.
  • Help your child plan a going-away party. Give guests stamped envelopes with your new address to encourage letter-writing.
  • Plan a family outing to say “goodbye” to some of your child’s favorite places.
  • Pack a few of your child’s belongings to take with you in the car or carry on the plane, in case there’s a delay in moving your possessions into your home.

Once you’re there:

  • Help arrange and decorate your child’s room right away. When the kids are situated, work on the rest of the house will go much more smoothly.
  • Encourage your child to join extra-curricular activities. They’re a great way to find new friends with common interests.
  • Get a map and help your child learn his or her way around. Find out where the nearest locations are for activities your child enjoys.

The best things you can do for your children are to present a positive attitude about the move, keep them informed and reassure them that you’ll be there to help them face new challenges.