Keeping Repair Costs Down

Neglecting routine house maintenance affects not only your enjoyment of your home; it can also affect the home’s resale value. Keeping repair costs down not only adds value to your budget, but also ensure there’s extra income available for more fun activities along the Crystal Coast

Here are eight common household problems you should stay on top in the interest of keeping home repair costs down. Along with each problem is a brief explanation of the damage that can occur if the problem is not corrected early.

  • Faulty roof flashings: Roof leaks and possible structural and cosmetic damage.
  • Poor foundation grading: Dampness or water inside the house.
  • Poor tub/shower caulking/grouting: A water leak can spread virtually anywhere, but mainly to the room(s) below the fixture.
  • Damaged bathroom tile: Loose fixtures and water leakage to the floor below.
  • Not enough electrical outlets: Overloading of existing outlets and a potential fire hazard.
  • Poor attic ventilation: Roof sheathing rot from excess moisture.
  • Poor mechanical system upkeep: Systems that will not work efficiently or will fail before the end of their expected life spans – particularly true for heating and cooling systems.

An additional key step to keeping repair costs down is to address any minor issues before they become much larger ones. Small household problems like a leaky faucet or a few missing roof shingles can inevitably cause excessive damage if not addressed immediately.

Hurricanes, storms, and other weather events are often the cause of this minor but treatable damage. Be sure and check your home thoroughly after a storm to look for these aforementioned roof and leak issues. By staying on top of these small problems as they arise, keeping repair costs down is a surprisingly easy task.